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[drama 2004] Love Story In Harvard 러브스토리 인 하&#48260

Guest babiichink

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Guest babiichink
[sBS] Kim Rae Won, Kim Tae Hee, Lee Jung Jin, Kim Min
lovestoryinharvard4.jpg weeee this series is great even though i haven't officially finished watching it yet =P ANYTHING ABOUT THIS SERIES IN HEREEE SOOMPIERSS ^^ CASTS kimraewon.gif KIM RAE WON leejungjin.jpg LEE JUNG JIN kimtaehee.jpg KIM TAE HEE kimmin.jpg KIM MIN Kim Rae Won (My Little Bride) stars as Kim Hyung Woo, a 1st year law student at Harvard Law who enters into a rivalry with classmate Hong Jung Min (Lee Chong Jin) for the affections of beautiful medical student Lee Soo In (Kim Tae Hee of Stairway to Heaven). The two men are both from prestigious families, while Soo In is from a poor family. Can the trio resolve their romantic differences and chase their dreams at the same time? By Bodhi Sarkar here are some images lovestoryinharvard1.jpglovestoryinharvard2.jpglovestoryinharvard3.jpg --------------------------------------------------------- *All Credits for the OST for LSIH goes to sumomonlee* Love Story In Harvard Original Soundtrack 07000012462.jpg1. Title 2. Love Theme 1 3. Campus Theme 1 4. So In Love 5. Campus Theme 2 6. Contradiction 7. My Life 8. Love Theme 2 9. Right beside you 10. white smile 11. breathing in love 12. Campus Theme 3 13. Tears 14. love concerto 15. Run 16. by the river 17. Alone 18. Rain 19. shaken *All Credits for the korean titles goes to sumomonlee* or here is the korean title of the songs above: 01. 타이틀 02. 러브테마 I 03. 캠퍼스테마 I 04. So In Love (김정운) 05. 캠퍼스테마 II 06. 갈등 07. My Life 08. 러브테마 II 09. 너의곁으로 10. 하얀미소 11. 사랑안에 숨쉬다 12. 캠퍼스테마 III 13. Tears 14. 사랑의 아리아 15. RUN 16. 강가에서 17. Alone 18. Rain 19. 설레임 i want to give a special thanks to Middy for contributing so much into this thread
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Guest cynkawahara

thank you for reopening this thread, babiichink!

This was one of my favorite threads to drop by and had such kind people always posting. I will be happy to reup some of the mv that many of you had posted previously, when ready.

midnightblue were are you? You are always so great in organizing everything.

Loved this drama!!

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Guest babiichink

i think this drama is really cute EVEN thoughh i haven't finished it in fact im only in the beginnning lol but anywayssss i think its really good so far. all you soompiers who havent seen this you are missing out LOL


hello all...

I am in the process of u/ling in YSI some of the mv that were previously posted. However, I will probably need help in the titles. Middy and others would always post it with nice little titles. I will post them as soon as I u/l at least a couple. Thanks in advance.


Here are the mv (u/l on YSI on 10/5/05)...anyone please feel free to repost and edit if necessary.





LSIH MV01 jjui4

LSIH MV02 tutu7

LSIH MV03 pupu1



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Guest sumomonlee

omg i miss the old thread, will they be lost forever or the admin will bring back the old data?

middy where are you.....???

it's just a day and i lost the thread here.. :blink:

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Guest _obsession

i loved this series!kim rae won &kim tae hee are such a cute couple.lol, i wish they'd get together in real life.

i cried alot in this one but the ending was good so i was really happy =)

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Guest rockerbabe

everything's gone... boo hoo hoo... even those cute gifs that were used to be here...

but KRW and KTH looks really cute in this series...really like it... the most important part is that the ending is we all want... (at least I want a good ending) tee hee hee...

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everything's gone... boo hoo hoo... even those cute gifs that were used to be here...

but KRW and KTH looks really cute in this series...really like it... the most important part is that the ending is we all want... (at least I want a good ending) tee hee hee...

don't worry I think once the original posters log back for they will start posting those gif.

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Guest battleuphoria

this is a must watch! i enjoyed this series so much. kim rae won and kim tae hee are cute together and they are so sweet in the movie!

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Guest lil.vi3t.cupid_<3

this is a must watch! i enjoyed this series so much. kim rae won and kim tae hee are cute together and they are so sweet in the movie!

i totally agree with you!!!

A great series! KTH and KRW had great chemistry together and did a perfect job!!!!

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Guest Valentino81

Hi harvarders...

Was still downloading LSIH series (pending for episode 12 to 16 by midnightblue), and heard that the threads has to be re-build again..gosh..pretty sad to hear that initially, but I am sure with the spirit and efforts put in by harvarders in the previous thread, I am very sure that this thread will be filled with posts in no time..see ya guys on this thread.. :P

In fact, I still have some links with me (posted by hurtwou) which will lead us to LSIH episode 5 to episode 8, and some behind the scenes clips..



Check it out!

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Guest battleuphoria

i totally agree with you!!!

A great series! KTH and KRW had great chemistry together and did a perfect job!!!!

awww yes! i recall the scenes in this series. especially when they were still in harvard! and when kim rae won defended kim tae hee in the operation kim tae hee made! that's just so sweet and touching!

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Guest sumomonlee

Hi harvarders...

Was still downloading LSIH series (pending for episode 12 to 16 by midnightblue), and heard that the threads has to be re-build again..gosh..pretty sad to hear that initially, but I am sure with the spirit and efforts put in by harvarders in the previous thread, I am very sure that this thread will be filled with posts in no time..see ya guys on this thread.. :P

In fact, I still have some links with me (posted by hurtwou) which will lead us to LSIH episode 5 to episode 8, and some behind the scenes clips..



Check it out!

hi valentino81

nice to see you again here...

yea.. what could we do now?

so sad to know all the data was reset.. but i still hope the admin still hacve the backup data of this beloved forum :(

cannot live witout soompi :P

where's the other.... celinegul, sailormoongal, middy, syah4brit, jacqpwalker, wefpac, and other harvarders...

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Guest goldyfish

wonderful drama, loved the preppy dressing, ljj and rae won were fab in their acting. totally fell for rae won in lsih! :) loads romantic scenes,both touchdown kiss and angel bus window scene are hot! :P:)

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Guest Breakers

i wanted to watch this series badly!! but i could only wait until my exams are over...

but nonetheless Kim Tae Hee looks so cute & sweet in the series.. aww. i like her student image in there!

so pretty!! :lol:

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Guest babiichink

i wanted to watch this series badly!! but i could only wait until my exams are over...

but nonetheless Kim Tae Hee looks so cute & sweet in the series.. aww. i like her student image in there!

so pretty!! :lol:

werddd!!! i like all of there student imagess! so cute there clothing and stuff LOL

just a question in mind how old is kim tae hee now?

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Guest sumomonlee

werddd!!! i like all of there student imagess! so cute there clothing and stuff LOL

just a question in mind how old is kim tae hee now?

she's born at March 29th 1980 so she's now 25.

but i thought she's just 20-21 at the first time i saw her at LSIH.. she looked so cute and charming


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Guest babiichink

wowwowooww reallly i thought she was like 19 or something LOLOL she looksss soo young in LSIH


Episode 6

In the Campus

HW had read the information that JM gave him. He looked for SI and found her sitting alone in the campus.

H: I was looking through some old medical cases. And it seems that most of the verdict would have sided with you. Let's meet with the patient first.

S: I can't until the decision of the disciplinary board is released. I’m sure he doesn't want to see me either.

H: When will the decision be made?

S: On Thursday.

H: And if it's unfavorable to you?

S: I've already quit medical school.

H: What?

S: It's not immediate but up to the point where I'll be able to work at a medical office.

H: What are you talking about? This is ridiculous. The decision hasn't been made yet nor is the trial over. You have to tough it out till the end! You have to keep going....

S: Because of me, even Professor McDeere is in trouble. She may even have to leave school. So how can I stay?

In the Dormitory Bathroom

HW had a fight with JM in the hospital. He went back to the dormitory and saw SI cleaning the bathroom. SW was shocked to see bruises on HW's face.

S: What happened?

H: Oh, nothing. Just a little fight. There was someone that was pissing me off.

S: What do you mean this is nothing. I'll go see if we have any ointment. Wait here.

HW sat down on the edge of the bathtub. SI came back. HW stared at SI as she was treating his wound.

S: Looking at me? Do I look pretty?

HW remembered what SI had said: I'm a poor medical school student But, I have confidence in myself.

H: Isn't this medicine fake too? Don't you need to get approval from a doctor for this as well?

S: Did you eat? If you didn't, I'll make you dinner.

HW stopped SI from leaving. He made her sit on his lap and held her tight.

H: I'll do anything I can. Don't give up that easily.

Outside the Pizza Shop

HW went to see SI at her working place. SI had a bleeding nose. She was surprised to HW.S: Why are you here? Did something happen?

H: I was in need of some vitamins. You're my vitamin.

S: Did something happen? It's hard to see either of you guys these days.

H: It's nothing.

S: I told you not to worry about me. I'll take care of myself.

H: Who said I was worried?

I want to be the vitamin for you as well.

The vitamin that can ease your worries and give you strength.

Am I your vitamin or not?

Am I your vitamin or not?

Am I or not?

S: You are.

H: Keep your spirits up

Somewhere in the Campus after the Disciplinary Committee Hearing

HW defended for SI saying that her action should be protected by the ‘Good Samaritan Law’. The patient withdrew the lawsuit. SI could go back to med school. HW and SI were sitting together on a bench.

S: I think I like you even more after seeing what you've done.

H: I won't be giving you up. What are you thinking about?

S: Just this and that.

H: You feel good about going back to school, right?

S: Were you so busy these days because of me?

H: Nope. Your case wasn't that important. I just spewed out a few stuffs that I knew in principle. Did I look good? Have you fallen for me?

Suddenly HW got up from his seat and spoke with a serious tone.

H: Has the defendant fallen hopelessly in love with her lawyer?

S: What are you doing?

H: Would the defendant answer only with a yes or a no. I will ask once again. Has the defendant fallen hopelessly in love with her lawyer?

S: I don't know~

H: I object. The defendant is using an ambiguous answer to hide the truth. Does the defendant love her lawyer? Does the defendant love her lawyer?

S: I am not sure, sir.

H: Please answer with a yes or a no. Does the defendant love her lawyer? Do you love me?

S: Yes.

HW kissed SI.


Episode 7

SI driving, HW sleeping

S: Hyun Woo, I am leaving in a week. Your hand is so warm. I'm holding your hand right now. Even if I have to leave, I'm with you holding your hand in my heart.

Dawn has come. SI, crying, was touching HW's face.

S: I don't know how to tell you that I’m leaving. My decision to be with the poor and suffering people had never been changed before. But since I met you, I've hesitated about that for so many times. I'll remember this trip all my life. And Hyun Yoo, I love you!

HW woke up.

H: Man, she keeps leaving me here to sleep.

HW got out of the car, cried at SI.

H: Hay! Shouldn’t you wake me up after we've arrived?

H: Don’t let me catch you. I won’t let you go if I've caught you.

S: Oh! But I’m a good spinner. You think you can catch me?

H: Don’t be so happy! You think I can’t catch you?

S: Come, come and get me!

H: You think I'm an idiot who can't even catch a girl?

SI was caught and held up by HY.

H: I’ve told you to be careful.

S: Oh, let me go.

SI and HW in the house, in bed.

H: It’s really cold.

S: Very cold.

H: I don’t have clothes for change.

S: Nor do I.

H: This is great. So we can just stay in bed all day long.

S: Good. Stay in bed.

H: Together??

HW let one foot get near SI. SI pushed it away.

H: Oh, it's very cold.

SI stretched her hand to HW’s hand and held it tight.

H: Ask me what I want to do.

S: What do you want to do?

S: Say it, what do you want? I'll say yes to anything if I can. Say it.

HW turned to SI and looked at her.

H: I hope the clothes get dry soon. I want to see the sea so much.

Soo In was writing on the sand at the seaside.

H: Soo In, it's raining. Come in quickly.

H: Get closer to me or you'll get wet.

H: I wish we could live like this. It's very cold and raining. We’ve got only one umbrella. There’s still a short way towards home. On the way home, we stayed closed feeling each other's body warmth, the two of us walking like that the entire way. I want to marry you. With Soo In, I'll buy a really small bed so we can sleep closely together. With Soo In, I won't turn on the heat no matter how cold it is, so we can hold each other tightly at sleep. Ha ha, it's interesting.

H: The weather is cold but my heart is really very warm. Dating Soo In has so many advantages.

S: Hyun Woo…

H: Hm?

S: Sorry.

H: What?

S: Will you be fine…

H: What is it?

S: …if I leave?

H: Where?


H: Of course.

S: Really?

H: I’ve been mad about that for a while. Of course I don’t want you to leave even for a moment. But this has been your dream for so long, you've got to go! Didn't you say you want to do research on AIDS and endemic diseases? If you can become a great doctor, I can wait for you no matter what. You can go for a year, 2 years?

S: I…I love you. You know what? If you want me to give up, I’ll give up.

H: Really?

S: Yeah.

H: But why do you bring this up so suddenly? When will you go?

S: That time.

H: When is that time?

S: The time that we love each other the least.

H: If you have to leave, leave now. Now is the time that we love least.

S: Really?

H: Really! Don't you think we'll love each other more and more?

S: You haven't answered me yet. Do you want me to go or not?

H: Go, go, go! Thinking now about that day, I'm a bit down.

S: Let's race back to the house!

H: Good!

S: The loser does whatever the winner's request. OK?

H: OK!

S: 1, 2, 3

SI tricked HW and got in front of HW.

H: Hey! As a girl, shouldn’t you save a boy's face? Why can’t you let yourself lose for once?

H: Say it, what do you what from me?

S: I want to love you.

In bed, looking at each other, they kissed…In the middle of the night, HW found that SI was gone. There were a letter and a pair of rings on the bed. He got crazy looking for SI after reading the letter.


Hyun Woo:

You're right. Now is the time that we love each other least. I know I'll only love you more and more. Thank you for not letting me live my dream. I've never thought of what you've thought about, marrying you and having a family. I've never have such dreams. I'm an inadequate person. I've no faith to be a man's woman and to have a family. I've decided that there won’t me marriage in my life. If I have to love you with such a heart, I'll hurt you even more when our love gets deeper. I'm so fortunate to have met you. The memory of you will be the only memory of love in my life. I'm sorry, Hyun Woo.


Credit: 沅天使 of Raewon Island.

Episode 8

HW had been looking for SI in various hospitals since he thought SI had come to Korea.

Finally, HW saw SI at the entrance of the hospital that he had work with.

HW was so angry with SI that he slapped her hard when they saw each other face to face.

HW was surprised to be introduced to SI in a meeting in the hospital.

He stayed and looked for SI after the meeting.

SI was waiting for HY.

S: Looking for me?

They sat down in a waiting area in the hospital.

H: I still can't understand.

I thought our relationship was deep enough that we could discuss our futures together.

If you really had to leave, you should've at least given me the time to reflect and understand.

Have you even thought about how hard it would be on me after you disappeared?

I'll never endure another such shock the rest of my life.

Did you even think about me?

S: It would be a lie to say no.

H: I never thought about you. I vowed not to do so. That's how I even endured to this day.

S: Hyun Woo...

H: Are you back for good?

S: No. Just came because of a project.

H: I see. You must be busy. You should head back to the hospital.

S: Hyun Woo...

HW and SI were having discussions about the case that HW was working on.

They tried hard to focus on the work but in vain.

SI asked HW to go outside for a talk.

S: Let's get some air first. I realize that you're uncomfortable meeting me.

However, this isn't a meeting between you and me, but between a doctor and an attorney.

If this makes you as uncomfortable as you seem, our hospital will find another attorney.

Or, I'll excuse myself from the case. What would you have me do?

H: I see you haven't changed.

Incredibly calculating, and still strictly separating personal life from business.

How can you be so cold?

Is it that easy for you?

I'll have you know that on the way here, I pondered for hours on whether I should act friendly or composed.

But when I saw you, everything went blank.

All the things I vowed for hundreds, no, thousands of times.

They all vanished as soon as I saw you.

But you... how can you act like nothing has ever happened?

Who am I to you exactly?

S: I...I...

H: Did I even exist in you life?

S: I'm not all that comfortable either.

H: I realize that.

S: So... it has nothing to do with business right? We'll find another lawyer.

H: I'm not done.

S: You've done well.

H: I'm not done with you yet!

S: It's just as difficult on me as well.

H: Then why did you leave? Why the hell did you leave?

S: You told me to.

H: I slept all night holding unto you.

But when I woke up, you weren't there.

Your warmth, your smell was still with me.

But you weren't there.

You know that's not what I meant when I told you that you can leave.

You know that!

S: I missed you too.

You said it was a harsh winter, but I longed for the harsh winter of Boston.

H: Then if that's true, why the hell haven't you even bothered to contact me?

S: I was scared.

I was afraid that if I heard your voice, I'd give up everything and run back to you.

I picked up the phone and put it back down hundreds of time.

For a time, I didn't even go near a phone.

H: That's the difference between you and me.

While you tried your hardest to get away from my face, my voice, and me,

I was desperately trying to hold unto your smile, the warmth of your hand, even your warmth of your body.

You had no intention of loving me, did you?


Credit: lolipss&Yong at D-addicts.com

Episode 9

SI went to see HW at his office.

H: May I help you, ma'am?

How may I help you?

S: I heard you took up the ShinBalLee case.

H: And?

S: I respect you for sticking to the side of justice...

But in lieu of all that's been going on, how about reconsidering it?

H: Miss Lee Soo In...

Do you have that much time to waste?

As you can see, I am a very busy man.

I took that case because I wanted to, and I will win.

I decide what case to take or not.

All that has happened between us in the US is in the past.

And this is Korea.

As you said, we met strictly as professionals.

In the future, please come find me during normal business hours.

Is there anything else you have to say?

Please be careful on your way back home370

SI left without a word, feeling really upset by HW’s cold words.

HW regretted what he’d said and went out looking for SI but she’d gone far.

Yoo Jin Hah took HW to see SI and JM together having dinner in a restaurant.

The four of them had dinner together.

JH shot sarcastic words on SI and asked her not to see JM again.

HW was furious and forced SI to leave with him.

S: Let go of me!

H: You idiot! Why didn't you at least slap her or something?

Or at least just stand up and leave.

Why did you stay still listening to such crap?

How can you possibly feel you deserve to hear that?

S: I don't think you need to get involved in my personal life, Attorney Kim

H: What?

S: I would have been miserable enough without you here.

H: Aren't you going to get into my car? Hey!

S: She wasn't wrong about anything. Isn't that what both of you guys wanted to tell me?

She should've slapped me.

I'm just thankful that she didn't go further.

H: Stop.

S: What are you doing?

If we start this again...

No. I'll gain my sense of honor at this moment.

From now on, I won't be seeing you again.

If we meet again, it'll be for business.

H: Can you really do that to me?

Do I really mean nothing to you?

S: No.

H: Don't you love me?

I'm asking you. Don't you love me?

S: No, I don't.

HW went to see SI again at her work place.

SI was in the bus alone.

HW went towards the bus and started writing words with his finger on the glass of the bus windows.


My Precious Angel

My Bright and Shining Angel, Lee Soo In



I love this angel

If I could break the wings of the angel to force her to be with me

I guess that would just be my greed

Fly high, my angel.

Fly high and far

And whenever you are in need of rest, come back to me

I Love You

SI was really touched by HW’s words.

They looked at each other passionately.

HW tried to feel SI’s face with his hand across the window.

HW kissed SI’s slips, on the other side of the glass.

HW then left silently.

Credit: lolipss&Yong at D-addicts.com


Episode 10

HW ‘kidnapped’ SI and drove her to a hotel.

When they got inside the room, HW seemed not being able to control himself.

He took off his and SI’s coats…

But then he stopped, turned on the lights, sat down and spoke with a serious tone.

H: I've taken up a difficult case.

I need your help if I'm to win.

Everyone's trying to discourage me from trying, so I need your help on this.

Please, help me.

Help me.

S: Isn't there a reason people are advising against it?

Couldn't you quit?

H: No. I have to do this.

I promised the residents that I'd do this for them.

Do you remember standing before the mock trial at Harvard?

The reason I tried desperately to win was

because I believed it wasn't Susan William's fault.

I wanted to expose that.

It was the same at the disciplinary council.

Not because I loved you,

but because I believed it was right for you to save a dying man.

It's no different today.

The residents of ShinBalLee have suffered a great tragedy by this MNC.

(MNC: Multi-National Corporation)

But the corporation doesn't want to acknowledge it.

They're trying to cover it up by hiring a powerful law firm.

HW took documents out from his suitcase.

H: I have to win.

Help me.

I'll pay you.


HW took SI’s hand had her make the sign.

H: Okay?


They started working. Pizza delivery came. HW opened the box and stopped. Suddenly he put a hand on SI’s face and…

H: I've hurt you, haven't I?

Did it hurt a lot?

S: It did. My heart…

HW took a piece of pizza and gave it to SI. Both of them felt much better then.

It’s the next morning. Both were up.

HW was trying to wear a tie.

H: I can never get this right. Want to help me out?

S: You never had a problem with this before.

H: It wasn't but all of a sudden I can't seem to do it.

SI helped HW wear the tie.

H: Do it for me.

We look like a real couple

I want live like this, with you.


I'll head off now

I'll take that

I'll see you later

HW kept on saying things to SI outside the door. SI couldn’t help smiling.

H: Honey, let's make kimchi soup for dinner!

We'll put plenty of green onions and tofu in it.

HW suddenly opened the door and. He saw that SI was smiling.

H: All right, honey?

I'm really happy right now.

So happy.

Come to my place later. Okay?




SI arrived at the entrance of HW’s apartment.

She saw HW jumping to warm himself in the cold.

H: Hey you!

You're two hours late.

It's coming off your paycheck.

S: Fine.

H: I'll let it go for tonight.

You must be cold.

I'm a busy man.

They got inside HW’s apartment.

The soup's all condensed because you were late.

It'll still taste good though.

Let's eat


S: Nothing.

H: You're thinking of old times right?

I cooked kimchi soup for you

when you were suspended and were taking it hard on yourself.

That was the best soup I made.

If there's something I can do right, it's cooking kimchi soup.

What's so funny?

S: I'll tell you the truth.

Don't ever cook this for anyone else.

H: Fine. It'll just be for you.

S: I had to force myself to eat it back then. It was awful.

This one's slightly better.

There's something else you're actually good at.

SI was thinking about the kiss in the bathroom…

H: What's that?

S: Just something...

H: What is it?

What is it?

It’s another day.

HW went home and saw SI waiting for him at the entrance of his apartment.

H: Have you been waiting for me?

Why weren't you waiting inside?

It must be cold. Let's go in.

S: I...I want to go for a walk.

H: Eh?

S: How about I hire you for tonight?

Let's go

They walked around on the streets and came to a shop for instant pics.

S: Let's take pictures!

H: If you promise me you'll keep it forever.


S: Okay!

What will you tell others if they ask about it?

H: Ex-Girlfriend.

Fine. My classmate. A very close classmate

S: What will you tell them?

My husband. You know I'm fairly popular.

I'll use it as a guard against other guys. Sort of like a protective gear.

H: Annoying like this?

HW had his forehead bump onto SI’s.

They took a picture with a kissing post.

Then SI got inside a gift shop.

SI bought a pair of red mittens.

S: You told me you'll never let go of my hand, right?

This is like my hand

You have to keep this on. Okay?

You look really warm.

SI had HW wear the mitten.

H: How can I keep wearing this?

How can I possibly keep wearing this? Hmm?

It's warm.

Let's go.

They sat down at the side of a street, eating chips.

H: Soo In...

I'm starting to get nervous.

What's going on?

If this is about last night....

S: I'm leaving soon.

I told you. I stopped by for my project.

Well, it's all done.

I thought you'd get angry. Is this it?

H: I can't change anything by getting angry

No matter where you go off to,

I can just keep you in my heart and live on.

Since I know that you love me as well.

I'll wait and when you come back...

I'll live as happily as we did the last week.

And if you don't come back...

I'll just keep on waiting.

Take care of yourself.

If we're to meet again, you'd have to be healthy.

I don't think I can see you leave.

But I'll come and greet you whenever you come back.

Just call me whenever.

If you ever come back to Korea, I'll be the first person you see.

HW then kept on stuffing chips to his mouth, too sad for more words.

SI was speechless, too.

HW changed his mind and went to the airport. He was just in time.

H: Soo In!

S: I thought you couldn't see me off.

I'll come back.

H: Will you really?

S: I will.

I'll be back soon.

SI was to turn away from HW but HW stopped her.

HW put the ring on SI’s hand and then put it on her finger.

H: This'll be our last good bye. Okay?


H: Take care of yourself.



HW left the airport with relief. He didn’t know SI had fainted.

Episode 11


In the Hospital

Hyun Woo hurried to the hospital and got inside SI’s room.

He didn’t see SI at first but SI was at his back, wrapping her arms around his waist.

H: You're here....

You've already come back to me, Soo In...

Did...you miss me this much...?

S: Yea...

H: Is that why you pretended to be sick?

S: Yea.

I pretended to be sick.

I didn't want to leave you.

I wanted to see you.

I wanted to see you so badly.

H: You're really back...

You've come back Soo In...

HW put SI on the bed. HW’s face got really close to SI’s.

H: Now...

You can't leave again.

You promised, right?

You said you'd never leave me again.

I won't let you go anywhere.

S: Nowhere?

H: Nowhere...

Do you know how worried I was about you?

I don't even remember how I got here from the office.

S: Really?

H: Yea, really

HY was working on his computer, next to SI’s bed.

SI had her arms around HY’s neck from the back.

H: There's some strange vibe in this place.

S: What?

H: Are all hospitals like this?

S: What's it like?

H: I'm not really sure.

I'm starting to get excited.

HW suddenly jumped onto SI’s bed and touched SI’s forehead with his hand.

H: It's strange right?

You're burning up!

You... weren't pretending.

Looks like you were really sick

From a disease called love

S: What?

H: Look. Considering how high your temperature is, it must be love.

What can we do?

I've heard stories about how it can kill if not treated.

S: Psh. From the guy who followed me around first.

H: Who me?

I followed you around?

S: You, you did.

H: Hmmm... I don't seem to recall this.

I don't think so...

In a relationship between a man and a woman,

it's always the woman who acts as a temptress...

S: Who me?

I tempted you?

H: Of course.

SI was angry and pushed HW away from her.

S: Touch me and you might get hurt.

H: Whaaaaat?

Come here~

Both fell off to the ground.

S: See. You got hurt.

H: You're so pretty.

S: I love you.

H: I love you too

till the end of my life.

S: Even after we die, even in heaven.

H: Forever.

S: Forever.

SI kissed HW.

At a Food Stall on the Street

HW and SI sneaked out of the hospital.

It’s snowing. They were eating in a street stall.

H: Hey Soo In.

S: Hmm?

H: I'll show you how happy I am for meeting you, on my birthday.

I'll see you at 7 in front of the ChungDahmMoon shopping center.


S: Okay!

I've already felt how happy I am that I've met you.

I know you're a little slow, stubborn, and useless.

But I still like you,

from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

H: Soo In...

Why are you trying to create some kind of romantic atmosphere

to tell me such obvious stuff?

All the other girls say that too.

Instead of talking about that,

isn't there something original you can come up with?

For example,

the unique taste of the Kim chi soup you made.

Hurry it up. Else I'll go first.

S: No, I'll go.

I want to raise a child together.

Someone who looks just like you.

H: How many?

S: 9?

H: What will you do with 9 kids?

S: I can make a baseball team.

H: How about we make more than that and create a choir?

S: Baseball team

H: Choir!

S: Baseball team

H: Choir!

S: Baseball team

H: Choir is the best!

I guess they can sing while playing baseball.

S: Fine.

H: Soo In...

Lee Soo In.

Lee Soo In?

S: Whaaat?

H: Nothing. I just wanted to call out your name.

When should we make our baby?

Soo In, I think you are sick with love.

You feel okay after seeing me again right?

HW knocked heavily on the table hard a few times.

Defendant: Lee Soo In. Disease: Love

HW and SI Had a Fight

In SI’s room in the hospital, HW’s cell phone rang.

After HW had a talk with his father on the phone...

S: Did he call you about your birthday tomorrow?

You should go then.

H: I have a previous engagement with you.

S: You should go home.

I can wait.

H: Nope.

I'll always be with you.

What are you going to get me?

You're not going to pass off those gloves as birthday gifts are you?

S: Hyun Woo.

Go to your father.

Go and tell him.

H: What are you saying?

S: I heard that your law firm is in trouble. Ask him for help

H: I'll take care of it

S: He's your father. There's no issue of pride here.

H: It's not that.

S: Do you know how thankful you should be that

there's someone that can help you out in hard times?

You have to learn to depend on people.

H: I told you, I'll take care of my own problem!

S: So now you're saying your problems don't concern me?

This is why I called you stubborn!

H: What?

S: Why are you being needlessly stubborn?

You have an important case.

Is pride that important?

H: Stop it!

S: Then stop being so stubborn!

H: Stop it!

I tell you this: I'll take care of this case myself.

So don't ever bring that up again.

I've never asked for handouts my entire life like some groveler.

S: So you're saying I grew up as a groveler?

I've asked for help numerous times.

Does that make me a groveler?

H: That's not what I mean! That's

You're saying that out of self-Accusation!

S: Self-Accusation?

Are you saying I'm doing this out of self-Accusation?

because I grew up poor?

H: There are times I think that when I see how you live.

Instead of being content with yourself,

you're always too hard on yourself

S: Let's stop fighting.

It's all my fault, right?

H: No.

S: Your father doesn’t approve of me.

He's telling you that if you break up with me he'll help you.

H: Let's stop this.

S: You know we won't separate even if your father is like this.

So go home first.

I'll wait.

H: Let's go together

S: No. I'll wait

H: Then get there by 7:00.

S: No!

H: Come!

S: No!

H: Come!

S: No!

H: Come!

S: Just go to your father!

Go and get some help!

HW left, slamming the door.

Both regretted so much on what they’ve said.

On the Street Outside the Shopping Centre

SI finally got to the meeting place.

She saw HW waiting and called him out loud from the opposite side of the road.

S: Hyun Woo!

Kim Hyun Woo!

H: What happened?

It's been 5 hours!

You didn't even pick up the phone!

S: What about you?

H: You... Did you come late just to annoy me?

What kind of person is that cruel?

S: You're the one that's cruel.

Who leaves without a word just because we fought?

Just wait till I get there. You're gonna get it!

H: You're the one that's gonna get it!

The traffic light turned green.

Wait! I'll get you

HW was knocked down by a car.

S: Hyun Woo!


Based on English Subtitles made by lolipss&Yong at D-addicts.com

Episode 12

Inside the Ambulance Rushing to Hospital

S: Hyun Woo...

I'm sorry. Forgive me.

It's all my fault.

It's all because of me.

When you wake up,

I'll do anything for you.

I'll do anything, Hyun Woo.

Hyun Woo!

H: Give me…the birthday present…

S: Hyun Woo!

H: Did you think I died?

Hey, Soo In, how can I die and leave you alone?

You told me you'd do anything when I wake up....

After the case...

Marry me Soo In...


HW and SI Shared a Room

H: Man that feels good.

S: It does...

H: If it was this easy... why didn't I think of this before?

We should've just lived at the hospital together

Hey, can you lock that door from inside?

S: Why?

H: Well... since we're in here together...

There might be some... Uh... Erotic scenes.

We can't have anyone barge in on us.

S: Oh, stop it!

H: Hey, go lock the doors.

S: Me?

H: Of course.

S: Whoa~

SI went to lock the door and even dimmed the lights.

She then jumped onto HW and…

SI Going for a Painful Medical Test

H: The tests...

Shouldn't take too long. Don't worry.

Soo In...

I prepared a birthday gift for myself

HW took out two necklaces each with a cross pendant.

H: Ta-Da!

These will protect us.

Put this one on me after the tests are done.

HW put one of the necklaces on SI.

HW: You look so pretty.

If it hurts during the tests,

just think about me. Okay?

After the painful test, SI was taken out from the treatment room.

H: Did it hurt?

You did well, our angel.

SI put the necklace on HW.

H: You look so pretty, Lee Soo In.

SI Waited for HW Outside Their Room

S: Kim Hyun Woo. Did you get back safely?

H: Of course.

Seeing you stand like that reminds me of a wife waiting for her husband.

S: Heh. I'm a good wife right?

H: Of course you are.

S: Have you met Chun Roh?

But…you really need him.

H: I'll find him.

S: Don't get discouraged.

H: Don't worry, I'll find him.

What about you?

Did you cry?

S: No. Why would I cry?

H: You cried. Why'd you cry?

S: Because I wanted to see you.

I miss you even as I look at you

H: So you are love-sick.

S: I guess I am love-sick.

H: What about the tests.

How are the results?

S: It didn't come out yet.

H: Man that's starting to worry me

S: Don't worry, I'll be fine.

H: Why would I worry?

You're just love-sick.

Don't get discouraged.

HW Thought Both SI and the Case Went Well

H: Soo In!

I heard you're all right.

I heard your tests came out fine.

S: Oh, you heard?

H: I was so worried that something might be wrong.

Don't be sick.

S: How'd it go? Did you find your witness?

H: Of course, everything went well.

We just exited that long dark tunnel we were in.

All our bad luck just washed away.

Wednesday at three, you have to be there.

You have to sit in the first row and watch me win.

Just like Susan Williams's mom cheered me on.

You have to cheer me on, okay?

Let's not let this drag on.

But let's finish this quickly and get married


SI got really teary.

H: Okay?

Why aren't you ans...?

You're crying.

You were moved with just that?

All right. Once I win, you can answer then.

I'll wait.

HW Proposed to SI Again

SI went back to the room and found it decorated all over

with balloons, flowers and heart-shaped lights.

H: Lee Soo In...

You still haven't answered me.

Will you marry me?


Based on English Subtitles made by lolipss&Yong at D-addicts.com

Episode 13

Soo In Was To Leave HW Again

H: Lee Soo In

Will you marry me?


You still haven't replied.

Marry me. Okay?

S: How did the trial go?

H: It went fine. Just answer me.


S: I wanted to be in the first row of seats.

I guess you did fine without me.

H: Okay?

S: Congratulations. I'm sure you'll win

H: Okay?

S: You should be concentrating on your work right now.


We can talk about that at another time. All right?

H: Are you doing this because of your diagnosis?

Why didn't you tell me?

What prevented you from telling me?

S: Hyun Woo...

H: I told you I love you.

Till death.

Till after death, eternally

Why were you agonizing on your own?

You should have told me.

S: I couldn't precisely because you'd react this way.

H: Why are you hurrying all of a sudden?

S: I'm not going anywhere. I won't die.

H: Then nothing changed.

We can go as planned...

S: You have enough burden on your shoulders as it is…

I can't be a burden as well

H: Lee Soo In!

Who said you were a burden.

Who called you a burden?

You're making it really difficult on me right now

S: I don't need your sympathy.

H: What do you mean sympathy?

Does it look only like sympathy to you?

S: Don't do this to me.

We... should stay apart for a while.

H: What are you talking about?

S: I started chemotherapy.

It's going to get really hard.

And you'll be busy with your case.

I don’t want my sickness to be…

H: To be what?

S: I'll get better. I will. So...

H: So what?

S: So win this case.

After that

H: And after...?

And get back together after that?

What are you saying?

Avoid each other because it's difficult?

How is that love?

Love is being supportive in times like this.

S: It's difficult enough for me to look out for myself right now.

I don't have the luxury to be supportive of you.

H: But I can.

You just need to be there for me.

S: I told you I won't be a burden!

It's too hard for me

I'll go now.

H: I'm not done.

I won't move unless you answer me. Answer me.

S: Don't act so childish!

H: Answer me!

S: I'm leaving.

H: Don't go.

If you leave now...I won't forgive you

Answer me.


I'll cancel our marriage myself.

SI took off the necklace and ring, and then gave them back to HW.

S: In that case, I should leave this here.

H: Soo In...

S: I'm sorry. Bye.

SI left with HW being heartbroken.

HW was really upset, so he smashed the balloons and flowers with his crutch.

With tears pouring down her eyes, SI was saying this silently…

Hyun Woo, I'm sorry.

And thanks.

I'll get better.

I'll get better and accept your proposal.

And then we can have children that look like you.

And we can live happily ever after.

Until then, bye.

I love you Hyun Woo.

HW was Upset that SI Went to His Father

HW found SI in the hospital.

S: Hyun Woo. Let go of me!

H: Why are you doing this!

S: It's time for my treatment.

H: Why?

How far are you willing to test me?

Did you think it'll be over if you talked with my father?

Lee Soo In!

S: I'm not afraid of anything.

If it's for you...

H: Well then...

No matter what happens...

Don't die.

HW left sadly.

Based on English subtitles made by lolipss&Yong of D-addicts.com.

Episode 14

At the Crossing

H: Soo In

S: Hyun Woo

H: Are you alright?

S: Are you alright?

H: Do you know how worried I was?

S: Is there really nothing wrong?

H: What?

S: You've been accused of murdering Mr. Chun Roh.

Is there really nothing wrong?

H: There is something wrong.

Just like you said

I have been accused of murder.

S: What are we going to do?

H: We are in the same situation.

I don't know when I will be thrown in jail.

Neither do you…

Both of us have been forced to our limits.

If we don't hold on to each other now,

we will certainly fall into the abyss.

Marry me, Soo In.

I don't know when I'll be thrown in jail.

Can you accept me?

SI nodded.

Even if I become arrested for murder?

Regardless of what happens

Can you promise...

..never to leave me?

SI stared at HW and nodded again.

HW wiped the tears on SI’s face.

SI buried herself in HW’s hug.

At the Wedding Dress Salon

H: Soo In

Lee Soo In

S: What's up all of a sudden?

Want me to wear a wedding gown?

H: Our wedding is tomorrow.

S: Tomorrow?

H: Yup...tomorrow

S: So sudden, what's going on?

H: I wanted to start a life with you sooner.

Let's go in

HW was waiting impatiently while SI tried on the wedding dress.

H: How much longer is it going to take?

S: Almost ready...be out in a bit…

H: How long do I have to...

SI was out and HW was speechless seeing her in the gown.

S: How is it?

H: Indescribable in words.

This feeling will disappear if I say them.

S: You still have to tell me.

H: Wasn't there that person?

The famous director who filmed ‘Ben Hur’…

S: William Wyler.

H: Eh

After he watched ‘Ben Hur’, he said ‘Wow!

My God! Did I really film this movie?’

That's how I feel right now

Wow! My God! This girl is my wife?

S: I'm a gift from heaven for Kim Hyun Woo.

The kind hearted Kim Hyun Woo.

The lively Kim Hyun Woo.

The sweet Kim Hyun Woo

If someone takes life as seriously as Kim Hyun Woo...

...then he will receive a wife as beautiful as me.

H: God, thank you!

HW put the necklace on SI.

H: Soo In

Tomorrow, our families might not be there.

S: I'm already mentally prepared for that.

H: But there will be a person to represent them.

S: Who?

H: Me. I will definitely be there.

That should not affect our wedding, right?

Let's go

S: Where are we going?

H: You'll know when we get there.

At the Lingerie Shop

H: Come on. Pick something.

S: You dragged a sick patient here?

H: How's this one?

S: Shows too much skin

H: How is it too much?

I guess you're not very sexy.

To wear something to this degree...is pretty good

S: Hey, you don't think I'm sexy?

What do you want to see?

SI made a flirtatious look.

H: Soo In, I really wish tomorrow night could come sooner.

At the Restaurant

H: You're whole mouth is covered.

HW wiped SI’s face.

S: You have more.

SI wiped HW’s face.

H: Soo In

There's something I didn't tell you

S: What?

H: Our honeymoon may be postponed.

Tomorrow...after the wedding

I may be arrested

S: What...because of Chun Roh?

Is that why things have been rushed?

H: No

I'm naturally impatient.

Don't worry

We can't do anything about the situation now.

It shouldn't be too long.

Don't worry, can you trust me?

After the Wedding Ceremony

H: Why are you so heavy?

Ah...I don't have anymore energy.

It seems tonight will be very tiring.

S: You won't go straight to bed, will you?

H: Of course not.

Soo In

Did you know...

...that I started to fall in love with

you from the first moment I met you?

S: Did you know...

...that I gave you my first kiss

What are you smiling about?

H: You gave away your first kiss when we first met.

S: Does that really count as a kiss?

It counts even if it was with my father?

A kiss is...

SI gave HW a kiss.

S: That is what you call a kiss.

Really. You were the first to kiss me like that.

H: Give birth to a daughter who looks like you.

S: And a son who looks like you.

H: Twins, Okay?

S: Okay

H: I love you. My wife

S: I love you. My husband

H: Cheers.

They threw themselves in bed together.

H: This bed is so wide.

Like the bed we talked about last time.

Just buy a small one

S: Alright.

H: Without even a heater.

Two people sleeping in each others arms


S: Then what about the children?

H: Let them sleep in their own rooms.

S: Even when they are babies?

H: Hm..

S: They should be able to sleep by themselves.

H: Alright. We'll have to teach them early on.

S: Just the two of us sleeping together.

H: While tightly holding each other

S: I...will definitely become a grandmother

I have to be a grandmother with a lot of wrinkles...

...and with lots of white hairs

Even then...

are you going to love me as much as you do now?

H: Of course.

Like I've said

This moment is when love you the least.

When you become a grandmother...

...my love for you will have grown immensely.

You may not even be able to bear it.

I've sweated too much after carrying this patient up the stairs.

HW went for a shower. He didn’t know that SI had fainted.

Based on English Subtitles made by lopliss & Cowster of D-addicts.com

Episode 15

In the Hospital

H: You're awake?

Was our wedding night supposed to be that?

It's already bright out.

S: I ruined the mood again.

H: Yeah, completely ruined, chattered into little pieces.

Are you feeling better?

S: Much better.

Let's get out of here soon and go back to the hotel.

Just assume today is our wedding night.

H: We've already checked out.

And our luggage has been picked up.

S: So quickly?

H: Hm. I had the clerk send the luggage home.

When your condition stabilizes, we'll go home.

S: Sorry, Hyun Woo.

Sorry, husband.

Sorry, what am I going to do?

H: Because you ruined the fun of our wedding night,

I'm going to nag about this for the rest of my life.

You just wait and see.

S: Alright, after we go home today,

let's recreate our wedding night.

Let me off this time, Okay?

H: That depends on your performance.

S: Oh, where's my sexy underwear?

Episode 16 Finale

Their New Home

S: Is this our home?

The home of Lee Soo In and Kim Hyun Woo?

H: This is Kim Hyun Wooand Lee Soo In’s home.

If we have lots of kids,

this place will seem small.

We'll have to earn more money

and move to a bigger house.

They saw a gift. HW read the card.

H: Who sent this?

S Who?

H: My father congratulates us.

S: I am truly grateful for his generosity.

Since I'm sick...

...he must be very disappointed

H: In that regard, I feel the same way.

You dad allowed me to take care

of you because he believed in me.

I’m truly grateful.

S: Regardless of what happens...

...we have to live thankfully. Okay?

H: Okay

Alright, now...

let's go make a baby. Come on.

With this type of type of atmosphere...

we'll make one for sure.

Wife, let's start

HW picked up SI and threw her on the bed.

H: Is the room too bright?

S: Close the curtains.

H: Okay.

HW closed the curtain…turned around…got back to bed…

S: Oh yea... Where's my sexy underwear?

H: Already prepared

They emptied the suitcases and searched through the contents.

H: I swear it was in here.

Do you have to wear it?

S: Nope

In the Kitchen

H: You don't have to do anything.

S: I've researched on how to make kimchi soup.

My dad makes it look so easy. Why can't I make it taste the same?

Let's see how this tastes.


H: Soo In

How many more times do I get to have your kimchi soup?

A thousand bowls

Ten tousand bowls?

Can't have this every day.

How about just on Sundays?

How many more times?

Five thousand bowls of kimchi soup

Five thousand bowls of bean paste soup

Seafood soup is special, so a thousand bowls

S: Hyun Woo...

H: And also turnip soup

A thousand bowls of tofu soup

A thousand bowls of bean sprout soup

Can you make them for me?

Make them for me

S: I will. Definitely will.

H: Soo In

Your prognosis isn't good.

The only way is to get a bone marrow transplant.

Because the anticancer medication isn't working,

a bone marrow transplant is the only way.

I will find it. I will find a suitable marrow donor.

S: Was that all?

I'm a doctor. You thought

I didn't know that?

H: You knew?

S: I was wondering why you were getting so worked up.

At Harvard when I was on probation,

you told me that you would do everything that you could.

And that I shouldn't easily give up.

Can you say that to me again?

HW held SI tight.

H: For you...

...I will do everything that I can,

so you shouldn't give up. Understand?

Based on English subtitles made by lolipss & Cowster at D-addicts.com

At Home

HW got home from drinking.

SI already knew about the deal between HW and Jason.

H: My wife isn't asleep, yet?

Waiting for me, huh?

Miss your husband that much?

S: I can't accept the surgery.

H: What are you saying?

Can't accept the surgery?

S: This surgery, I can't accept it.

H: Why?

S: I want to just die like this.

H: What are you talking about?

S: You dropped the case?

What kind of deal did you make with Jason?

If you drop the case, then he's going to provide the bone marrow?

Anna didn't come to Korea willingly?

Jason planned it, didn't he?

This is really disappointing

Do you want me to continue living like that?

Did you really think that I would accept it?

H: Then...am I supposed to just watch you die?

S: Yes. It'd be better if I died like this.

HY slapped SI hard on her face and went outside.

H: Don't ever say that again.

S: This is why I didn't want to get married.

I've already become a burden to you.

Do you know how much I've made you suffer?

How am I to face the people in your office?

How am I to face the villagers of ShinBaLin?

And Chun Roh's daughter?

H: Do you think this was easy for me to do?

This case was very important to you.

But to me, it's more important than my life

S: So how can you give up on the case so easily?

Don't you get it?

H: Then what am I to do?

You're dying.

The only way for you to live is to get a bone marrow transplant

What does this case mean?

If I lose you, then what's the point of winning this case?

Do you still have to ask?

S: If you do this, you'd be killing me and yourself. Understand?

Please reconsider

Don't withdraw

H: No.

S: Hyun Woo.

H: I can't.

S: Then I can't accept the surgery

I'll just die like this.

H: Whatever, I don't care anymore. Do whatever you want.

HW was so angry that he went outside. Later, SI went and found HW.

S: Hyun Woo. You can't drop the case.

If you withdraw, I won't be able to recover my lost dreams.

You should know how hard I studied,

how difficult it was to become a doctor.

But despite this, Jason used and deceived me.

And now I still have to live respectably. How can I keep living?

Wronged and angry, how am I to live like this?

H: Soo In

S: If you accept my life as part of a deal with Jason.

And let him get away, you'll never understand the crime you've committed.

In the future, you'll deceive more people like me.

And manipulate people like me

After making a deal with a person like that,

how can you still defend others?

You would sacrifice your right to be an attorney.

And I would sacrifice my dream.

Then what purpose would our lives serve?

You can't drop the case, Hyun Woo.

HW nodded. They held each other tight again.

With Jung Min's help, HW won the case.

SI received bone marrow transplant from Anna and recovered.

HW went to US for related trials.

HW and SI had triplets…Their family live happily ever after.

Based on English subtitles made by lolipss & Cowster at D-addicts.com



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