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You See An Attractive Stranger, How Do You Start A Conversation?


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Guest tommylove<3

Some of the replies are quite funny and cute (;

Personally a thing like this happened with me at the fair too... haha. What's will all the

fair examples? Anyways here's how it went:

Me: Uh, do you know what time it is?

Cute Boy: -takes out phone- It's ____

Me: Thanks! Mm, that loop thing looks so scary doesn't it?!

Cute Boy: Haha, yeah.

Then we started randomly talking about things. My friends were too busy to trying to see if they

had enough tickets to actually go on the ride. Other than that I would say,

"Hello, attractive stranger. Wanna get un-strange?" LOL, Idk. That was whack.

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Guest bonjour tristesse.

'hey, somethings wrong with my phone .. your number isnt on it '

LOLLOLLOL. actually, this would work if the guy looks like he would be someone who has a good sense of humor. thats one good way to start a convo. as for the shy ones, read in between the lines on what their interests could be and it should do. if they really dont respond .. maybe hes just not into you? ><

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Guest White Star

talk about the weather.....i've been approach like that tons of time

i guess...the most important thing is to have a good conversation starter along with a genuiene smile.....dont do anything too creative or say anything out of the blue....i'll just make you look creeper....stay with the safe topic

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Guest Amethist

Omg I'm always too shy to start conversations with a cute guy, lol I remember the only successful conversation was the situation where I sat next to the friend of the guy(they cute sat next to that friend). And I started a conversation with the friend of the cute guy and eventually the cute guy himself got involved.

But I think it didn't work out too smooth because I think the friend got a crush on me instead of the cute guy, and both might think it's vice versa because I talked with the friend first T_T..

And I always see cute guys when I'm in the line for a concert, does anyone have tips how to break the ice there? Cause I'm seriously too shy to come up with standard pick-up lines.. Yeah I could ask about the band, but I dunno, why would I of all people ask the cute guy in the line? Doesn't it make it obvious I'm interested in the guy :mellow:?

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Guest jadeooo

haha this year at a fair i saw a really cute boy sitting on the bench with his friends

and i was in line for the ferris wheel. He didn't look occupied or anything

so i just went up to him and said "hi, look i don't have anyone to ride the ferris wheel with! i'm a third wheel today, do you think you could save me and come on it with me??" he smiled and was like of course!

from then on i made a friend with a complete stranger! we didn't exchange numbers or anything like that.

it was just for fun lol!

be smooth.. lol one time I was being an idiot, here's how it went

me: excuse me, do you know how much a polar bear weighs?

her: haha.. no.. how much?

me: enough to break the ice! hi my name is richard. xD

she found it hella funny. she's like my bff now hahaha.

anyways, hopefully they aren't stuck up or something. =X


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"WHOA HAVE YOU WATCHED (insert movie title here). Should I watch it?"

Last time I did this, the guy was like: Yeah, that movie's good but watch (this other one he hasn't watched). LOL. What type of advice/movie review is that? D:

Hmm... another time, it was just a tap on the shoulder and a, "HEEEEY" and then he proceeded with the "how are you?" and I replied and asked him BLAHBLAH.

I want to try this one, though... I just haven't found someone to say it at...

"mini cooper, you're good looking." :blush:

I have my chance in this upcoming formal though, ahahaha...

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Guest aleener

"Hey, I've seen you before..." smiles," I'm ________ by the way"

Then proceed with a topic about where ever you are.;)

That's how people usually approach me. :)

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Guest shortstufflai

Hahaha I was having a discussion with my friend about this.

Tbh, it's really hard to start a conversation with a stranger..

But my plan would be go for the complimenting-conversation-starter :D

So if you see a nice guy or whatever probably say "I like your jeans/creps" or whatever...

And then from there he might give you a weird look and just extend from there.

Maybe ask where he got it from? And if the conversation dies "They look nice on you hahaha"

Then do a laugh and you know be funny?

But thats my opinion hahaha, I notice that guys&girls get happy when you compliment their clothes.

(I always compliment random girls on the street & asking them where they buy their clothes from xD)

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Guest vintageballad

'hey, somethings wrong with my phone .. your number isnt on it '

Haha, I like this one and the "what's cookin' good lookin'" one. :lol:

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Guest salsacreep

I've found the best way to start conversations with cute guys is through cigarettes.

I don't smoke but I've found when the hottest guys are outside smoking it's the best way to start a conversation.

For example it's something like:

"Sorry but do you mind if I borrow your lighter?"

Usually they say yes, as soon as you get it - show a struggle. I learned this trick by accident.

Ask for help with it and they usually find it amusing + you get to be a tad closer to them ;D

And follow that with a compliment: "I know this sounds weird but you smell amazing what kind of cologne are you wearing?!"~ ^O^ It works because you're got physically close enough to be able to use it as a conversation starter~

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Guest flyingpenguins

Oh gosh, this is the thread I've been looking for.

I have this horrible problem where I can't talk to good looking people.

Like, if I see them, and I think "OMFG, IM MELTING. MELTING. GAHHH."

I can't even look them in the eye >_>

There was this hot guy and he was trying to walk around me, but I was ducking my head and he kept tryna get around me and finally I looked up and SHABAM, he was staring at me.

God, it was so awkward.

It's like I don't know how to talk naturally/joke with them because I find them attractive.

usually, if I find someone okay looking, i just make a joke, and somehow we end up being close o_o

But when I see a good looking person, I steer away, and admire from afar.

T_T gah.

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Guest kimi xx

Depends if he is just walking by...well can't just stop him and just be like.."heyy.." that would be totally weird. If I was in the library doing homework and was nearby I would totally try to make a conversation. Well first I'll smile..that is my first thing to do and see if he would respond. I'm way to shy to introduce myself.

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Guest Uverstar

I can't talk to strangers T_T....haha

though I talk to the people at the arcade while playing games..I guess that counts...I talk to the girlfriends there because they get bored lmao why aren't there more gamer girls here in Australia T_T lol

I dunno..though..whenever I go to events for like music meet-ups, anime/comic events I can just smile to a girl and a conversation starts....lol I'm most comfortable at places like music instrument shops..but thing is not a long of girls come in ^^''

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Guest najoong

"Hello, attractive stranger. Wanna get un-strange?" LOL, Idk. That was whack.

^LOL that's funnnnny

& I don't start one at all D: I wish I coulddddd...but I'm way too shy for that.

LOL, I've never tried it, but I feel like it'll just be way too awkward and all o_o

Even when I pass by an attractive stranger, it feels awkward. AHHAHA

I think I need some help with confidence. T--T

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Haha, you guys are awesome.

I don't think I'd ever be able to approach an attractive stranger, unless they seem to be interested in me, too.

But usually I just admire from afar, aha. I don't have the guts to do something like that.

One day... one day... haha.

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Guest aiyan

I'll approach an attractive stranger somewhere we have a commonality, like uni or library. I can't see how I would approach a hottie at the mall or something. ): I think I'd make a fool of myself lol.

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Guest CaramelSweetie

h-h-hi my n-n-names Ronnie

lulz! :lol:

I don't usually start convos with strangers...I just walk away with a "wtf" face. lmao

oh, there was this once time I was at the washroom, and the girl infront of me had her shirt on backwards. xD I was trying to be nice, and told her, but she arleady knew and that's why she was going to the bathroom. :P

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