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[movie 2005] When Romance Meets Destiny 광식이 동생 광태

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Kim Joo Hyuk, Bong Tae Gyu, Lee Yo Won, Kim Ah Joong, Jung Kyung Ho


Kwangsik's Brother Kwangtae / When Romance Meets Destiny 광식이 동생 광태 (2005)

Starring: Kim Joo-Hyeok, Bong Tae-Gyu, Lee Yo-Won

Director: Kim Hyeon-Seok

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Runtime: 104mins

Production: MK Pictures

Distribution: MK Pictures

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Will you be ready When Romance Meets Destiny? That's one question worth considering in writer/director Kim Hyun-Seok's directorial debut, a romantic comedy about two brothers with decidedly different approaches to love and life. But while the two men have wildly divergent personalities, there's at least one trait they have in common - they've never told a woman "I love you." However, it's for very different reasons.

The innocent Gwang-Sik (Kim Joo-Hyeok, Singles & Blue Swallow + Lovers In Prague) is a nice enough guy, but he has a tough time interacting with the opposite sex. He may have numerous friends who happen to be girls, but he has no girlfriend to call his own - for some reason, he's just not considered "boyfriend material." At thirty-four years old, he runs a photo studio and has a crush on Yoon Kyung (Lee Yo-Won, Fashion 70's & Take Care of My Cat). Unfortunately, he's too shy to reveal his feelings for her. Later, he begins to feel that Yoon-Kyung is starting to develop feelings for him, but is confused when she gives chocolates to another man on Valentine's Day. Will his love remain unrequited? Or will he finally find the courage to reveal his feelings?

Gwang Sik's younger brother, Gwang-Tae (Bong Tae-Gyu, The President's Last Bang & Rooftop Room Cat/Attic Cat) has a very different, less romantic take on relationships. Whereas his elder sibling has trouble even getting a date, Gwang-Tae is the playboy-type, skilled at the art of seduction and never embarks on a relationship that lasts for very long. In fact, Gwang Tae has a personal dating policy - every man should break up with a woman before sleeping with her for the twelfth time. In his mind, that's when a man gets tired of the woman, and the woman, in turn, gets too emotionally attached. But with the impending "due date" of his current relationship almost upon him, will Gwang-Tae break up with Kyung-Jae (Kim Ah-Joong, Emperor Of The Sea) or is he finally starting to develop serious feelings for a woman? And what role does Gwang-Tae play in the potential relationship between his brother and Yoon-Kyung? Will his interference keep the two apart? Or will destiny, as Gwang-Tae believes, take care of the rest? Their fates are intertwined in Kim Hyun-Seok's When Romance Meets Destiny, which also stars Jeong Kyung-Ho (All For Love & I'm Sorry I Love You), Kim Hyung-Min, and Kim Il-Woong (No Blood, No Tears)!


SOURCE : 광식이 동생 광태

광식이 동생 광태

광식이 동생 광태

광식이 동생 광태

광식이 동생 광태

광식이 동생 광태

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Guest annababy

i totally LOVED this movie!!!!

its soooo cute and funny~ i was cracking up so much

the meaning of the movie is what i loved the most, the whole theme on what is meant to be will happen, the whole concept of destined relationships and life...

its a good movie, really funny too!!!

i definitaly recommend it~

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Guest kkam jjak

anyone have this in their clubbox?

The english title is so different from the original title.. Hwangshik's little brother Kwang Tae translated to when romance meets destiny...

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Guest bbjj_2007

anyone have this in their clubbox?

The english title is so different from the original title.. Hwangshik's little brother Kwang Tae translated to when romance meets destiny...


it's not my clubbox.. but it's there. ^_^

so credit to the guy who does japaneseguy.

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I really really enjoyed this movie, definitely one of the best Korean romcoms I've seen. Good acting's pretty much a given with Kim JooHyuk and Bong TaeGyu (I esp LOVED the chemistry between them as brothers), but it was a pleasant surprise how funny and smart the writing was (I will never look at a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf drink card the same way again ^_^). And because the film's character-driven, you care about what happens to KwangShik and KwangTae--and smile (or feel bad for them) as they muddle through their love lives and finally have their epiphanies.

Cine21 article 1 / 2








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Guest kYUNGMi

i watched this movie twice on the plane ride to korea, lol

<3 this movie

it was funny but it wasnt one of those stupid pointless movies, i love the ending. :)

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this movie was awesome. funny, touching, meaningful, all that.

recommended for those who havent seen it. and i just love bong tae gyu.

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Guest chigurl

i didnt knw there was a thread for this movie..yay

this movie was great i highly recommend


i totally felt sorry for Gwang-Sik cuz he didnt end up wit his crush but when he meet dat gurl in da end i thought it made perfect sense :) ( wit da title and evrything..ha ha)

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Guest onigiri

if anyone can help me find an open clubbox or a link where i could download this that would be great ^__^

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Guest xosandy

July 30, 2006

[Korean DVD Roundup] April 2006 - Part 1


KD Media - 2006/04/06

광식이 동생 광태 (When Romance Meets Destiny)

2005 - 2DVD

Director: 김현석 (Kim Hyun-Seok)

Cast: 김주혁 (Kim Ju-Hyeok) as Gwang-Shik, 봉태규 (Bong Tae-Gyu) as Gwang-Tae, 이요원 (Lee Yo-Won) as Yoon-Kyung, 김아중 (Kim Ah-Joong) as Gyung-Jae, 정경호 (Jung Kyung-Ho) as Il-Woong, 김형민 (Kim Hyung-Min) as Eui-Dong, 김효주 (Kim Hyo-Joo)

CAMEO: 이대연 (Lee Dae-Yeon), 박철민 (Park Cheol-Min), 김일웅 (Kim Il-Woong)

OAR 2.35:1/16:9, DD5.1/DD2.0, Region 3, NTSC DVD-9, English/Korean Subtitles

FILM: 7.5

You always liked her. Yeah, she's way younger, and you probably would get strange looks from your friends if they knew, but you still like her. A lot. Now the problem, of course, is telling her. That's when the (romantic, sometimes) comedy really starts. For Gwang-Shik that seems harder than anything else, so much that he kept everything to himself for seven years. Then there's the other side of the coin, those who see relationships as cards to stamp to get a free coffee after you've completed a round of 12. Your 바람둥이 (player) of sort. Two completely different personalities, two brothers with two different problems: confessing love (or whatever he thinks he's feeling) for one, understanding relationships go beyond a quickie twice a week after a movie and dinner for the other. Nothing new, as you say, but so was the case for Kim Hyun-Seok's past film, the underrated Historical Sports Black Comedy (!) YMCA 야구단 (YMCA Baseball Team). Unlike many young directors knocking at Chungmuro's door after a few years of working as assistant director, Kim got in thanks to his talent as a writer: his script for 사랑하기 좋은 날 (A Good Day To Love), written while in college, was instantly used for a film in 1995, and his second script won a Grand Bell Award for Best New Screenwriter even before it made to film.

After that, Shim Jae-Myung welcomed him in the Myung Films family, and he worked on the underrated (if a bit over the top) melodrama 해가 서쪽에서 뜬다면 (If The Sun Rises In The West), the first of many Baseball related films. He helped Park Chan-Wook write 공동경비구역 JSA (Joint Security Area) and was assistant director for Kim Ki-Duk's 섬 (The Isle). But despite his good start as a writer, getting a big project like YMCA Baseball Team was quite surprising for a newcomer, surprise which turned into excitement the moment he took the megaphone for the film starring Song Kang-Ho, Kim Hye-Soo and Kim Ju-Hyeok. With an outline which would instantly bring to mind nationalism, he managed to focus on 사람냄새 (smell of people) and a simple Baseball Game between two teams, with a few touches of history and the usual priceless performance from Song. Going back to the romcom genre for the first time since If The Sun Rises in The West, 광식이 동생 광태 (When Romance Meets Destiny) focuses on the characters first, and the events later, like a little gem called 싱글즈 (Singles).

The major problem of financially successful but rather bland romcoms like 작업의 정석 (The Art of Seduction) or 연애술사 (Love in Magic) was that of throwing two stars in the mix, expecting their screen presence will save the day. But, in contrast, by making our interest for Gwang-Shik and Gwang-Tae grow, then all the situations they fall into become all the more interesting, and you can deal with the awkward jokes and 'old fashioned' feeling of the film (which adds to the charm, in some ways similar to Singles). The film works first because the characters are well developed (the women in the film are no more than a male fantasy, but it doesn't really hurt as the focus is the way men approach relationships. Even better, in this case someone with a personality like Yoon-Kyung fits even more, as Gwang-Shik never knows what she's thinking), but also because casting is pretty much perfect: Kim Ju-Hyeok has become one of the top actors in Chungmuro when it comes to playing down-to-earth 'guy next door' types, as shown in Singles, 홍반장 (Mr. Handy) and this one; Bong Tae-Gyu, despite looking everything but a player, fits the role like a glove, balancing the spunk of his performance in 눈물 (Tears) with a Ryu Seung-Beom in 품행제로 (Conduct Zero)-like aura.

Other highlight of the film is the debut of young Kim Ah-Joong, one of the most popular stars on TV thanks to countless Variety Shows and a few Dramas, last but not least this year's chart topping Daily Drama 별난여자 별난남자 (The Bizarre Bunch). A film of small pleasures, with an interesting script, an irreverent and smart soundtrack and nice pacing despite the (intentional) lack of intensity. Director Kim said he's going to stop making films about Baseball, lest he might be mistaken as an 'expert' in that field only, but I'd say he's hit two homeruns in a row so far. Just like Jang Jin, he's embedded his own style within genre tropes, always creating something that feels fresh despite never straying too far from the norm. That's pretty impressive for such a young director, and promises good thing for the future.

AUDIO: 7.5

Of course romcoms are not going to test your surround system (most of them anyway), but the audio here is very good, with clear dialogue and a nice use of the ironic soundtrack by Lee Byung-Hoon.

VIDEO: 8.5

Wonderful transfter. Great colours, extremely natural skin tones, and no problems whatsoever with the print.


There's a few translation problems, and they could have worked a little harder on the obvious jokes (the OECD one sticks out even if you don't speak Korean). Some timing (translation related, mostly) and grammar/spelling mistakes, but overall very good. Translates all the songs (very basic, but drives home the ball) and with the exception of a few signs and pop up screens all the on-screen text.


Disc 1

- Audio Commentary with Director Kim Hyun-Seok, Kim Ju-Hyeok, Bong Tae-Gyu, Kim Hyung-Min, Jung Kyung-Ho [one of the most entertaining commentaries of the year. Just non-stop fun with the five cracking jokes and adding funny anecdotes from the shoot. Really relaxed mood, and that clearly helps]

- Audio Commentary with Director Kim and Music Director Lee Byung-Hoon [quite good as well, even more relaxed than the previous one, but same atmosphere]

- After Commentary [Director and Cast talk about their experience shooting the film]

Disc 2 [~105 Minutes]

Page 1

- Making Of Documentary [34:14, Very Good. We get to see everything from the opening ceremony to the most important shoots, with interviews and comments with staff and cast thrown in the middle]

- Deleted Scenes [13:25. Nothing really major. You can switch the Director's commentary and and off]

- Character Introduction [5:14. Footage from the shoot mixed with some textual introduction and a couple of comments from the actors]

- Character's Jobs [3:49. Kim Ju-Hyeok gets to learn how to use the Camera, and we get to see Kim Ah-Joong learn the art of renewing books]

Page 2

- Costumes/Art Direction [15:18. We go from make up to the costumes to all the work behind sets like the video store]

- Production Meeting [5:05, pretty nice, featuring interviews with the cast. This must have been just a few weeks after Kim Mu-Saeng's death, as Kim Ju-Hyeok can barely laugh]

- Premiere/VIP Screenings [5:00, hilarious how a viewer shouts '신물이 나요 (You look better in person)' the moment Bong Tae-Gyu grabs the mic]

- CG [1:01, just the Iraq scene and the finale]

- Poster Shoot [3:29, with both Teaser and Theatrical Posters]

- Easter Egg [Press UP from the first feature (1:01, a sort of trailer following the box office run of the film)]

Page 3

- Music Videos [The hilarious 삽질의 추억 (3:22, sung by Bong Tae-Gyu and Kim Ju-Hyeok), and Kim Ju-Hyeok's 'cover' of Park In-Hwan's 세월이 가면 (1:07)]

- Online TV Spots [3:00, features the most hilarious scenes from the film]

- Theatrical Trailer [3:00, hilarious, pushes all the right buttons]

- Still Gallery [5:00]

- Easter Egg [Press up from the first featurette, this time it's 4:40 of Bong Tae-Gyu fooling around with a camcorder on the video store set]


It's too bad so many current romcoms in Chungmuro focus on star power instead of interesting characters and stories, which is probably the reason things like 생, 날선생 (Mr. Wacky) rarely work. This film had the perfect formula, with interesting characters, good acting and most importantly a truly entertaining experience. More than anything, it once again proves Director Kim Hyun-Seok is one to look out for, as he still hasn't made a single wrong step, and he always maintains that down-to-earth, low-key atmosphere which feels rather fresh compared to the histrionics shown by films like 작업의 정석 (The Art of Seduction). DVD is another good effort from KD Media, with very solid presentation and interesting extras, capped off by two of the most entertaining commentaries of the year. Even if you don't like the genre, this is highly recommended.



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Guest yum yum dimsum

when i watched the first part, i really liked it... i thought it was going to be a really good film!! Gwang-shik was such a dork, and the way he gets all figidity and stiff when he's around Yoon-Kyung was really funny. Especially that karaoke scene!! :lol:

(does anyone know what that guy sang after the rap song?!)

then came the younger brothers story, which ruined the whole film for me. i really didn't care for Gwang-Tae.

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I love love loveeeeee this movie.

So heartwarming. So great!

I love Gwang-Tae's story. It's very different from his brothers. But very moving also!

A definite must watch!

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I loved this movie, too, enough to watch it at least three times! While I agree that Kwang-Tae's story is not quite as good as Kwang-Shik's, I liked both the characters a lot and it was great how everything tied together at the end.

Though I'm still confused as to who the girl is that KT sees at the restaurant in the last scene!

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I loved this movie, too, enough to watch it at least three times! While I agree that Kwang-Tae's story is not quite as good as Kwang-Shik's, I liked both the characters a lot and it was great how everything tied together at the end.

Though I'm still confused as to who the girl is that KT sees at the restaurant in the last scene!

It was his ex-girlfriend..i dont reacall her name..but she's veryyy pretty..she looks like a doll! hihihi :rolleyes:

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Guest tuna_madunna

I didn't expect this movie would be so great! It's sooo funny and it has a nice story too. :D

Gwang Sik's story was nice, like he was strong enough to let go and at the end he was given another chance to love (another girl). There's still hope to it :D

Gwang-Tae's story was really funny yet sincere. Very unique! :D

Oooh! One thing..! This movie is good for christmas.. since it was set during christmas time :D

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