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[news] 3 Members Of Group Dbsk Files Lawsuit

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Guest snail.

Man, if this doesn't turn out well...one can only IMAGINE the hell Cassiopeia is going to raise. To think that the H.O.T. disbandment was bad (has you guys seen the videos?!) SM is going to TORN APART (I mean that physically at the least).

I know, it's going to be crazy. Even right now in Korea, the SM building is in chaos. Imagine what it will be if any more bad news come up. It will affect not only Cass/DBSK but all the other SM artists, too unfortunately.

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Guest jesster.

ohdear O___O

And everyone thought SM at least treated DBSK well. Thank you fallen*angel for copy&pasting the article in here.

I hope things get settled soon T_T

I'm at a loss for words now ._.

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13 years is freaking long .___. They would "graduate" from SM when they hit 30 x__X

5 years seem reasonable. Also, since DBSK is the big money maker, I guess they want

to money to be split fairly =/ I thought the money splitting issue was solved after H.O.T.

I wonder why it's 3 members and not all 5. @.@ Also, I think DBSK likes SM BUT it seems

that SM is once again late in negotiation... The 3 wouldn't go this far it wasn't solved after

months. I guess DBSK need to create a big shock to show how much they want to be

treated fairly. Apparently their money is split 8:2 or 9:1. The big number goes to SM and the

smallest go to DBSK.

Above all, I don't think they will disband unless they don't like each other...

I guess Changmin is not implied in the lawsuit because it's too much troubles and he likes SM.

Yunho is the leader, he doesn't want to create a chaos because he loves Cassiopeia(?)

I don't think being the main cast in dramas are the main issues to not fill a lawsuit.

They are already popular without needing being actors.

I can imagine Cassiopeia in front of SM building camping like the ELF for only 13.

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Guest hahaha_huhuhu

0% to SM Entertainment and 20% to TVXQ (divided by 5 for each member)???????????????????????

wtf! is SM nuuts??? I would do the same if I were them

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Guest kialis

This is crazy.

But I guess I see why JaeJoong, Junsu, and Yoochun want to disband (if they are).

13 years is frickin long and only 20% of the money goes to them..


Now that I think about it, it really isn't SM's fault.

The other 80% of the money DBSK makes doesn't all go to SM,

some of it goes to the music producers, staff, choreographers, back up dancers, managers, & etc

Sure, DBSK works hard to promote their albums, look good for the camera, and sing but the staff work just as hard as they do too.

So SM really isn't the bad guy.

The 13 year contract is long; I get why the 3 boys are filing a lawsuit for that, but other than that, none of it is really SM's fault.

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Guest collectyea

No T___T I haven't seen your concerts yet. Please don't disband !

Or they'll still be with AVEX and release in Japan only.... That would be better than just 2 members : ((

I knew this would happen sooner or later but this is too soon...

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Guest kialis

The article SM just released:

"TVXQ absolutely must continue actitivies."

No need to worry girls, things are starting to look much brighter! Earlier reports were looking bad in terms of the relationship between TVXQ and SM Entertainment, SM Entertainment has however released an official statement about the current issue.

SM Entertainment stated, "TVXQ is a band that represents Asia, they must absolutely continue actitivies. The cosmetics company issue, will be resolved."

credit: allkpop

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i understand that the contract may be unfair and whatnot, and how harsh it can be and stuff... but filing a lawsuit against the company, against the MAN that made them what they are today. TT_TT

junsu yah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

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I don't want them to break up.

The possibility that they might break up makes me want to cry.

I hope this will resolve soon.

DBSK Forever!!!!

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woah, this news is pretty surprising. DBSK members are like the last ones I'd expect to file a lawsuit against sm because of how they appeared to be very supportive of their company. but money can do wonders, huh? they're like the company's most treasured hot commodity,so they're willing to step forward and take some action. of course sm is going to resolve any issue, most likely the resolution will be favorable on the members' side anyways. sm can't let go of dbsk, that's like..suicide.

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Shinwha suddenly joined the search ranking on naver


Maybe a lot of Cassies want them to follow Shinhwa's step; leave SM~

Really? If they do leave SM Ent...I wonder how things would turn out for them. Shinhwa stayed strong and managed to go on together :)

I don't want to judge what isn't backed up by proof. If there isn't an official statement, I don't want to freak out. Not yet, anyway.

I hope they don't break up. I really really hope this isn't true. I wonder if DBSK are going to say anythng official?

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I feel so sad for these boys. And we all thought they are happy and being treated fairly. For so many years they are stucked in one apartment - Japan and Korea - were loyal to their management.

SM is known for this - I guess this is one reason FTTS did not renew with SM when their contract expired.

What I find ridiculous is - 80% SM - 20% DBSK - and you have to divide that 20% by 5 - so what is left?

as far as Shiinhwa is concerned - there were rumors that it was Eric who found a way to save the group - it seems that had the same problem before.

no wonder Hwanhee made a comment about this in his YSMM guesting in 2007 - he said he feels bad for SuJu and DBSK when it comes to division of income. Tt's because of the percentage SM is getting. FTTS was lucky that time because there were only 2 of them.

Who's next? now Leeteuk's message in his cyworld comes to mind.

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