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[news] 3 Members Of Group Dbsk Files Lawsuit

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Guest anecia

13 years huh...since they debut in around 2003,they still have around 7 years to vacuum in money for SM to go.I bet SM makes full use of that 7 years.

There's only 2 endings for them.Either they disband or leave the company together as a group just like their seniors(Shinhwa)

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Guest melo.breeze

oh lord ... it's like that whole thing with shinhwa back when they were in sm as well,

just that the circumstances are different, though both involving law suits.

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Guest cutegit

LOL i clicked the dbsk thread and found all these posts about disbanding and stuff :o

so sudden! if it's about crebeau, maybe SM is prohibitng them from continuing their own businesses since theyre planning to launch their own cosmetics line? if it's in their contract, then they can't do anything but try to extinguish it cos they did sign... but who knows :/

rumor or not, fans are in chaos! if it's a rumor, i ahve to admit that it's good timing. just when yunho and changmin have their solo things planned and the three who "supposedly" filed the case don't have their own activities... hmmmm~

if this is true, it would be such a waste... tvxq is at the peak right now and SM is earning a lot from them... fans would go crazy as well.. i would be sad cause IMO, they really have the talent and they work well together and they worked really hard to be where they are right now. then again, as along as i hear them sing, all is well...

like everyone else, i want news! XD just imagine what's happening outside SM building right now!

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Guest apricot

Wow, 38 users are reading this topic at the moment. I guess it's just as much of a shock to other fangirls as it is to me. Hopefully someone can translate these articles soon, 'cause I have no idea what the lawsuit is about... :mellow: and why is it happening?

[edit] I really, really hope that they don't disband.

Well, there's 400+ readers over in DBSK's thread..I'm not a fan but I'm shocked. I was not even a fan of Shinhwa when the same thing happened to them. But at least Shinhwa moved out into a different entertainment and is much happier there even if the profits are not running in that much for them..I hope history doesn't repeat itself. Hell, just let the artists have some freedom, it's not all $$ or is it?? Haiz..

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oh wow,,,, and just when i wonder why TVXQ is number 1 & 2 searched on naver as well as SM.... this is soo shocking... this isn't merely a rumour anymore since almost all internet articles are putting this up............. I hope they resolve whatever the problems between them peacefully. No one wants another ending like H.O.T's issue, right... -_-

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Guest Kiss Me

This is really sad. Its hard to believe that its a rumor because its definitely like a blast from the past. Past experiences gives an uneasy feeling about the whole disbanding part. But honestly, we know that this disagreement is real. Don't you think its going to be hard to go back to the way things are once this lawsuit goes into place? Whether they win or not, I feel like those three are going to leave anyways? Its so weird because one day we're hearing about Yunho & Changmin getting acting gigs and Junsu going for a solo career, but bam! This happens.

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Guest lil_miss_kawaii

Somehow it remind me of H.O.T and Shinhwa.


Does SM never learn their lesson.

SM dont really need to learn a lesson

Dont you see a pattern?

When HOT left they had Shinhwa

When Shinhwa left they had DBSK

and now DBSK ~ whose going to fill the shoes?? SHINee

Its not really a coincidence that SHINee came out in the year DBSK's 5year mark was nearing?

SM is probably waiting for SHINee's fanclub to grow abit before DBSK "disband" or leave SM so that they can start milking SHINee

I mean I really hope DBSK dont leave because that would be career suicide ~ SM made them who they are

I mean I do think SM should loosen the contract a bit so the boys have a bit more freedom to do there own thing whilst putting the DBSK name on it but SM should still earn abit of the cut because DBSK does belong to SM ~

SM is a business man ~ business men want one thing ~ money

So I dont think you can blame SM for anything

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Guest natural-retard

Contract is awful, but if they are stupid and desperate for fame enough to sign then they had what was coming for them. They are most probably going to work for their parent's company... but its not DBSK without Uknow and Max....sooo...what are they going to do?

When this type of thing happen, SM will probably ditch you and try to ruin you like they did with HOT or Shinhwa. Trying to bite back at the man who made you, he made you...he can easily destroy you and replace you. Its not like SM hasn't seen this stuff before...

With HOT, SM kept Kangta, SES he kept Shoo....creating divides and factions....

In this case most likely SM will try to keep a few members and prevent DBSK from making money as DBSK....Like how SM tried to sue Shinhwa when he couldn't get one to side with him, because they were as one, he decided to sue them to stop them using the name he created for them.. LOL.

SM is all about the drama.

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Guest SeliT

everyone needs to stop blaming sm. at the end of the hes a business man and he wants to make money.

I mean I cant blame him for not wanting to pay then much money. He has so many groups to fund for. If he gave more money sm would probably end.

And I think sment can afford to loose dbsk. snsd are making loads of money at the moment and shinee are getting bigger. and lets not forget the many amounts of people who would kill for a contract at sm.

and sm gave what dbsk wanted. a chance to be singers and perform. and they got all that and more.

it would kill dbsk career if they left. i dont want to say this because i love dbsk, but dont you think they should of learnt shinwha and h.o.t lessons? i mean h.o.t and shinwha arent really making top dollar at the moment are they?

everyone can see the pattern right H.O.T --> Shinwha ---> DBSK ---> SHINee and im sure a new boy group will come around in about 3 years? the deathly 5 years :P

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Guest --hearts.

If SM is smart, they will just do as DBSK says. At this point in time, DBSK is making way too much money for their company to be stupid. Even Japan knows not to mess with their fanbase and etc. with the music shows and whatnot in Japan, SM isn't going to get off any easier. This potentially can get very ugly since not only is there the deal with breaking up DBSK, but what could potentially happen to their brother group, Super Junior. SM is going to get themselves in one very very ugly mess if they aren't careful. Tsk. To think they should have learned their lesson already.

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Guest sweetsweets2

wow. um. this is crazy. if it IS true.

media is sure as heck making it seem true so on that note:

I don't really think you should bite the hand that feeds you...

...but I do support JaeJoong Junsu and Yoochun...

I'm sure if SM called an 'urgent meeting' he obviously won't let the members go that easily.

they're like one of his major moneymakers and so many years together- like hello--

no matter what, I don't think the group will disband...

it will be hella freaking sad if they do, and over this ><"

and yeah, I thought SM did treat them well. guess nothing is really what it seems.

sigh* I'm feeling sad now
but I hope everything turns out ok!

JaeSuChun won't quit! they won't leave HoMin!

they just want to gain some rights about profits and business.. right? </3

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Guest LemonMud

haha i love how any thread that has to do w/ dbsk has so many people on it

AIIIIYAAAAH!!! SM has been so screwed up ever since the real SM (LSM) left the big chair


i really do wish LSM would get his position back as lead man. i mean with HOT and Shinhwa... they weren't like LSM's babies like DBSK is...

i honestly hope they don't leave SM.... SM is great even with its.... BLAHS

plus i really love SMTOWN

as for DBSK disbanding? i dont think the members of DBSK would allow it...

like with all their blood and sweat they put into that group... same with Shinhwa~

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Guest kriza_09

This is what happens when money becomes an issue. Everything else becomes messed up.

Now that a lawsuit has been filed, no matter what the result is, the relationship and trust between the members and the company is broken. Even if nothing changes after the lawsuit (DBSK continues working under SM), there will be tension between them. If the company wins, then the 3 members will continue working for SM while being disgruntled and discontented. If DBSK wins, SM won't feel secure working with them anymore (seriously, who wants to work with someone who has filed a lawsuit against you?) Once lawsuit is brought up, you can't talk business anymore. It's best to just let go and go separate ways.

Somehow it remind me of H.O.T and Shinhwa.

Does SM never learn their lesson.

Oh they learned their lesson. That's why they have that 13-year contract now (it used to be only 5 years).

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