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Eminem Lyrically Destroyed Mariah Carey Again.

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Guest GreenTeaBanana

Lol. It's nice to see that i'm getting a reaction out of you. ;) Yeah.. sometimes I like being a Richard. It's the internet. I think a lot of people get kicks out of being Tom Cruise online. haha.

So what does this make you? a troll?

and if you are one of those people that get kicks from being richard simmons on the internet, dont you think thats a little sad?

and i honestly dont know what the condescending tone is all about. like what exactly do you have to be proud of again? your knowledge about what makes good hiphop?

1. You made an assumption. It merely meant what was stated. "It's a good thing you weren't trying to be witty". You should have taken it at face value instead of taking it up the richard simmons. Actually, it does because as I have stated before, whatever credibility you had to me went out the window as soon as you started posting garbage lines. So it's very relevant.

Okay suppose i did take it at face value.

why would anyone tell someone else "its a good thing, you werent trying to be witty" ? I think a lot of people who get the assumption that you're saying the person is incapable of being witty.

Especially when you're the one who first said, "if you're trying to be witty, you failed" and "im sorry i confused you. hahahhahah"

2. No. It wasn't colloquy. I was talking about soompi. Which was what the other person was talking about as well. He was talking about the girls on soompi. So why is it relevant that you decide to shove your nose into my conversations with other people with irrelevant garbage is beyond me.

dont act like you've never shoved your nose into a discussion on soompi.

and really was it my intention to nose my way into your "conversation?" it was two sentences.

I was merely pointing something out and it related to the matter at hand. so how is that irrelevant? maybe you need this.


3. Wut? Imply what? What are you talking about?

Me: Maybe your idea of a good verbalist is someone that tries to shove as many huge and "deep" sounding words into a sentence as possible.

You: Did I ever say this? No.


Me:No. You didn't say it. Hence the MAYBE. Do you know what MAYBE means?

Did that clear it up for you?

yea. maybe i should make myself clearer. i have no idea where YOU get the idea about what i deem to be a good verbalist.

and what if i said maybe your idea of a good verbalist is someone who tries to shove as many curse words into a sentence as possible?

its because you like to make baseless "maybe's" and then accuse everyone else of making "assumptions"

4. "Don't even. You act like he's some genius". Oh gosh. Lol. "Don't even". -_- Rofl. No. I don't act like he's a genius. You're making assumptions again. Just because I think someone is skilled does not mean that I think that they're geniuses. Thanks for trying to tell me what I think though.

does it really make that much of a difference? does it really matter. You get the idea.

would it make you a lot happier if i cared more about your silly semantics?

Here, "you act as though eminem is skilled"

Okay. its still my opinion that hes not.

5. Because... I stated it earlier? Not paying attention again? Rofl. I'm not trying to change your opinion of him. You can hate him and his music all you want. You're right. It doesn't matter what lyrics I post because it won't change your mind but I was just pointing out why it wasn't a strong point to base his skills on the lyrics you decided to use as examples. Get it?

im sorry i dont track down all of your previous posts and read them when all i initially pointed out was that there is in fact a double standard with opinions outside of this forum.

and so what if it wasnt a strong point to base his lyrics? why dont you take in the bad with the good?

should i not take into account the weaker lyrics when i make my opinion about his lyrics?

so what? silly=bad, serious=good?

If you knew hip hop you wouldn't have picked poor examples.

poor examples? or perfect examples of his poor writing?

imo, he has enough crap from my examples to overshadow what you deem to lyrics from a very skilled verbalist.

Hey, KRS ONE was the one that said Eminem's was "genius". His words. Not mine. Do you know who KRS ONE is?

let me repeat myself. ask me i care.

Let me guess, Kanye is hip hop to you?

Um. no.

Lol. In any case, I rather like it on my high horse. :) I bet you like it on yours too so don't you judge me. Lol. Feel free to PM me to further this discussion. Unless you're adament on getting the last word then *shrugs*. I'd love to hear what artists you listen to when you say that you "listen to hip hop".

my point is that certain people, like yourself, dont belong on high horses.

and you're honestly not getting the point. it doesnt take someone who knows hiphop to see poor writing coming from an unskilled verbalist so you can stop badgering me about my "credentials on hiphop"

"It's funny

I remember back when you and daddy had no money

Mommy wrapped the Christmas presents up

And stuck 'em under the tree and said some of 'em were from me"

^ thats sad and it kind of makes me feel bad for him. but its not good writing.

"Don't even get me started on logic..."

i just read this in your profile. sorry but your logic aint as great as you make it out to be. lulz

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Guest suejinners

Okay, I think you all had your say in this topic.

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