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[drama 2009] Korean Ghost Stories / Hometown Legends 2009 전설의고향

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[KBS] JunHyeBin, AhnJaeMo, KimJiSuk, HongSooHyun, JungKyuWoon

Hometown Legends (2009)

2009 전설의고향


Also known as: Korean Ghost Stories / Legendary Hometown

Genre: Horror, suspense, romance

Episodes: 10

Broadcast period: 2009-Aug-10 ~ 2009-Sept-08

Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)

Official site: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/gohyang2009/

Official KBS World site: http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/programs/program...=427&lang=e

Daum site: http://movie.daum.net/tv/detail/main.do?tvProgramId=54647

Director(s): Lee Min Hong (이민홍), Kim Jung Min (김정민), Hong Suk Goo (홍석구), Moon Young Jin (문영진), Lee Eung Bok (이응복), Noh Sang Hoon (노상훈), Sun Hyun Soo (신현수)

Screenwriter(s): Kim Jung Sook (김정숙), Kim Rang (김랑), Moon Eun Jung (문은정), Park Hyung Jin (박형진), Chae Hye Young (채혜영), Yoo Seung Yun (유승연), Bang Ji Young (방지영), Go Eun Sun (고은선), Lee Eun Sang (이은상)

Cast: Jun Hye Bin (전혜빈), Ahn Jae Mo ( 안재모), Kim Ji Suk (김지석), Hong Soo Hyun (홍수현), Jung Kyu Woon (정겨운), Lee Young Eun (이영은), Jo Yoon Hee (조윤희), Jang Hee Jin (장희진), Heo Young Ran, Lee Se Na (이세나), Kim Hong Pyo, Kim Gab Soo (김갑수), Kim Gyu Chul (김규철), Jang Tae Sung, Jung Jin, Kim Tae Ho (김태호), Jung So Nyeo, Bang Eun Hee, Go Jung Min, Lee Hyo Jung (이효정), Hyun Kyung Sun, Ahn Suk Hwan, Ji Suk Jin, Cha Seo Won (차서원), Park Joon Hyuk, Kim Sung Eun, Yoon Hee Suk


Episodes (for more info on each episode, please refer to the individual posts)

EP01:Blood Ghost / Vampire

EP02:The Regrets of Bamboo Knife


EP04:Wood Ghost

EP05:Surrogate Mother

EP06:Forbidden Book

EP07:Silent Village

EP08:Gumiho / Fox With Nine Tails



Episode Ratings

Air date | Episode / Nationwide (Rank) / Seoul (Rank)

2009-Aug-10 | EP01 / 6.8 / <7.8

2009-Aug-11 | EP02 / 6.8 / <8.7

2009-Aug-17 | EP03 / 5.4 / <8.1

2009-Aug-18 | EP04 / 5.8 / <8.8

2009-Aug-24 | EP05 / 6.5 / <8.4

2009-Aug-25 | EP06 / 5.5 / <8.8

2009-Sept-01 | EP07 / 5.3 / <7.7

2009-Sept-02 | EP08 / 6.0 / <7.5

2009-Sept-08 | EP09 / 4.7 / <8.8

2009-Sept-09 | EP10 / 4.5 / <8.0

Source: TNS Media & Dramawiki


.:RAW (HQ): Aja-Aja

.:Chinese subbed: Cococrust Repository

Reviews (credits MisterX)

EP01 | EP02 | EP03 | EP04 | EP05

EP06 | EP07 | EP08 | EP09 | EP10




[2009-Jul-29] Horror dramas Hon and Hometown of Legends credits Dramabeans

[2009-Jul-31] 'Korean Ghost Series' to Make Comeback credits KBS & tiki_sg

[2009-Aug-05] Hometown of Legends is back for a 2009 edition credits Dramabeans

[2009-Aug-10] Cult classic goes bump in the night

[2009-Aug-10] Hometown of Legends adds to a horror-filled August credits Dramabeans

[2009-Aug-12] Kim Ji-seok Talks About His Role in 'Vampire'

[2009-Aug-12] Chun Hye-bin Plays Lead in 2009 'Fox With Nine Tails'

[2009-Aug-26] 'Korean Ghost Stories' Features Scariest-Ever Ghost

[2009-Sept-04] Jeon Hye-bin Lauded for Role of Nine-Tailed Fox in ‘Korean Ghost Stories’


Press Conference credits C51236

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Just adding some postings made in the 2008 HL series, before this thread was formed . . .

Hi guys, I just saw Hometown Legends 2009 listed under 'Possible Future Projects' at WITHS2 Fansubwiki but haven't heard anything about it at all. Does anyone know if this is confirmed or not because I really enjoyed the 8 episodes last year and I am really excited at the prospect that there might be a season 2.

HL2009 will apparently follow The Man Who Can't Marry on KBS2.

Yes, you are right.

KBS World has already put it in its schedule, to start on 21 Sept (Eng-subbed).

However, before that, KBS World (from 24 August) will probably be having an encore broadcast of 2008 HomeTown Legends on Week Nights (M-Th) for 2 weeks.

Korean Ghost Stories - KBS World Webpage

Ji Suk Jin will play the role of a vampire in KBS' Korean Ghost Stories (2009) episode called "Blood Ghost", according to KBS' Entertainment Relay Ep 1281.

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on dramawiki, it only has 5 of the 8 episodes listed. i'm not sure if the airing order is correct or not but I heard that Jun Hye Bin is going to be in Gumiho and it's going to be the last episode aired and not the first one.. :huh: i noticed that the several of the casts were in last year's Hometown Legends.. such as Lee Young Eun, Kim Tae Ho, Ahn Suk Hwan, Ahn Jae Mo, etc.. guess they couldn't stay away!! :lol:


another still from Jung Gyu Woon & Jo Yoon Hee's episode titled "The Secret of Bamboo Island"


Source: nate

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They did this last summer, too, right? I remember Park Min Young was in one episode.

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Kim Ji Suk

Title: 혈귀 (血鬼) / Blood Ghost

Also known as: Bloodsucking Wraith / Vampire

Air date: 2009-Aug-10

Official site: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/gohyang2009/blood/index.html


Writer: Kim Jung Sook & Kim Rang


Kim Ji Suk as Hyeon

Lee Young Eun as Yeon

Kim Hong Pyo as Jae Jeong

Kim Sun Ah as Cho Ah

Ha Mi Hyun as Yoon Ssa

Jung Hye Won as So Cheong

Kwak Seung Nam

Yoon Young Bae

Ji Suk Jin

Synopsis: N/A

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Jo Yoon Hee & Jung Gyu Woon

Title: 죽도의 한 / The Regrets of Bamboo Knife

Air date: 2009-Aug-11

Official site: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/gohyang2009/jukdo/index.html

PD: Kim Jung Min (김정민)

Writer: Moon Eun Jung (문은정)


Jo Yoon Hee as Mi Hyang

Jung Gyu Woon as Nam Sang Hyun

Kim Gab Soo

Kim Gyu Chul as Yoon Hong Goo

??? as Kim Seung Ho

Jang Tae Sung

Synopsis: N/A

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that one picture of the ghost in the yellow hanbok freaks me out. i remember getting scared watching the 08 one so idk if i wanna watch this... but i do wanna watch it at the same time lmao & ohman, kim jisuk is a werewolf? since when were there werewolves in korea? he's a vampire... my bad.

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Source : KBS Global Entertainment News

'Korean Ghost Series' to Make Comeback


The KBS TV "Korean Ghost Series," which aired last year after a nine-year hiatus and recorded viewer ratings of 17.7 percent, will hit the small screen again this summer.


▲ Kim Ji-seok of "Korean Ghost Series - Vampire," which will air August 10

The "2009 Korean Ghost Series," which will air twice a week starting August 10, will feature innovative filming techniques and computer graphics that blend digital and analog technologies. The series will also revamp traditional stories, such as "The Story of Ghost," "Regret and Forgiveness" and "Good and Evil." The cast, who are accustomed to epic dramas, portray their characters in a contemporary way while the use of advanced computer graphic technologies adds to the sophisticated production method of the series.

The "2009 Korean Ghost Series" will consist of "Vampire," "The Regrets of Bamboo Knife," "Servant," "Wood Ghost," "Surrogate Mother," "Forbidden Book," "Silent Village" and "Fox With Nine Tails." The cast includes Kim Ji-seok, Lee Young-eun, Chung Kyeo-woon, Cho Yoon-hee, Kim Gap-soo, Heo Young-ran, Lee Se-na, Chun Hye-bin and Ahn Jae-mo. The still shots of Kim Ji-seok in the "Vampire" episode, which will air first, has already aroused interest in viewers. The production briefing for the "2009 Korean Ghost Series" will be held August 5. The series will go on air August 10.

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There was no vampire from Korean history.

No record of Vamps from ghostly figures of Korea.

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Title: 구미호 / Gumiho

Also known as: Nine Tailed Fox / Fox With Nine Tails

Air date: 2009-Sept-01

Official site: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/gohyang2009/fox/index.html

PD: Sun Hyun Soo (신현수)

Writer: Lee Eun Sang (이은상)

Cast: Jun Hye Bin (The Scale of Providence), Ahn Jae Mo, Jung So Nyeo, Lee Hyo Jung

Synopsis: N/A

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