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[Variety] Hello Baby

Guest Soy

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Does anyone know where I can find soft subs for this show? I know there are a couple hardsubbed episodes on youtube, but I'd like to download and watch the episodes in HQ. Any suggestions?

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Does anyone know where I can find the whole Hello Baby episodes with a hard subs ? I know,,since soshified wont come out with soft subs...

plz..plz...anyone..tell me bout it..

im dying to watch this Hello Baby untill the end,,,,,,,,

i really hope someone could tell me and help me bout this...

thank u so much......

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At the moment I believe only Soshified is subbing the series, at present they've only released up to episode 08 or 09. If you're a member you can always download the episodes there.


where is it..????

is there an english subs for it..???

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