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[JAPAN DRAMA 2009~2011] JIN

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


Takao Osawa travels through time for "Jin"

Wed, July 22, 2009 (1:44am EDT)

The previously announced live-action adaptation of Motoka Murakami's manga "Jin" will be aired on TBS this fall. Leading the cast is actor Takao Osawa (41), who has not acted in a serial drama since "Mukashi no Otoko" in 2001.

The original manga tells the story of brain surgeon Jin Minakata (Osawa), who falls into a "time slip" that sends him back to Edo during the Bakumatsu period in the 19th century. Still being serialized in the magazine Super Jump, the comic has sold more than 1.6 million copies of the 15 volumes released so far in tankoubon format.

The show will also feature actress Miki Nakatani (33), who has similarly not appeared in a drama series since 2002. She will play two roles - Jin's fiancee in the present day, and an oiran in Edo's Yoshiwara district.

Haruka Ayase (24) will also play a major role as Jin's assistant. Other cast members include Masaaki Uchino, Fumiyo Kohinata, Tetsuya Takeda, Keisuke Koide, Yumi Aso, Naho Toda, Hiromasa Taguchi, and Kenta Kiritani.

TBS will broadcast "Jin" on Sunday nights at 9:00pm, starting in October.

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Guest luthien

i'm freaked out by the blood they're showing.. but it's a pretty good episode!

So far I'm liking the cast. I didn't realize koide keisuke and uchino masaaki are in this drama..uchino is so hilarious!

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Guest Matahari_Biru

I love this drama a lot! I like Ayase & Osawa chemistry in Ichi. So, it's nice to see this pair again in this drama. ;)

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Guest jade_frost

From Yomiuri Daily,

For good TV this autumn, call the doctor

Wm. Penn

The one drama definitely worth tuning in this autumn is Jin. The TBS tale of a time-traveling neurosurgeon (Sundays, 9 p.m.), debuted with Video Research Ltd. ratings of 16.5 percent.

Jin Minakata (Takao Osawa) questions his skills after performing difficult surgery on his fiance (Miki Nakatani) that has left her comatose.

While chasing a mysterious, fleeing patient, Jin is catapulted back to 1862 where he saves the life of a samurai whose sister, Saki, (Haruka Ayase) becomes his assistant. Later, he discovers Yoshiwara's top geisha looks just like his comatose fiance.

Unsure what it all means, Jin keeps busy combating a cholera epidemic and reassessing the meaning of being a doctor. He realizes he's not much of a healer without all his advanced medical tools and rediscovers the desire to really help cure patients. Jin, based on the popular Super Jump manga, works on several levels. The story is intriguing, the contrast between feudal Edo and the modern-day Tokyo it became is thought-provoking and the supporting cast, including Masaaki Uchino as Sakamoto Ryoma and Tetsuya Takeda as famed doctor Ogata Koan, are great. Attention to detail in the dialogue and period sets gives it all a realistic feel. Do check it out. It's definitely this quarter's best bet.

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Guest garnet_moon

So far among the dramas I have watched this fall, JIN is the best! The first episode is epic. This is the first time in a Jdrama that I didn't feel that 1 and 1/2 drama episode is not too long.

The 2nd episode's pacing is quite slow. I really want Jin to meet Nakatani Miki's Edo era self. I wonder how it will go. As much as I want to read the manga but I'm not good at kanji XD

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I love it. I watched the first episode. though I think stuff may be exaggerated - I would think even though they don't have the modern technology, they'd have something similar to aesthetics to ease the pain through some herbal remedies, but I wouldn't think a modern doctor would know - however there was that doctor hanging about.

I love how it's going to explore his impact after bring technology in to the past and even affect the politics.I can see he's going to be more confident in his skills.

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Guest Pinklett

mygosh, this drama is sooooooo goood. atleast the first 2 epsiodes are :D

at first, i thought its going be kindof cheesy (well not really, but cant find the word) doctor goes back in time.. blah

but totally changed my mind

so many mysterious stuff going on (highlight)

-is ryoma the patient who went to the future and switch places with Jin?

-but Jin meets ryoma in edo, so he's not the patient

-or did Jin even go back before ryoma went to the future, so ryoma meets Jin and later needs that medical kit and thats why Ryoma goes back to the future.. hahaha confusing

-miki=weird evil looking princess?

-which sortof can explain why she thinks that particular sunset is the most beautiful of them all, because she was in the edo period already and saw it from that cliff like Jin

I wonder how they all going to explain this, i hope it wont dissapoint me!

loved the part where he realises he's changing history, where his gf made the peace-sign with her other hand, subtle but scary

the embryo keeps freeking me out though

cant wait till next episode!

oyeah, i love haruka!

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