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Hair Issues.

Guest DorkyMickyx3

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Guest DorkyMickyx3

What I do i still get split end and dry damage hair...

Okay I have this problem with split ends. I know you get them from heat damage from hair curlers, straighter, and etc. One problem I don't use them much. I don't even use them once a month. Only on important events. I always had long hair and yesterday I cut it. Short T_____T and i don't want to get split ends again and have dry damage hair.

I heard that blow drying your hair will make it damage because of it's heat, but i use to not blow dry my hair and i still get them.

Can someone tell me a way to have healthy hair on how you wash it

not like those masks, but like how to take are of it.

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Guest strawberry.llamas

1. Do not over wash it. 1x a day is actually a lot. But if your hair gets smelly and greasy really easily like mine...then i guess you'll have to wash 1 times a day

2. Find a nice, gentle shampoo with out bad chemicals. I believe if you look in the Health and Fitness Forum... Eunbit (i think this is the user name) has a topic called "Using Soap + Water" or something along that.

You don't have to use soap, but try to avoid the bad chemicals that Eunbit listed.


3. Use Conditioner. After you wash, lather, and rinse from shampoo. Ring out your hair and if you want, kinda towel dry it a little bit. Then put some conditioner at the bottom first. Keep on rubbing and or add a little more until the ends are nice and smooth (this might take a while). Some conditioners are very heavy and can make your hair flat, if so just condition the ends. If not, you can mush the bottom part of your hair into the top...so you don't waste that much conditioner or you can just add a little bit and run it through.

4. Towel dry and try to cut out all heating appliances. A lot of people touch my hair or tell me that i'm really lucky to have the "asian" hair and how they wish they had it to. (why?? it's thick and coarse -__- kekeke) It's because, i rarely straighten it, I don't curl/perm it, or blow dry it.

If you need to blow dry, keep the blow dryer atleast a foot or half a foot from your head.

5. Get a trim regularly(spelling?), getting a trim will get rid of all the dead ends. And make your hair nice and shiny~~

Plus it'll help it grow a little bit faster. A person should get a trim every 4-6 weeks.

well that's what I try to do (i need to get a trim though -__-)

if you have any questions please pm me. I work as a shampoo girl at hair salon so...i touched a lot of hair and used different shampoos and seen very damaged hair o.o

if you need any "hair" help, just pm me and i'll ask my co workers ^^

I hope this helps!!!!

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I always blow dry my hair, but my hair condition is good, no need regular trimming. I just do it once a year.

But I don't use curling/flat iron much. Lazy.

My hair condition went down south when I dyed my hair -_-

Anyway, what I usually do:

use SLS-free shampoo and conditioner (Organix)

apply leave-in conditioner after I towel-dry my hair, this way my hair is moisturized continuously.

and then I apply bio silk after I blow dry. This product is GOOD.

When you want to blow dry your hair, wait until your hair is almost dry, that way your hair is not exposed to heat too long.

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Guest Daylightful

I also agree with the first poster~! -^__^-; Also laying down on a silky pillow or wrapping your hair in something silk takes good care of it too! Remember to moisturize your ends and your whole hair too! >~<! good luck, though! Don't shampoo as often too~!

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Guest .:precious:.

when you are drying your hair with a towel dont rub your hair too roughly between the towel, that also causes major split ends.

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Guest Chisuo

1. Don't wash your hair everyday. It's not very healthy for your hair. Every other day or two days is fine. (If your hair is super oily there is something called dry shampoo or baby powder. This will soak up excess oil)

2. Get Trims regularly

3. USE PRODUCT. When you style your hair you NEED to use product! That means prep product. Heat protecting spray before contact with anything hot. There is also split end product you can use. Serum is also good.

4. Use Salon hair shampoo and conditioner (you can buy these from the salon direct or salon stores)

5. Air dry your hair as much as possible. Also don't ever rubbed your hair dry . You need to pat it dry. I usually wring it out in the shower and just pat it dry. If it's too wet I blow try it a little till it's manageable and then it air dry.

I have dyed hair, very long (almost to my waist) and I have no or very little (maybe I can't see them? lol) split ends.

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Guest shumiko

As you shampoo, 'squeeze' the shampoo into the hair so it really gets in, and let it sit for a few minutes, during this time, I wash my body, then I rinse out after one more squeeze. By squeezing I mean pretend your squeezing a pony tail, don't twist it though, hair is very fragile when wet.. :)

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