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11 minutes ago, meechuttso said:

What would OJD have been w/o Uee? (Her) Colorful & Moving Acting***




*** Moving, as in 'her acting moved my heart'.

*** Colorful, as in 'Indian Pitta' Bird - 팔색조, .


From http://m.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201803110819420410&r=1#07pz




To KKW, while acting tough on the outside, showing her soft inside filled with fears, to Park Min-Jee and Jeong Eun-Soo showing her frank and pitiful side, from the dangerous Choi Sung-Jae (Oh Byung-Chul role) feeling acute fear, etc., (Uee) morphing into a huge range and variety of emotions, commanding an unparalleled screen presence....



I would have to agree that she's doing a great job so far. Ep 3, like Ep 1, was a bit overdone on her part and also her friends' over-reactions, but Ep 4 had much to like. The hicky accent dialog between Uee (HJS) and KKW (OJD / Hyuk) at the supper table after she comes back to find him humming and cooking was my favorite, just so grateful he hadn't left. She tries to imitate his accent (Korean word for accent is 'sah-too-ree', for those interested) at one point, and it's very well done. So is the scene next morning where she finds herself flustered over his oozing masculinity and she yells at him, then once out of her house and the gate shut behind her complains under her breath about how he's not properly dressed for the cold weather, then walks off, with a mischievous-est grin - that was just golden. Well done, Uee. :tongue: You're improving at age 30, although not so convincing as a 35 year old in this role. I'll overlook it. LoL :ph34r:


Surprised how little love she's getting on her thread. First time visiting, but I think I'm becoming her fan. :phew:

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52 minutes ago, meechuttso said:









Trying to capture the gist of why this was funny. She is so moved by this warm-hearted country bumpkin and his simple convictions that she just sheepishly replies back to his rhetorical question with the same twangy accent which sounds gauche, but very cute.


And for the fans of these beautiful Korean fonts.

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41 minutes ago, meechuttso said:







I especially liked the middle one - 'Why is he undressed', and her left hand fan motion. :phew: Everyone is free to use my gifs anywhere without further consent.



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31 minutes ago, meechuttso said:




Ha ha, I just had to squeeze that in.



I love that he's such a really GOOD guy, not some petty self absorbed rich entitled ***** or worse, some professional stalker. And let's face it, Uee, or HSJ, Seung-Joo is not blind and knows what big gorgeous hunk of meat fell on her lap, as evidenced by this gif. :wub:




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12 hours ago, meechuttso said:


Hey did you know Uee turned 30 today? (31 in Korean age)?

Quick, someone make one for her with Jak-Doo!


Happy Birthday, Uee, congrats on getting that 'present' from Mountain Man last night, wink, wink. :phew::love:



1 hour ago, meechuttso said:


Need more you say @dramaninja ? It's quite alright, I guess men are a bit slow. This is a complete dead give-away. Look at these after the deed breakfast eyes.:wink:






Still not convinced?






Her use of left hand is another dead giveaway for those of us in the know.:wink: Ask any pervy ajummas here. Notice the time lapse between breakfast and the late lunch here. Any use of time lapse in this drama is clearly suggestive that something else transpired between meals - other than cooking food. Something that made them very hungry.

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Look how much even chummier and lovey dovey they are after their 'afternoon delight'. And why would they change clothes between meals on the same day? LoL:naughty:  Don't click on this link unless you're really curious - Afternoon Delight. Sorry for you younger audiences here for the crash course in Asian grown up humor. B):phew:




Lots more where these came from.



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