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[2013.14.06] UEE on STARKING show




cr UEE baidu

Lol, I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually am waiting for Barefoot Friends' next episode!

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After School's UEE explains the wounds on her arms are from choreography practice

2013-06-14 04:26:00


UEE might not have had a big injury like Lizzy or Jooyeon, but she didn't go without battle scars either.


The After School members had their press conference for "First Love" at the Seoul Lotte Card Art Center, and UEE's arms had visible cuts that look like they were recent. The long-limbed idol star apparently practiced really hard for the group's pole dancing concept.

The girls said, "We have cuts and bruises on our arms and legs, and our fans were curious about them. We really wanted to tell everyone, but we didn't want to reveal the reason why. We learned pole dancing starting from the basics, and we believe the public will see our efforts as well."


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class="content-title"Uee Talks About Her First Love

lightningstix   June 15, 2013


Uee from After School talked about her first love for a showcase! The showcase was held on June 13 to commemorate the release of their sixth maxi single album, “First Love.” Uee was asked about her first love which is also the title of the new song!

Uee stated, “There was a person that I liked by myself. I continued to like him myself and even though of confessing my feelings. However, now that I think about it he had a girlfriend. I remember crying because I was so sad. That is why if you watch the music video you will see me crying. I think at that time I was angry.”

The title song “First Love” is a collaboration between After School and Brave Brother. The two of them worked together for After School’s “Because of You.”

Recently After School made their comeback with “First Love” on M Countdown.


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class="content-title"After School’s Uee Is a Waterfall Goddess!

by lightningstix   June 16, 2013 



Recently After School’s Uee showed off her beautiful body in a waterfall scene! The scene came from the recent episode of SBSBarefooted Friends” that will air on June 16. For the episode the members of “Barefooted Friends” left for an MT (It is the Konglish word for “Meeting”) at Jiri mountain. On the last day of the MT each of the members entered into the waterfall.

Uee did a sexy dance while she got hit by the waterfall and showed off her skills as a swimmer. It is said that the “Barefooted Friends” members and production staff all shouted with excitement.

Currently After School is performing their comeback single “First Love.” They had their first comeback performance on June 13.  

Omo, Can't wait for this episode! You, go girl!!

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id="watch-headline-title"130617After School - 8 Hot Girl + First Love @ SBS Inkigayo


id="watch-headline-title"130613 After School~Wide Entertainment News@Mnet CB Stage 


Oh, man, UEE's palms are all covered with calluses! :-O

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Episode 9
BAREFOOT FRIENDS HyunJoong asking Yoon Shiyoon questions about his girlfriend and ideal type.

KHJ: Let's do a Hodong-style broadcast. When was your last girlfriend recently?

**Hodong-style broadcast: Digging up scandal out of nowhere

KHJ: (last date was) More than a year or within a year?
YSY: More than a year..are you still in love..with that noona?
KHJ: Nope..we ended. Why not we sit here and talk?

KHJ: Do you still love her?
YSY: Nope, but I'm hoping she's happy now.
KHJ: Is it the entertainer I know?
YSY: No it's not, what do you mean? *flustered*
KHJ: (caption: *sneaky* Variety show expert) There is...
YSY: No no...
KHJ: Is that lady good in singing or acting?
YSY: No~ she's not an entertainer~!
KHJ: *excited* Even if she's not an entertainer she can be good in singing or acting..
YSY: She's not an entertainer
KHJ: Is she taller or shorter than 160cm?
YSY: I can't be sure of that but this...(hugs HyunJoong to demonstrate her past girlfriend's height) I even hugged her like that the day before we broke up

KHJ: Between Hyori and UEE, choose one honestly (for ideal type)
YSY: I'm picking UEE, what about you?

KHJ: Hyori noona of course
YSY: Compared to FIN.KL's days, Hyori noona seemed different nowadays
KHJ: By what means?
YSY: During FIN.KL's days she was pretty..
KHJ: You mean she's isn't pretty now?
YSY: Now she's cool
KHJ: What about UEE?
YSY: UEE...I haven't really talked to her much until now..except the greetings..
KHJ: Then let's play games together after we return to get close to UEE.

Cr: Twitter 스테파니 @@5StarsAs1 via dreamdoll @ BF soompi thread


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