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Credit: newsen

Yubin, Uee and Hyo Sung’s past photos revealed


Recently, a picture of Wonder Girl's Yubin, After School's Uee and Secret's leader, Jun Hyosung, has been floating around the internet. If you didn't know, these three girls used to be trainees who were about to debut as a group called Oh-Sonyeo (Five Girls). They were training and practicing together for 2 years until they separated at the last minute.

Looking at these pictures, they look pretty much the same, except they look much younger and have chubbier cheeks. Although they are now separated, the girls are still close with one another. Yubin in the past encouraged Uee, and she even introduced her on MBC's Introducing a Star's Friend.

Uee commented:

"During Oh-Sonyeo, my passion for becoming a singer grew and I met a friend named Yubin. When I met her during her activities with Wonder Girls' So Hot, I was thankful because she was the same as always. I too, want to stay as the same Uee in front of my friends."

Hyosung commented:

"Although I was afraid after Oh-Sonyeo's breakup, I believe I matured after feeling the pain. I still keep in touch with the Oh-Sonyeo unnies. Because I spent 2 long years with them, even when I see them now I still feel very close to them."

They are separated now, but I doubt they regret it? Yubin is extremely successful with the Wonder Girls, Uee has been in everything - from music to dramas to variety shows after joining After School and Hyosung just debuted in a hot rookie group, Secret.

Cre: allkpop

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UEE is Seulong’s ideal girl?


On this week's episode of We Are Married, each of the couples will make Korea's famous food, kimchi!

Kim Yong Joon, Park Jae Jung and Jo Kwon seemed to have troubles as it was their first time. In the episode, Jo Kwon brought his fellow 2AM member Seulong, as he was prepared with all his research about how to make kimchi.

During this process they asked Seulong, as he was the only one without a partner, who his ideal girl was. Seulong replied back, revealing his ideal girl to be none other than UEE of After School! Park Jae Jung, who is UEE's husband in the show was jealous, especially because Jo Kwon revealed that Seulong and UEE knew each other since trainee days.

Credit: allkpop

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Awww on the next episode of We Got Married Uee and Jaejung are going to take their 100th day wedding pictures <3

I can't wait for that!

Does anyone know where can I find WGM subbed? :o

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she plays her character well in You're Beautiful.

Every time she roles her eyes ... I cringe and want to slap her repeatedly, but that just means her character got through.

I'm surprised since MOST kpop singers don't really act AS well as people would think.

But she did a great job. She comes in 2nd, (1st would be Kim Tae Hee in Stairway to Heaven --- that fricken lunatic =/)

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She hadn't really caught my attention until I watched YAB and I really hated her.

But then I began watching We Got Married and realized she is really cute and shy... and now I admire her because she is a great actress!! :D

UEE hwaiting!

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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to jump in and say I love UEE! She's so adorable in You're Beautiful, even when Yoo Heyi is acting naughty :P She's just starting out but I can see a lot of potential in her.

And how cute is her smile? I wanna pinch her cheeks. LOL

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At first i liked her, then disliked, but now i love her again XD

but i have to say, i think she's by far a better actress than idol. just my opinion.

but she's really good at dancing and seems so down-to-earth and nice :)

the opposite from her character in 'you're beautiful' haha i actually liked her towards the end in the drama <3

hecka pretty and hecka tall~

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First i saw her in You're beautiful drama i just watched, she is soo look like so hee..

i think she is sohee at first


but i noticing her eyelids..that sohee dun't have hehe

her debut acting is good as a fake nation's fairy...

but, i think she's a lovely girl in real haha..

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