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Kim Ah Joong And Lee Sang Yoon In Talks To Star In New SBS Drama

Kim Ah Joong And Lee Sang Yoon In Talks To Star In New SBS Drama

Dec 31, 2020
by S. Nam
Kim Ah Joong and Lee Sang Yoon may be starring in a drama together!

On December 30, MyDaily reported that Lee Sang Yoon has been confirmed to star as the lead of the SBS drama “One the Woman” (literal title). Previously, Ilgan Sports had also reported that Kim Ah Joong had been cast as the lead for the same show.

Following reports, a source from SBS clarified, “Kim Ah Joong and Lee Sang Yoon are positively reviewing offers to star in the drama.”

“One the Woman” is about a corrupt female prosecutor trying to find her memories after getting amnesia and switching lives with a modest chaebol daughter-in law who looks exactly the same as her.

Kim Ah Joong is in talks to play Jo Yeon Joo, a prosecutor and the only daughter of the action-taker in a gangster group. It’s reported that while chasing a suspect who looks very similar to her, she gets into a mysterious car accident. Her life changes when she wakes up from a coma with her life swapped with that of the youngest daughter of a chaebol in the top 20 of the financial world. The woman is also the daughter-in-law of BK Group, one of the leading groups in Korea, following an arranged marriage she didn’t want.

Lee Sang Yoon has been offered the role of chaebol Han Seung Wook, who still has pure feelings about his first love. Although he left Korea because he felt the cold-bloodedness of money and power through a fight for inheritance, the character steps up again to find the truth behind his father’s dishonorable death. In the process, he meets his first love again, and he strives to not lose the things he has been given anymore.

If Lee Sang Yoon accepts the role, it will be his first drama in one year since SBS’s “VIP.” The actor has been busy promoting through SBS’s variety program “Handsome Tigers,” JTBC’s “Camping Vibes,” the film “Okay Madam,” and the play “Last Session” (literal title). He also recently made a special appearance in “Lovestruck in the City.”

“One the Woman” may also become Kim Ah Joong’s first drama in four years since “Live Up to Your Name.” Her past projects such as “Sign,” “Punch,” and “Wanted” have all received love from the viewers, and viewers are already hoping to see Kim Ah Joong portray two vastly different roles. If both Kim Ah Joong and Lee Sang Yoon accept the drama, it will be their first time working on the same project together.

The upcoming drama will be written by scriptwriter Kim Yoon and helmed by director Choi Young Hoon, who worked on “A Word From Warm Heart,” “High Society,” and “Good Casting.”

“One the Woman” is slated to air in 2021 (perhaps July).

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