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Lee Sang Yun 이상윤♥️ Actor/Entertainer - Member of Master In The House | Upcoming movie: Okay Madam | Upcoming drama : VIP

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On 4/6/2019 at 10:11 PM, flutterby06 said:

@OrangeRoo , Thanks for sharing Santa Barbara with English Subtitle. I searched a lot it one time but couldn't find it. This week I saw this on insta  while searching ofr LSY news and watched the movie this weekend. It was nice. I found few errors in sub but it was still very good and on point. Thank you very much. :)


@flutterby06 Thank you for enjoying the movie. It was a labour of love and I am in no way highly qualified in subbing. Sorry for not coming here often enough to check your comment.

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On 4/18/2019 at 1:20 AM, sha filan said:


Hi there everybody,


My name is Sha and Im currently new to LSY forum, but has been in Soompi for years. I just wondering if you guys have encountered any subtitle for this section when they're all in Japan for their brotherly vacation. I'm curious what they members comments on LSY's bleached hair! hahahaha... 


Last night, I watched back the 1st epi of Jibsabu and trying to trace LSY's early appearance on it. Tho they showed a length of LSG's activity in his house, we can only see a bit of LSY's. Somehow, I feel very lucky today when I found @OrangeRoo's subtitle video shared on her Instagram! Thank you so much for sharing, Unni!! ^^ I attached the link here again if anybody interested to watch LSY's interview section before the started the whole show. ^^ 



Hello Sha @sha filan Welcome. I am sorry that I found your post so late. I am trying to get some more subtitled videos of Sang Yoon out so more people can enjoy. =)

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Excited for boss new drama 


Upcoming SBS drama “VIP” has confirmed its cast, including actors Jang NaraLee Sang YoonLee Chung Ah, Kwak Sun Young, Pyo Ye JinJung Joon WonShin Jae Ha, and Lee Jae Won.

“VIP” is an office mystery drama about a team that manages VIP clients at a department store and the secrets that they keep.

Jang Nara plays Na Jung Sun, who’s married to her team leader at work, Park Sung Joon (played by Lee Sang Yoon). When her life falls apart due to unforeseen circumstances, she finds herself knee-deep in a mess.

Lee Sang Yoon plays Park Sung Joon, a talented and prudent character, and viewers are already looking forward to his chemistry with Jang Nara.

“VIP” is slated to air this fall.


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