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Lee Sang Yun 이상윤♥️ Actor/Entertainer | [Drama 2021] One the Woman, 원 더 우먼


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[HanCinema's Drama Review] Goddess of Fire Jeongi Episode 13

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"Goddess Of Fire Jeongi" will never keep you on your toes. It makes it very obvious what problem the entire cast will deal with next. Early this episode Jung promised to keep her identity a secret from Kang-chun and by the end, he'd figured out who she was because she was foolish enough to talk about her creative father and then use her real family name.

That said, this episode had some semi-juicy character development and character tensions that centered around Gwanghae. He finally doesn't cave around Jung and stops following her around like a lovesick puppy. He acts on his anger at her and it's a good thing in terms of plot and realism. It gives his character depth and creates one of the only organic problems in the show. He is furious that she lied about her death because he has spent the intervening years agonizing over his part in it. To see her alive mocks his suffering and he wants nothing to do with her. And yet, he loves her and wants to see her. It's a great dilemma for his character to have. I hope the problem has at least a bit of longevity, but I have a feeling the show will resolve this tension too early as is its modus operandi.

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Jung and Tae-do

The major conflict in this episode centered around a competition between the menial workers at Punwon Kiln. A female glaze maker who dislikes Jung for all the trouble she's caused at Punwon endeavors to make Jung fail the competition. The glaze maker also dislikes Jung because Jung accidentally caused major trouble for the glaze maker during the firing of the kiln in an earlier episode. I think it's interesting that the only other woman who works at Punwon is against Jung. This often happens. Minorities will turn against each other and align with the majority in a desperate attempt for self-preservation. Unfortunately, Goddess of Fire depicts the glaze maker as merely a spiteful woman rather than give her any kind of depth.

Despite the glaze maker's attempts to expel Jung, Jung overcomes the odds by using her father's techniques and impresses Kang-chun. And as I mentioned before, she also outs herself as Yoo Eul-dam's daughter, a very dangerous thing to do in front of the man who had Eul-dam killed. With Kang-chun's knowledge of who she is, the story should shift into tenser territory. She will have to fight to win the title of Joseon's best ceramicist. She will also have to get rid of that naivete if she is going to survive. Jung relies on Tae-do and Gwanghae to protect her and marches around doing what she believes is right with no regard to her safety. That is not the smartest way to achieve a goal, unless the goal is death.

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Prince Gwanghae

Written by Raine from Raine's Dichotomy

"Goddess Of Fire Jeongi" is directed by Park Seong-sook and written by Kwon Soon-gyoo and features Moon Geun-yeong, Lee Sang-yoon, Kim Beom and Park Geon-hyeong.

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Guest stevie8

cc5c.jpglebj.jpgWishing LSY a wonderful birthday today! Hope that this special day brings you all that your heart desires!  May you be blessed with good health and happiness always.......so as to keep us entertained with your dramas/movies/CFs :x <:-P =D>

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Guest stevie8

Dream on, LKS I-) :(|)Great, finally seeing some progress in the love-line between LSY and MGY.  Somehow, I don't really see the "fire" between these two.......probably still at "warming up" stage (:|

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Hello @sin hoonsim !!!

woooww my prince had his own thread!!! but why so silent here (this thread was made in 2009 and only 4 page till 2013? ) omoooo
i was like HAH?! seriously he graduated fr seoul university? awesome!!! dimples + handsome + brain = COOL !!! 
LSY Fans Fighting!

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i hope each of us as fan of Sang Yoon w continue to keep LSY's thread alive kk... love u all :\">

Halo @bobsavero, anyeonghaseyo... pls continue to comment live GOF on Mon & Tue kk!

It is fun eventhough i m still searching & hunting for the bed scene? Kissing scene? UR chinciya naughty...

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Guest stevie8

Smartest actor in Korea Lee Sang yoon to reveal macho style pictorials


Actor Lee Sang yoon shoot fashion pictorials with W magazine and showed charismatic charms that he never showed before.

Actor Lee Sang yoon was first known for his smart brain. It is officially known in Korea that Lee went to number one college in Korea, Seoul National University. Then he played ‘nice son-in-law’ in mega hit drama ‘My daughter Seo young’ which ended with the highest view rate.

Therefore, Lee is an actor who has familiar neighbor-like image for all Korean. However, his pictorials in magazine W Korea are completely different from how he looked before. He turned into a macho guy with tough charisma. He shows poses and facial expressions like a real model, and he avoided clean suit style like he showed in the series.

In one photo, he put on a shirt with suspender and matched with a clutch bag to look sexy and charismatic. In another one, he put on a knit that reveals his body line and he matched it with half pants and ivory colored back pack. The bags he is holding is known from brand Couronne, which is men’s favorite brand. 

Meanwhile, Lee Sang yoon is in preparation for a new series that is set to be aired in the beginning of July, and he will be acting with famous top star Moon Keun young. (photo by W Korea)

cr : bntnews.co.uk

:x :\"> :P An old article published about three months ago on LSY........@sin hoonsim - when is LSY's graduation day?  Read somewhere that it is in August.....LSY is now finally an official Physics graduate of SNU.......quite an achievement indeed.  

Today, August 15, is not only LSY's birthday but it is also National Relaxation Day..........hahaha, LSY can celebrate his birthday with a relaxation massage to heal all those aching muscles after "working" overnight with JY at the store!

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