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Lee Sang Yun 이상윤♥️ Actor/Entertainer | [Drama 2021] One the Woman, 원 더 우먼


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SangYun is known as "omchina" and "namja Kim Tae Hee" (male version of Kim Tae Hee) cause of his talent and (especially) education (since both of them are from Seoul National University).

Kim Woo Hyeon: "Lee Sang Yoon is perfect in many things, he's trully an Omchina"


Actor Kim Woo Hyeon (SBS weekend drama "Life is Beautiful") jealous to Lee Sang Yoon.

Being a student of Seoul National University majoring in Physics, Lee Sang Yoon is known as "Omchina" (mom's dream son). "Omchina" is a title given to person whom perfect in many things. Lee Sang Yoon, 185 cm in height, is perfect in appearance and education. That's why he called "Omchina". But Kim Woo Hyeon never realize it until he saw it himself. Since they act as a scuba diving instructor, they got a diving lesson. "Lee Sang Yoon is amazingly fast at receiving a lesson. Good at basketball, education, and even physical appearance. How come this possible?"


*forgive my poor english+korean, please feel free to corect it :P


more Hoseop pics





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SY is so sweet!

He joined his cafe chatting last week! The cafe hold a chatting room each week at Saturday night (after LiB is aired), and he joined fans chat last week! Tooo bad i didnt attend the chatting at that night, i usually attend it X( So sad so sad..


(captured by hoonhee)

everyone was screaming when he came,, then he greet "Annyonghaseyo^^ he.."

And to make things more exciting, last night he even reply at one of member fanletter (she apologize about something she made when chatting, and SY replied it "haha, it's okay" )


Note: SY nick is 진짜[상윤] or Trully[sangYoon]

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Guest winnter

he's so good looking <3 ive been meaning on catching up on his latest drama and i gotta say im pretty happy that he's paired with Nam Sang Mi : )

^thanks for all the updates and pics :)

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Guest valley girl

his face is older than his actual age..

and i just realize how tall he is.

he is 185cm and still taller ( bit much ) than yoonHo.

yun ho must be around 182cm

anyway he was born on 15 August.

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Oh my, I love him even more~

He is so downtoearth.. He once again joined the fans meeting chating last night, and I had a little chat with him! :tears::wub:

And unlike other celebs, he didnt hesitate to directly reply fans letter in his fanclub.. :wub:

Btw there's an interview by dcnews.. I'd like to translate it but dont have enough time right now.


Sangyun and Lee Sangwoo offscreen at 'beautiful shop' bazaar

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Next Tuesday (May 31), Lee Sang Yoon will shoot a variety show (tvN Taxi). The show's scriptwriter offers fans to ask anything about him. So, if you have any question regarding to Lee Sang Yoon, just ask it! (here). Selected questions will be choose by the script writer to be ask to Sang Yun in the show.

For more detail please visit allsangyoon.

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If any of you want to show your support for LSY-NSM, you can do it here. Go SangSang couple! :wub:

Blueseeker, according to LSY's fancafe it will be aired in 2 episodes in 2 weeks! June 9 & 16, 12PM KST :w00t:

anyone know where we could get the episodes? it seems semi-fly doesnt usually share Taxi.. :(

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To: All Lee Sang Yoon FANS

LSY is such an admirable, and adorable actor. And in support to his finding true love with Nam Sang Mi,

I would like to share with you this VIDEO link of the beautiful couple.

True Love: LSY & NSM

Their smiles are the sweetest, and warmest that I've ever seen. I wish them both great success in their careers and life together.

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I watch LSY acting for the first time in My Daughter, Seoyoung. I love watching him in sad scenes. I like all his expressions, especially when he shows anger, disappointment, exasperation. A talented and good looking actor indeed.

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Oh I lubbbb him....He's soooo adorable. I'm not into typical asian guys. But i'm just...strangely attracted to him. It must be the earrings. And that adorable smile. hahahaha. I love him in My Daughter SeoYoung...so endearing...

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