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[DRAMA JAPAN 2000] 池袋ウエストゲートパ&

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest iluvwonbin

i know it's pretty late, but i just started watching this drama after my friend recommended it. i like it even though it's different from the romantic comedy dramas that i'm used to watching. the cute guys don't hurt either hehe

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I've watched this in 2000, and I think my CDs are going to get spoilt from me watching so much.

So far, it's my favourite drama! I've rewatched this so many times and not get bored.

It's one of the coolest shows ever and the last disc never fails to make me cry!>_<

Yosuke character was super cute!>_<

And Boukyaku no Sora still remains as one of my favourite songs.

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Guest redmoon123

Although I'm not such a fan of violent series but I like this dorama. The plot is good and the style is very unique. Gotta love Yosuke and Yamapi! Yamapi looks so young in here!

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Watching it right now and loving it....should I say enjoying it too hahaha.

Makoto is;) sorta reminds me of Oguri Shun in Crow Zero movies(silent, no good with girls etc.) I know this is way older then CZ but I miss these kinds of movies/dramas. I hate nowdays romance and overuse of cliche's.

Where is the new fresh combo like this was back in '00 when it came out?!

Anyway I was sorry to read that season 2 got scrapped because of copycats in real life.

Teenagers*sighs*ruin everything with their silly 'i'm an adult'(you're not) emo copy my fav drama/manga character.

I would love to see more of them together.

Oh, well.

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