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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

manga/anime ニードレス* will fix this first post later.


idek where to begin in this one. i was browsing through my plan to watch list and saw this one has finally aired :X

the art is not really what i usually watch but i think it's really cool! The plot is really engaging and interesting, the fight scenes are really cool. there's ecchi, there's GAR, *dies*





QUOTE Year 2130, after the third world war, large contaminated areas known as "Blackspots" formed all over Japan. Large Walls were used to quarantine off these "Blackspots". In time, signs of inhabitance appeared within these wastelands. Among the survivors who had been abandoned inside the Blackspots, labeled as "those who were unneeded", came forth possessors of uncanny abilities -- Fire, wind, brute strength...they were defined by their supernatural abilities. Others, fearful of their powers, expelled them and named them Needless.

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

episode one!

Honestly, i’m not a fan of these genre but that may just change because of Needless. I’ve heard people take this anime for a beating because of it’s “oh-so-original plot, character design and fetish-fulfilling ending song” *coughsarcasmexceptforthelastpartcough* The art almost threw me off, but i really did want a change of pace with my anime-viewing. I was expecting the Adam Blade to be this serious, badass character who never smiles, but he actually provides some of the comic relief in the anime. Eve too, with her knack of mishearing things. The characters where introduced a lot faster than i expected, but i like it that way. Especially since the way they were presented held relevance to the situation and not just naming each character.

What really got my eyes turning into flashing hearts of love was the ending theme. It was a total fulfillment with a lot of my fetishes. It was a total mindjohn tesh moment though, like maybe i’ve been pranked because i thought it was going to be serious-faced like the opening song. Nonetheless, it’s a refreshing way to watch after a couple of minutes of manly GAR and fighting.

i'm still dl-ing episode two raws though...i don't like watching the ones with subs =__=.

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Guest Uverstar

reminds me of Tenjo Tenge and Air Gear lol buuut I love Air gear excluding the ecchi-ness XD

might give this a see after I finish off Baccano! for the 2nd time XD

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Guest EHNerJI

lol yeah, the art wasn't really my style at first but i got used to it LOL.

finished episode 2 a few days ago, it's not bad XD

it's funny how they always call cruz by his nickname they decided to give him LOL.

i liked the second ep a lot better than the first lol

edit- just finished the third episode

it was funny ~ lol 'wrong guy' xD

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