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[variety] God Of Cookery Expedition 식신원정대

Guest Diavle

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Guest Diavle

Episode 85:

HQ, LQ, Stream: http://wolfbladedemon.wordpress.com/2009/0...ion-episode-85/

A really good ep imo, very fun and upbeat throughout.

First of, looks like 501 got replaced with the 2AMer right?

They handled the whole mom thing very well, giving them both pretty much equal attention and not making it about winning at the end but just enjoying the food with the whole staff (HY's suck up routine with the green drink was for nothing hehe).

Looked like JJH and his mom were there to cook and HY and her's to crush their opponent (all the jabs reminded me of the CY ep). JJH: "And today our mom's will be here to..." HY: "Fight!"

HY's mom seemed very comfortable on screen, well actually it felt like she was an older/shorter version of HY (or rather HY is a taller/younger version of her). Lol at her musing at her nails mid-sentence:


JJH's mom looked more reserved and the serious type, though it looked like she softened up towards the end.

The story part was fun too. When they were talking about drunkj stories JJH said that he came hope drunk and called is father "ahjushi"? Sounded like he got drop kicked for it. HY's mom said that when HY comes home drunk she asks for Kimchi and if there is none then she starts crying lol. And something about KSY's mom hitting her with Kimchi?

Lol at her mom saying that she has given up on drinking, extra funny since they showed HY's expression while she was saying it and you knew if wasn't true. Reminds me of when Boom visited there home on Section TV and started looking for alcohol and there were all like "we don't gots any" and then he started snooping around and find a cupboard full of alcohol bottles, most empty.

KSY got dissed a few times and started calling for her mom lol:


They should do the 2AMer against KSY's mom as well.

Oh and is it just me or did JJH take a jab at ISF at around the 00:13:47 mark?

Maybe 'cuz it was CY's English teacher because I recently found out she got the equivalent of an "F" in that class back in high school.


I can see where she is coming from though overall, can't say I made a strong connection with any of my teachers.

I was quite ignorant about that situation too but the local paper here ran some news story about the difficulties Korean men in rural areas have in finding wives. Apparently being a farmer's wife in Korea is akin to having the plague or something & all these men have to go to foreign countries like Uzbek to get mates.

And the Philippines as well (saw it in another movie).

Being a farmer sucks period though, especially if you are a woman.

Yeah that seemed a little fishy. I wonder if he got 'tipped' off beforehand?

Doubt it, don't think it mattered which 2AMer would wear the dress :P

I'm prolly a bit more familiar because we have a lot of Korean restaurants here in So Cal & I frequent them on occasion. But I still pretty much stick to the BBQ & tofu places tho'...I haven't built up the courage to try some of the really exotic dishes yet.

Me neither but this show has been forcing my hand recently hehe.

Wonder how it's doing ratings wise? Any idea?

None whatsoever, but here's hoping it reaches that 100 ep mark and beyond which none of our other show's have been able to do yet.

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Guest Diavle

^No prob.

Came across these:





Future ep? Looks like that guy from H.O.T or G.O.D? And is that Kim Na Young or someone else?

And seems HY is back in shorts and all is right in the world again.

I think the replacement is temporary 'cuz 501 is on tour w/ his group in Japan(?) & I heard KSY say that 501 was with them in spirit at least lol.

KSY/HY said something about 501 being the main MC and not JJH lol.

I wouldn't mind if the 2AMer perma replaced him, seems to be more active and outgoing. Though I'm not sure how much HY/KSY will be able to get away with when it comes to their boy-toy shenanigans since he's a underage (17) :P

The only disappointment was HY toning it down this week with the wardrobe. I guess with her mom appearing, she decided to go for a more conservative look with the granny dress (that almost goes down to her knees). I was expecting to see her in a short mini or shorts again.

Yeah, isn't there like a law against that?

She was really going for the good girl look, complete with a flower. Looked like JJH said something about her conservative look in the beginning as well hehe.


This scene had me rolling too when JJH was bantering with that mormon missionary in the store & he mentioned he knew about the Utah Jazz & that the guy had a small head. He tells JJH he has a big head.

I heard that it's a pretty big insult to call someone big headed in their culture...

Her mom definitely seems like a character for sure haha. You can see where HY gets her quirky personality & sense of humor from. She had me rollin' a few times like when after she heard JJH's mom sing & HY is trying to get her to come back with one of her own & she said I lost with a let's move on attitute lol. It was funny when she turned around & noticed no one was behind her haha. After 2AM guy switched sides to her after her "Shake" dance, she said she wanted to 'steal' both of them to her side. Also, during this scene, when she slaps JJH's hand away as he was reaching for the chili powder hehe.

JJH's mom looked real fired up when JJH got spanked, it was funny watching HY pat her mom on the back right after she did it for a job well done.

Speaking of his mom, looks like he didn't inherit his funny nature or looks from her. Maybe he's goes after his father?

That was the best part of the show for me. Altho' I didn't grasp everything they were saying, the parts I made out were hilarious. Like you mentioned about JJH & his dad in a richard simmons drunk state calling him 'ahjushi' haha. Didn't HY say when her dad woke up the next morning his eyes would be all swollen & bloodshot from the crying the night before?

During the 'spoon' Q & A segment, there appeared to be quite a few tasty insights into the behavior of JJH & HY when they were younger but alas, I couldn't understand much of it.

Yeah seems she had quite the face lol. Would love to have this ep subbed since I too didn't understand much either. I think there was something about HY attending a Judo specializing high school and being real popular with the guys (?) and her mom acting as her personal bodyguard. And something about JJH being really good at something? School work? And when they asked if their kids kept secrets from them both moms said that they were always like friends with their kids so there were none, at which point both JJH and HY get really guilty looks on the faces lol.

Yup, KSY was relating that story about how she was pestering her mom while she was making that kimchi & got a fistful of it right in her face. Think she mentioned she got crushed red pepper flakes in her eye lol.

Her mom sounds awesome (though kinda scary, actual jabs instead of verbal ones may take place), KSY seems to do a really great impression of her as well. Really hope they bring her in at some point.

I noticed the cultural differences here between Korea & the US at least. Seems they don't have any hesitation in talking about when their family members are drunk & acting a fool on national TV.

I used to get really irked by it when I first started watching their media because I have become used to looking at drinking as an extremely negative thing (due to the western, and especially Russian perspective). But because of them I now view it quite normally and as no big deal (though I myself still don't drink). Drinking stories are always good for a laugh.

We got a possible taste of how a drunk HY would act in Hey Hey Hey, her drinking buddy was there as a guest and said that she acts exactly the same as in the skit when drunk lol.

Judging by what the mom's said about JJH & HY, they both seemed to be rather well behaved kids growing up. I think JJH's mom said she never had to physically discipline him & i think HY said her dad only had to beat her once lol. Well of course they just might be saying this for the cameras.

Yeah I wouldn't really take their word for it, who wouldn't praise the own kids, especially on TV? On Heroine 6 there was something about HY having really bad grades in school because she liked to play hooky and 'wag her tail' a lot, as she put it, lol.

Not sure about JJH since this is the only show I've seen him regularly on.

I would love to see this show hit the century mark...I would also love to have CY as my gf but I don't see either scenario as very likely.

Oh... we'll see about that :P


Battery performing @ Music Core a couple days ago...nice backup dancers too. :D


Awesome hotness, thanks.

Not sure but I think she appeared in the new ep of 1000 Song Challenge, if you want to check that out.

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Guest binaa2

^ thanks cute girl for the torrent link :D

Looks like Diavle is MIA, so I'll have to keep this thread going solo hehe.


I'm still here though i'm mostly lurking since you both mention all important stuff anyway :)

About: "Did JJH get the red fingers from dying his hair?"

I'm currently watching "Infinite Challenge" and he is now getting his fingers dyed as a penalty for loosing a game.

EDIT: If you missed it Time2Sub have subbed the 2AM episode

090710 2AM Shikshin Expedition EP 1 [1/5] (en)


You can find the rest in the channel.

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Episode 86:

HQ, LQ, Stream: http://wolfbladedemon.wordpress.com/2009/0...ion-episode-86/

Episode 87:

HQ, LQ, Stream: http://wolfbladedemon.wordpress.com/2009/0...ion-episode-87/

'Best of' Special:

HQ, LQ, Stream: http://wolfbladedemon.wordpress.com/2009/0...est-of-special/

Heya binaa2, nice to see some new blood in here.

This post was originally quite a bit longer but soompi went down while I was typing it and it was lost when I hit post reply.

To quickly sum it up, 86 was good, 87 is one of my fave eps I think (lol at that story where YCY lost her undies, and then there's the nuke HY threw when she asked if she should take her top off along with the guy from h.o.t) and 88 was meh. The show just wasn't the same without the Young Duo. The live octopus eating was disgusting and just plain wrong imo, bleh.

And yeah, like you guys said, its just a 'Best of' special (the official website describes it just as that too). Have heard zero news about this show ending as well, nothing to fear atm.

That must've been a riot. I can just imagine that squeaky voice getting a bit slurred tho'

See for yourself, short but one of my faves: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=91B1I5BG

"Wag her tail?" What did she mean by that expression? I can imagine she must've been pretty popular in school because of her looks & outgoing personality. Like you said, her mom had to be her personal bodyguard hehe.

I'm thinking something like this: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2Y02PQSR

If you missed it Time2Sub have subbed the 2AM episode

090710 2AM Shikshin Expedition EP 1 [1/5] (en)


You can find the rest in the channel.

Awesome, thanks.

Made a world of a difference, remember us disliking the ep quite a bit but with subs I really enjoyed it.

We talked about Sammo before & I came across this story about him recently undergoing heart surgery while filming "Ip Man 2"...prayers for a speedy recovery.

Dang, hope he makes a full recovery.

We also talked about Jeeja, the trailer for her new movie Raging Phoenix is up online. Can't friggin wait.

Besides, me & Diavle were getting pretty sick of just carrying on a convo amongst ourselves.


EDIT: Forgot to mention, Battery came onto ep72 of Song Battle.

How was that 1000 Songs Challenge ep with her? Worth watching?

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EDIT: Forgot to mention, Battery came onto ep72 of Song Battle.

How was that 1000 Songs Challenge ep with her? Worth watching?


Dunno they changed the format a bit. It was needed but not sure i like this new 2 week format.

Other change is you sing in pairs now. I don't remember who she was paired up with.

But they got the Women's Generation song one time and she let her partner sing and only did the dance moves herself.


Good to hear the shows not cancelled. I started watching it pretty recently so a lot of the clips

in the special was totally new for me. Didn't know the MC lineup changed so much.

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They skipped this week entirely it seems.

They did have the description up for the next ep though (calling it ep 88, screwing up our numbering again like in ISF):

Siksin Expedition 88 times

"~ Live the expedition siksin !!~~"

* Siksin expedition ever forget it!

New look to the newly born

Siksin expedition!

* Find the real taste of strong acid arm anywhere

There the only domestic brand program

Siksin expedition!

September 18 ~ 6:20 p.m. Friday!

"Siksin expedition" hidden flavors of the country

Thy will show!

Wut in the wut?

Lets hope they don't continue their trend of MC changing :\


Dunno they changed the format a bit. It was needed but not sure i like this new 2 week format.

Other change is you sing in pairs now. I don't remember who she was paired up with.

But they got the Women's Generation song one time and she let her partner sing and only did the dance moves herself

Looks like they borrowed from a format Song Battle ditched a little while back. But you're right, there is no place for a two week format for these kinds of shows. Should be a fresh batch of participants each week..

Welcome back & thanks for the links too.

Dude, man up, that live octopus eating thing was cool (sorta like that scene from Old Boy hehe). Must catch up on these past couple episodes.

Thanks and np.

It doesn't make me sick in a girly kind of way, just feels wrong man. The least we can do is kill stuff before we devour it.

any show is worth watching when she appears. I didn't even notice her singing or pay any attention to the other contestants, was just staring at her the whole time...yeah, just staring. biggrin.gif


She has a really pleasant face/smile.

I'll have some great staring material soon thanks to you and binaa :P

btw, I've never been a fan of Bi but I'm looking forward to Ninja Assassin, hope it's not a let down.

As a singer he's rather average imo with very forgettable songs but as an actor he's not half bad.

Its been forever since there's been a good (or rather any?) ninja movie so yeah, here's hoping.

EDIT: The official site has a trailer up for the new format:


Ok, now I'm seriously looking forward to this.

No MC has been left behind (save for SS501 but he... you know) and it overall looks really fun and active, pretty much exactly what the doc ordered for us non speakers.

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Watched that 1000 song ep with Battery, it could just be me due to my bias (Song Battle) but I found the show to be very meh, felt very cheap or something. Skipped everything except for Battery.

Real pity there doesn't seem to be much to marvel at when it comes to her, she doesn't seem to frequent much shows? Most of what you see of her on youtube is her singing her song in different outfits :/

The trailer looks very promising for the revamped format! I was hoping they cut out those droll scenes of them sitting in a restaurant & gorging themselves (I never found that very entertaining to begin with) & looks like the PD implemented some new games, challenges or missions on this show. Looks like the gang had to knead some red chili paste & cut down some bamboo or something? I've never seen JJH sweat so much or look so exhausted hehe...IC must seem like a walk in the park compared to this show now. :lol:

Yeah, looked real intense. Are they aiming for traditional/old Korean foods perhaps? As for the bamboo, not what they will be using it for but I remember them using bamboo for cooking in Family Outing. They cut some down into pieces and then cut those pieces in half vertically and used them as containers when cooking.

The PD definitely seems to be going for a more active approach (HY's attire is further evidence of this). And yeah, rea;;y g;ad they cut back on the stationary blabbing.

btw, it reminded me of that scene when the one armed boxer is watching some guy trying in vain to cut down bamboo with an axe in Master of the Flying Guillotine.

Don't think I've seen that one, any good?

The name suggests it will be full of wire-fu though, never could get into that.

I crack up reading the translated episode descriptions. Are you using google or babelfish? These translations come out so wacky...you have to read between every line to even get a glimpse of what the show will be about lol.

Google translate.

Heh, it becomes a skill of sorts. Where lay ppl see jibberish we see juicy tidbits of possible info.

I'm really glad they didn't switch out the MCs too...especially HY 'cuz I'm sure you would've dropped this show like a bad habit if they did.

There is no evidence of my doing that to a show before :P

Well actually just from a safety standpoint, you are right. I found this article that says on average 6 people die every year in Korea from suffocation due to eating live octopus!

Dang, had no idea there was danger involved.

Have you tried any octupus? Live or dead? They seem to freaking love this stuff in movies/variety shows.

Speed Racer.

Still can't get over the fact how utterly terrible this movie was, just so so bad.

Oh and off topic but have you watched the show Gold Miss? Any good? Baqinardo apparently already has a thread up for it and the description makes it sound a lil like High Five. I'm sure you can guess my reason for such an inquiry :P

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Yup, it's pretty much the music shows that Battery appears on. The last variety show I saw her on after IaSF: Survival was Quiz! Sixth Sense but it was pretty boring & not much screen time either. >_<

Have you seen the ep where HY and CY both came as guests? Shin Jung Hwan was there as well so it was pretty fun, lots of bluffing went on.

The film dates back to the mid-70s, so it doesn't really employ the type of wire fu that we have come to know & despise today. It's typical of the genre during that period & low budget but the storyline is very entertaining & the fight sequences while dated are still enjoyable. It's still one of my favorite Kung Fu films of all time. Not to mention it has a kick richard simmons soundtrack, especially the droning, prog rock opening theme.

Wow sounds really good, I'll try getting a hold of it. Thanks.

Yeah I tried some octopus sushi before...it wasn't horrible but wouldn't order it again either. I do enjoy squid tho'...my ex-gf turned me onto the popular Korean snack of dried squid. Her mom would roast it over a flame & the smell took a while to get used to but it was quite tasty.

How about you? What's the most bizarre food you've eaten? Any odd Russian dishes that you've sampled?

That's interesting, will try if an opportunity arises then.

... and uh, you just made me realize that I have never tried any exotic/bizarre foods, ever. My exposure to Russian food is through my mom and grandmother, really delicious stuff but completely devoid of weirdness.

Hmmm, is a certain leggy, squeaky voiced entertainer appearing? Or perhaps, Battery? :P

I tried watching it once, when Hugh Jackman & Daniel Henney were promoting Wolverine all over Korea & I just didn't get into it. I like Shin Bong Sun but some of those other ajummas were annoying as hell. The last episode I saw was *big surprise* when Chae Yeon came on as one of the guest 'teachers'.

here is her cut...the gold facial mask looks bizarre haha

You got it on first try, damn you're good. She will be replacing No Hong Chul's girlfriend on the show. I wouldn't really base my opinions on foreign guest episode, those usually tend to suck in their shows.

Thanks for the cut, that was fun. Towels always present hope. Clicked on a random ep on youtube and came across this:


Haven't watched it yet but the preview in the beginning looked promising, physical checks ahoy too bad HY and CY missed this train. Hmm... gotta say, the one that gotta the facial along with CY ain't half bad.

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Guest adikkeluangman

I looking for Son Ho Young episode at Youtube but from this channel it have 2 vid with same name. Can someone help me with the right part.



Sheesh, SHY came with a hearty appetite 'cuz he was really putting it away. I ntoiced he was busy eating while the rest were jibber jabbering. :P

SHY is the eater in god. He even eat more than TaeWoo the biggest in the group. He cannot part with his food. He lost with TOP in ManWon Haengbok because of food. Maybe coz he starting poor during the early days and value food so much. Here is old clip when he eat food on the whole table. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRh-Cd_AdgA.

Thank you.

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I can't recall that episode atm...CY's been on that show several times & I've lost track of who she appeared with & who she partnered with. Maybe you can refresh my memory? ;)

I wanted to post some screens but then remembered that by CD drive crapped out on me, gotta get a new one (prolly this weekend). Sorry, I'll post em then.

I've never had any Russian food but always wanted to try that beet soup, think it's called borscht or something?

That's like my fave soup, just had some yesterday :P

Mmmm... so good.

Don't have to be an Einstein to figure that out. :lol: Yeah, perhaps you're right & I'll give it another go. Besides, I might need another backup if this show gets axed *knock on wood * & If nothing else, you can alert me if & when CY makes another appearance.

To tell or not to tell? That will be the question.

Yeah, the more shows the merrier. I'm glad that HY is coming to the show but more glad at the prospect of adding another weekly show to my schedule, only 4 isn't enough (of which one is a news show where I skip stuff I don't care about, which is lots). How many do you watch?

And GOC should reach that century mark just to spite you :P

Park So Hyun. She's a variety show regular & yeah, she is pretty damn cute...too bad the towels didn't fall off! :P

Dreams are sometimes better when they don't come true, gives you something to live for.

Ah, so she's an actress.

Surprisingly cute, another reason to look forward to the show. Have you tried it yet? I'll be delving into all the shows come Saturday.

SHY is the eater in god. He even eat more than TaeWoo the biggest in the group. He cannot part with his food. He lost with TOP in ManWon Haengbok because of food. Maybe coz he starting poor during the early days and value food so much. Here is old clip when he eat food on the whole table.

Holy, he can really put it away. Looked like a hidden cam so you know he isn't doing it for show.

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Thanks for the upload link as usual cute_girl


Hmmm, is a certain leggy, squeaky voiced entertainer appearing? Or perhaps, Battery?

Hong Jin Young aka as battery did a short stint on Invincible Saturday last week

uuditioning for cheerleader. I thought that was just a random appearance so i didn't mention it earlier.

But as it seems she got the "job" and appeared in today show together with three other girls,

(one from idol group t-iara and two i don't recgnize) as the new cheerleading squad for the team.

(if you didn't know IS is a "reality" show with some celebs creating a baseball team and trying to

win some amateur league. They recently added Baek Ji Young as a manager to help Kim C to lead the team)

Anyway there are some random clips of them practicing and then cheering for the team when they play a game.

HJY is also on todays (0919) Star Golden Bell.


EDIT ahh yea and this person also.


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