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What was your first korean drama/movie?

Guest kiwistar

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Guest petitepiglet

All About Eve

A very nice series. Chae Rim is very pretty and the actors Dong Gun Jang and Han Jae Suk very handsome :)

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Guest catchthesky.

Can't remember... lols, i've been watching k-dramas since I was born, cause my parents watch them like crazy. The only thing I remember so far is a 'Juliet's love' and its old like crazy. (1995?)


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Guest Rachel Lee.

drama : gaheuldonghwa or jinshil

movie :

do sitcoms count? cause before dramas & movies, i watched sitcoms. saechingoo was my first sitcom. i was like 5. o_o

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Guest ChakHanSarah

Movie:....I really cannot remember...

Drama: Either Popcorn or Hotelier.....which one that came the first...LOL....

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Guest twangster

First Drama: Full House (2004) I was totally hooked to kdramas after watching this series

First Movie: The Phone - It was good, reminded me of the Japanese horror "The Grudge". The first time I watched it all I only paid attention to was the movie itself and the subtitles. I totally didn't know it was korean. Then later on, when I watched it again I was like OMG ITS KOREAN :w00t: !

But yeah... I'm totally hook into korean things now. From tv series to movies and music, even the variety game show. I'm even studying how to speak korean.

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