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[drama 2006] Someday 썸데이


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Whoa... I'm liking and loving every single pictures from the cyworld site <33333

Looks like they have Bae Doo Na's style for posting lots of pictures hehehe... I like ;)


^ he has the Damo-look! :o hehehe... <333 ahhhh~~~~ can't wait to see this guy again :D hihi...

Thanks so much for posting those pictures... melusine, you're a doll... <3

and shirley for posting the trailer links.. I saved every single one of them haha..

btw, the cyworld site... so... is that site sorta like the Official Site? :huh:

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Wow, thanks for all the pics and clips.

The cast looks superb!!! I truly hope we get a way to see this, although it's on cable :(

*hopeful...keeping fingers crossed*

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Guest soo_jung

Got great news , it looks like WITHS2CB will be uploading Someday :D


Thanks for finding this clubbox!!!! I"m anticipating this drama SOOO much!!!!! :D

and to all the people who were posting those pictures from page 3...thanks!!!! they look so happy together and like they're having such a fun time shooting this drama. I wish that instead of a cable channel, this drama was going to be on one of the three main. oh well...it's still good!!!! :D

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2 more weeks till Nov 11 ! ^___^

gahh~~~ I want to see this drama so badly~~~

Found a few pics from the cyworld site..

love this first one <3333




Redrac, thanks for advertising WITHS2CB in here...lol.... :D

hopefully by then, the box turns gold already so we can make full use of its storage space ^_^

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Yikessss! lotsa piccies!! :wub: me luv~~

Thanks yeohweping dear :)

I found 2 more...

LOVE the kim min joon one... <3333 haha~~~


^ he looks SO GOOD in black leather jacket <3


^ Oh Yoon Ah looks a bit different in here (from what I remember her in "Alone in Love") o_o maybe her bangs? :unsure:

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