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[drama 2006] Someday 썸데이


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synopsis :

Hana Yamaguchi (Bae Doo- Na) is a female cartoonist who started working 3 years ago. She analyzes love from an emotionless perspective and as a result, earns herself the nickname "Love Analyzer" Her successful career takes a turn downward when she gets cut off from the magazine publishing her work. and she is faced with a life crisis. Her grandmother prepares a surprise trip for her low spirited granddaughter and gives hana a plane ticket to Seoul. When Hana arrives in Seoul. she decides to find out more about her neighbours Gumiko and Young Gil

In the process , she develops a close friendship with private investigator Seok Man (Lee Jin Wook) and meets SEok-Man's friend Jin Pyo (Kim Min Joon) Jin Pyo who works in a hopsital is an ardent cartoon fan and especially admires Hana's work. He tries to get to know Hana beter but she rejects him and ...............

Characters :

Hana Yamaguchi ( Bae Doo -Na )

Age 23

Blood group type B

She falls for a man when she cant find a reason for why she is hurting so much

she is a successful cartoonist who published her first work at the age of 20. Her nickname is Love Analyzer and she is a big name in romantic cartoon. But she doesnt believe in love

" Love is a game of hormones and will only bring hurt and betrayl in the end "

Her mother is a korean and her father is a japanese Her parents left because they couldnt handle te pressure from her father's family after the divorce .and she had been living with her grandmother ever since , shut away from the world

Her grandmother taught her jpw tp draw even before she knew how to write and drawing has been her life ever since. One day , her cartoon was discontinued. Hana is now in seoul, and she develops an interest in a 70 year old love story . She starts to wonder what love is like . She thinks that uncovering her neighbour's love story might lead to the love of her life .so she goes on a trip with Seok Man

Hana is made for Bae Doo Na. The character was written for her in the production stage. She was the first actor to come on board and she very absorbed in her character , analyzing her role and actually learning cartoon animation. As she is actually fluent in japanese , she made it work perfefctly

- Writer Kim Hea Jae


Go Jin Pyo ( Kim Min Joon )

Age 30

Blood group type A

"i've never been confused by anything as trival as love . I handle people love stories as if i know the solution to all problems. Why am i confused all of a sudden ?"

He got into medicial school at the age of 20 and he is now a successful doctor. His family is well off and he is rich , handsome, and intelligent. He is a consultant at his father's hospital . He specializes in curing addictions. because he thought it would mean less patients. He is a natural born spectator who enjoys life . Love , fighting - he doesnt engage in these things . He finds it fun to just observe. His steady life starts to fail apart when he meets cartoonist Hana Yamaguchi . He was trying to help her in the beginning and observe her changes. But he is the one who changes. Watching her eyes Flutter at the thought of love, he wants to teach her true love

Kim Min Joon first stood out as Damo's Jang Sung Baek. He now appears in both the small and big screen. showing off his acting skills. Actually , Kim Min Joon is a very unique actor who is not limited by conventions . He and the character Jin Pyo fit together well. Jin Pyo unique life persepctives and Kim Min Joon's charisma and sensitive nature are a good match in this drama .

- writer Kim Hae Jae


Lim Seok- Man ( Lee jin wook )

Age 22

Blood group type 0

He heals her wounds and falls in love

He's a sad soul who has hit bottom

For him , love is destiny

"without love, there is nothing in the world. Everyone is weak before love "

He lost everything including his family in a car accident. He was the sole survivor of the accident. With no one and nothing around him, he realise that the world is a harsh place to live in . Even though he is not legally required to do so, he works hard to pay the victim Jin Wook's hospital fees. It's been 4 years already. he should be tired of all these. but seok man is a bright young man who eats well and sleeps well. and simles alot. As a private investigator , his job is to find people. He also works part time at a moving centres to make money. He becomes Hana's guide and discover Young Gil and Gumiko's love story with her . He realises that Hana is his destiny

Lee jin Wook started out as a commerical model and is now an actor. He is on the verge of becoming a big star. He has been appearing on the small screen with korea's top actress since early 2006 and he choose (someday) as his last work of the year. He was the last to join Someday but makes up for it by working hard. The director and other actors were surpised by such passion. We expect a lot from him in this drama

- Production staff


Yoon Hye Young ( Oh Yoon- Ah )

Age 29

Blood group type AB

She still young an capable of falling in love but doesnt have a man in her life

All she wants is someone sweet and comforting to fall passionately in love with her

"something definitely has begun "

She been working hard since the age of 20 as a commerical animation producer . She makes animation and other cutlural content related to love . She deals with more then 10 animators a week. Her successful career starts to go downhill when hte run out of topics and themes to use. She finds Seok Man perfect for this job. Given any situation and topic, he finds a way to turn it into a love story ! Seok Man way of telling stories focused on subjects not situation is realistic , friendly and brings out great emotions in a short period of time. He passes his work on time as well .which is everything she can ask for But now she wants him to be more then just a business partner

Hye Young is a character that is very similar to writer Kim persona. Oh Yoon Ah plays an intelligent career driven woman which is very different from her past characters. Someone who has all the beautiful things in the world. WE thought that Oh yoon Ah best suited the role. She is a full time actress now and you should expect great acting from her - production staff


source : Asta TV international Oct edition .

okay done ..~ ....just dun tell me there a online version wait i will go bang my head against the wall !@ ! ..haha


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Aww...Thank you so much shirley :wub: :wub:

Finally some details about the 4 characters.

This drama looks so interesting.

Just hope we can watch it when it comes out.

Some pictures of OYA from cine21...






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Whoa... thanks melusine for all the pictures! <3

I'm all :wub: when I saw this:


They both look good together!

Can't wait to see Kim Min Joon (he has that Damo+Prague-look hehehe <3), Bae Doo Na, Lee Jin Wook and Oh Yoon Ah again... hahaha.. XD I'm loving the cast a lot!

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From various sneak peaks which i think is totally a cruel way to torture us since i am dying of anticipation and it might be harder to find this drama because its not aired on a major station. Nevertheless, i am hoping/praying/wishing that someone will upload this in their box.

Thanks everyone for posting pics and 411.

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wow, shirley! thx a lot for the characters detail...

looks so interesting, esp Hana's character... So, BaeDooNa play as a japanesse girl here... :rolleyes:

i'm expecting much from this drama... :wub:

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Oops.. I forgot to post a 'thank-you' note for shirley.... hehe.. thank you shirley!! ^^

I haven't read all coz I'm afraid I'll be even more anxious to wait for this drama to be aired.. :D

[btw, those articles are from AstaTV Oct edition? :w00t: I wanna buy the magazine! lolz... XD thank u for transcribing it for us...hehehe...]

bella, no worries... as soon as I have the file, for sure I'll be uploading it to WITHS2CB clubbox ;)

And hearing from my 'source' yesterday, looks like there's still a light at the end of the 'tunnel' lol...

right now I'm not too worry about not being able to watch this drama.. hehehe ^^

just counting the days....... ahh~~~ in about a month~~~ :phew:


First post updated! :lol:

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I hope Kim Min Joon and Bae Doo Na pair up but if they don't i quite happy because it looks good either way

Thanks ay_link if you can manage to upload it when it's out. It's just the waiting now thats the pain :(

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thank you so so so much for the pictures, melusine!! ^^

u rock! seriously! hehehe... where did you find all of these pictures? :D

this one is my fave:



it's amazing how a picture can tell the chemistry between those two! <3

Gotta love it ^_^

Less than a month!! woohooo~~~!

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Thanks melusine for posting them

I totally agree ay_link with you about this picture somedaydoona081moognair4pg1.th.jpg

I'm liking the way they dress in this so far

It's still to long to wait, i suppose it gives us some think to look forward to :D

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