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[drama 2006] Please Come Back, Soon Ae 돌아와요 순애씨

Guest jahye

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Guest jahye

[sBS] Shim Hye-Jin, Park Jin-Hee, Yoon Da Hoon, Lee Jae-Hwang

Please Come Back, Soon-Ae (돌아와요 순애씨)

(coming July 12th airing Wed/Thurs)





Shim Hye Jin as Huh Soon Ae


Park Jin Hee as Han Cho Eun


Yoon Da Hoon as Yoon Il Suk


Lee Jae Hwang as Jang Hyun Woo


Official Website

From X's K-Drama Hub (News/Ratings/Info)


돌아온 순애 (The Return of Soon-Ae)

수목드라마 - Wed/Thu Drama [follows 스마일 어게인 (Smile Again)]

2006/07/12~ [sBS]


Han Jung-Hwan

Doesn't promise too well, as we're dealing with wastes of time like 요조숙녀 (My Fair Lady), 정 (Affection) and 로펌 (Law Firm), coupled with a few Holiday Specials. But then again this is neither a Sageuk nor some flashy Miniseries shot overseas (I hope), so the hand of the PD has much less weight. Shouldn't be that bad, all considered.


Choi Soon-Shik

Not too familiar with this writer, although he's been active for a good 15 years. But most of his works have been in the Daily Drama and Short Drama field, so I can't really say.


Shim Hye-Jin, Park Jin-Hee, Jung Woong-In Yoon Da Hoon, Lee Jae-Hwang

The first three names should be enough, especially since this will be a romantic comedy. Shim Hye-Jin can still be great in comedies, as seen recently in 안녕, 프란체스카 (Hello, Francesca), and Park Jin-Hee is one of the most underused young talents in the business. As for Jung Woong-In, he's shown admirable range in both comedies and Dramas -- and even Sageuk, with his role in 홍국영 (Hong Guk-Young) standing out. With a few good veterans thrown in the mix, could be great. [Yoon Da Hoon replaced Jung Woong In]


For once, something a little fresh, at least by K-Drama standards. We're talking body exchange, which has been done many times on the big screen, but rarely on Korean TV. The idea of Park Jin-Hee playing an Ajumma and Shim Hye-Jin going into sexy mode sounds just about right (the initial setup is the opposite, obviously), and if the script builds on the interesting outline, this could be fun.

WEATHER: Sounds like a nice day, for once. Now the final word goes to the writer.

Add another actress to the list of stars returning to the small screen, as Park Jin-Hee is making her comeback to TV for the first time since 2002's 그대를 알고부터 (Since I Knew You). Park will star in the upcoming SBS Wed/Thu Drama 돌아온 순애 (The Return of Soon-Ae), which is produced by Han Jung-Hwan and written by Choi Soon-Shik. In the show, we start with Shim playing an average ajumma in her early 30s, Park a sexy stewardess. But, and here's the key of the show, after an accident they end up in the other's body, and forced to live by their rules. So sexy Park starts acting like an Ajumma, and Ajumma Shim starts acting sexy... something like that. The rest of the cast looks quite good, with Jung Woong-In Yoon Da Hoon and Lee Jae-Hwang joining in as the two's partners. The show will start broadcasting from July 12, after the end of 스마일 어게인 (Smile Again).Yahoo Korea - 6/5

돌아온 순애? More like 돌아온 진희! ^_^

Been waiting for Park Jin Hee's return to TV for quite some time now. I don't think her movies have been that successful, but a great actress nontheless (remember 비단향꽃무/Stock Flower?). And Shim Hye Jin, who most will recognize as "the evil mom" in Goong, works great in comedy as well as seen in Hello Franceska. She's great in pretty much anything. (그 여자, 안녕, 프란체스카)

:w00t: This is one drama I'm definitely excited to see!

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park jin hee?!!!!!!!! i adore her. been waiting forever for her to come back to drama. i agree that park jin hee is one of the underused young talents around. hope this one is good. isn't jung woong-in in the movie the circle or something like that? i've never seen him in dramas before i think ... only know of a couple of movies he was in. lee jae-hwang is a cutie. am not too crazy about the storyline but i'll watch it for park jin hee.

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Guest dramaok

can't wait to see park jin hee again. finally! 돌아온 진희 is correct. she's got such a girl-next-door charm about her. been missing her in dramas.

what a solid cast. it won't be hard for shim hye jin to pull off a sexy act. she's a fox for ajooma.

and lee jae hwang. *yum*

thx for starting the thread jahye. keep us updated!

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ya! Park Jin Hee .miss her ! .been so long since she is in a TV drama ..

last i recall was ever since i know you .~ .loved her so much in Stockflower! ...at least this is one drama worth watching in july ^^ ..~ yup Shim Hye-Jin sure can do a sexy ...role !

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Guest jahye

I hope to see you girls ^^^ in this thread a lot once it starts!

It's nice to have real discussions when I'm watching a drama. ^_^

If you haven't read the news already at Twitch, or in the news thread at Soompi (which is just a repost of X's post on Twitch), there has been a cast change.


OUT: Jung Woong In (right)

IN: Yoon Da Hoon (left)

I'm not disappointed with the cast change at all.

Kind of glad to see Yoon Da Hoon again. The last thing I watched him in was 내 사랑 누굴까


Pictured: Park Jin Hee, Lee Jae Hwang, Yoon Da Hoon


Pictured: Shim Hye Jin in the middle

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Guest kitkat_grl22

Lee Jae Hwang returns! Yay! I loved him in That Summer's Typhoon.. It always seems like he's wearning a lot of eyeliner... O_O Maybe that's just me... But, I would love to see this drama!! I adore Park Jin Hee. I think she's awesome~ ^-^

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Guest Choi Ji Woo

I've seen Shim Hye Jin in the K-horror movie Acacia..that movie's a bit weird but she acted well in there.. :)

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Guest jahye

The official website is up!

One last painful week of Smile Again and Please Come Back, Soon Ae finally starts! :)

I couldn't find a preview anywhere, but I'm betting SBS will show one at the end of Smile Again this week, so I might just download that junk just to watch the preview of 돌아와요 순애씨..

Some on the set pics from the official site






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Guest mily2

oh my.. it never occured to me that Park Jin Hee is gonna be in this.. until now.. :lol: .. i would definitely dl this drama to see her again.. the story sounds cute.. can't wait to see Shim Hye Jin acting as a "fox".. i was so impressed with her in "SHE" or "That Woman"!!!!

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so fast this drama is showing~ ^ . ^ i think this actor is also part of the cast ..someone in love with PJH's character

김형범, 박진희 지고지순 사랑하는 ‘한 남자’ 올인


개성파 배우 김형범 (31)이 SBS 새 수목드라마 ‘돌아와요 순애씨’에서 박진희를 짝사랑하는 남자 역으로 출연한다.

오는 7월12일 첫 방송 되는 '돌아와요 순애씨'에서 김형범은 박진희의 선배 스튜어드로 그녀에게 첫눈에 반해 사랑을 키워간다. 극중에서 심혜진과 박진희의 영혼이 바뀐 후 자신에게 냉랭하던 박진희의 태도가 완전히 변하자 자신감을 가지고 애정 표현을 하며 감초 역할로 웃음을 선사한다.

김형범은 “전문직 전문배우가 되는 것 같다. 이전 드라마에선 의사, 이번엔 스튜어드”라며 “앞으로도 브라운관에서나 스크린에서 많은 모습 보여드리도록 최선을 다하겠다”고 포부를 밝혔다.

김형범은 지난 2000년 SBS 공채 탤런트 9기생으로 데뷔해 ‘발리에서 생긴일’에서 하지원의 오빠 역으로 시청자들의 눈길을 모았다. 그 후 드라마 ‘대박가족’, ‘해신’, ‘다이아몬드의 눈물’, ‘맨발의 청춘’ 등을 거쳐 최근에는 MBC ‘진짜진짜 좋아해’, SBS ‘사랑하고 싶다’와 영화 ‘공필두’, ‘모노폴리’ 등에서 활발한 활동을 펼쳐왔다.

from http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?news_uid=57459

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hmmn... not a fan of ydh ... hopefully he's gonna pair with shim hye jin or something. i agree with the person who said that ljh always look like he's wearing eye-liner or something. haha ... anyways ... he's cute irregardless. but i'm excited to see park jin hee again.

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Guest Nic-

can't wait to see Park Jin Hee

Park Jin Hee Park Jin Hee

i love her in " Love in magic "

thx jahye for this great topic

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Guest seissa

ooh i quite liked park jin hee in 그대를 알고부터!! glad to see a new work from her.. the storyline sounds fun too~~

but i wish jung woong in was still in this~

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Guest sarangie


wanna see this~

i saw this preview..i think at the end of smile again or firework drama...dont' remember tho

and can't wait to see it~~~

it's coming out this week, right?

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