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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Tsumabuki Satoshi 妻夫木聡,Takeuchi Yuko
Title: Lunch No Joou ランチの女王

The Queen Of Lunchtime Cuisine

Telecast: 2002-07-01 to 2002-09-16

TV Station: Fuji TV

Duration: 12 Episodes


Here's one restaurant where hunks with distinctive personalities put their hearts and souls into cooking.

Natsumi, who works in a cafe, loves lunchtime. In fact, nothing excites her more than walking down the street thinking where she'll eat lunch at.

One day, a guy by the name of Kennichiro suddenly interrupts Natsumi as she is savoring her favorite rice omelet. He pulls the now furious Natsumi out of the restaurant and begs her to come home with him so that he can introduce her to his family. He explains to her that his father is sick, and since leaving home two years ago after a big fight, the only way he can return home is if he has a fiancee with him.

Kennichiro's father and 3 brothers: Yujiro, Junzaburo, and Koshiro, run a restaurant called "Kitchen Macaroni." The only one in the family that doesn't work there is Kennichiro. Also working at the restaurant are Mamoru, a cook, and Minoru, an apprentice cook.

As Kennichiro and Natsumi approach the restaurant, Kennichiro asks Natsumi to go in alone and check out what is happening inside. Natsumi responds by reluctantly entering alone. As she takes a look around, she sees Koshiro talking to Tomato Shiomi, who works at the nearby grocery store called "Shiomi." Kennichiro's other brothers are working in the kitchen. Next she spots Kenzo, who according to Kennichiro is supposed to be ill. Naturally, Natsumi can't believe how irresponsible Kennichiro is for telling her such a thing. While she is thinking this, the omelet that she ordered arrives. She takes one bite out of it, and as she smiles, the next thing out of her mouth is, "delicious!" A short time after, Kennichiro walks into the restaurant, and his brother Yujiro grabs him and starts lecturing him for coming back. Natsumi breaks them apart, but senses Kennichiro isn't appreciated there.

This is the first day that Natsumi gets a real "taste" of "Kitchen Macaroni," and also Kennichiro's brothers, who are bent on serving delicious lunches to their customers.

Actor/Actress Cast (10)

Takeuchi Yuko


Mugita Natsumi

麦田なつみ (23)

Tsumabuki Satoshi


Nabeshima Junzaburo

鍋島純三郎 (23)

Itoh Misaki


Shiomi Tomato

塩見トマト (25)

Yamashita Tomohisa


Nabeshima Koshiro

鍋島光四郎 (18)

Yamada Takayuki


Ushijima Minoru

牛島ミノル (18)

Wakabayashi Go


Nabeshima Kenzo

鍋島 権造 (58)

Tsutsumi Shinichi


Nabeshima Kennichiro

鍋島健一郎 (34)

Eguchi Yosuke


Nabeshima Yujiro

鍋島勇二郎 (31)



Morita Go



SOURCE : ランチの女王







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Guest se7ensoul

it looks yummy. i love dramas/movies/anime with cooking. LOL! and there's tsumabuki satoshi!!

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Guest vanggirlie

i really like this drama. it made yuko takeuchi my favorite japanese actress at the moment. so far SO only subbed till ep9 and i'm not sure if they are still continueing since they merged with SARS sub group. please continue subbing. i want to see what happens at the end.

i'm rooting for Yujiro and Natsumi to end up together. altho i really love Junzaburo, he doesn't match Natsumi as Yuijiro. also, i think Koshiro has the best lines ever. especially love Koshiro lines in ep2 and ep9. (hopefully this comment wasn't a spoiler)

i ate everytime i watched an episode. i think i gained the most weight during this time becuause of the drama.

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Guest i3lu3fun

^ yea, i hope they will continue subbing it too. love this drama, and i'm rooting for natsumi & yujiro too. :P dang, yamapi is so skinny in here, i don't even recognize him when i 1st watch it. i think all the brothers had different unique identity.

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Guest deviant_child

i've watched 5 epi of this drama and i love it. :) the problem is finiding links to download this dramas with subs.

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I watched this drama some time back... I would recommend it for those wanting to watch something funny, slightly touching, salivating over delicious food and most importantly all those dishy cute guys!!! How I envy Yuko Takeuchi in this drama....

Eguchi, Tsumabuki, Shinichi Ts, Yamapi :rolleyes::w00t::w00t:

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Guest happybi

Love this drama.. but liked everyone.. i'm not finished yet.. only on episode 9 and it's been a few months now since I watched episode 9.... so just hoping they will release another soon... i'm also rooting for Yujiro and Natsumi... but I also love Junzaburo too!!! So can't wait to watch the end to find out what happen!!! :lol:

Overall, this drama is mad funny and the guys in it are hot and of course I love Takeuchi Yuko.. she's such a great actress!!..

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Guest alcyone

hey i have the original vcd ^-^ i love the cooking, the guys and Yuko Takeuchi. And the omurice looks delicious....

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Guest strawberrynkiwi

I need to wait till there is complete subs. I am very excited to see many of my favorite actors in here. yamaPI & Satoshi & takayuki

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Guest Blu_Velvet_Sea

ohh it's posted on youtube, haven't finished watching it though because I kinda lost interest.

It was good though.

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Guest tomodachi-

just watched the first two eps but the food looks so nice in there

makes me so hungry..

Tsumabuki Satoshi looks so happy in the pic~

haha.. its cute~ XD

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Guest vanggirlie

ep10 is finally out at d-addicts. maybe we'll get to finish this drama.

thank you SO subbing group.

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