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[official] Super Junior's 2nd Asia Tour ' Super Show 2 '

Guest aneng

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Guest mintiful

this is what i got from sj's thread:

Just like Super Show I you can LISTEN to the LIVE songs. BUT please do not be too excited, because it isn't even sure yet if the radiopeople are going to be there. The radioshow calls that person. Which means the quality is really bad and sometimes the connection even fails... So don't expect too much wink.gif.

Mostly there are 6000+ listeners for that radioshow at TVants, so it's impossible to miss that. Moreover there are chinese characters.


so i guess you can find one with a lot of listeners. lol.

i'll just wait for super show goodies after the concert since i have no tvants. >.<

i'm so excited though.

want to know how carnival sounds like and the members in animal costumes. xDD


6pm for friday & saturday and 4pm for sunday.

2 + more hours and its the concert. :D

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Guest venus02

I'm so excited!! Even though I'm can't watch the concert I hope that everyone who goes there will enjoy it and support SuJu :)

BTW what time does the concert start?

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Guest odengudeng


today is their first day performing in their concert! *claps*

i wonder what's happening now there? :sweatingbullets:

waa~ so excited for surprises!!! :D

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I am listenting to the FANSxx1x channel from tvants, The chinese MJ was saying due to the heavy rain, the live broadcast might be interrupted due to weak signals. She also said that the persion inside the venue reported that the security there are really tight.

right now they seems to be just playing the super show 1 highlights on the radio.

It's starting, but it's hard to hear, i think they didn't get good seats.

might be back to edit if i am able to stay up and listen...

song list :

Opening - can't hear clearly, but MJ was saying that they all have different hair color.

1. U

2. It's you - i can only imagine the chest pumping cuz i can only hear crazy screaming :P someone apparenty strip...

3. She wants it

Talking - only hearing everyone chanting LeeDongHae...

4. Angela

5. ?? i only hear typing sound

6. dancing out

probably some video show, only music

7. ?? carnival according to other??

8. heechul solo

Some 6588 ppl on tvants, technical difficulty

9. leetuek - Insomia

10. Kyuhyun - 7 Years of Love

11. What If

12 heartquake

13. ??

14. a medley of many old / popular / neorabang song. it's on the tip of my tongue....forget the name...heard "bounce with me"

edit--that's right' it's dj-doc! how can i forget that :) DOC Wa Choomil

15, run to you

16. don't don

17. twins

some video show again i think... then technical difficulty....

18. ?? -- it's really really hard to hear

19. ?? -- i heard this song before, and it's not by SJ.

20. ?? -- it's really really hard to hear

sorry it's impossible to identify them at this point.......

21. A sj-m song, at least I still have you, but i think they sing in korean and not mandarin.

22. another sj-m song, Me, i think in Mandarin this time.... i can only hear ryeowook's voice

23. shining stars

probably showing video again.

24 sorry, sorry (i think it's a special version)


25. marry U

talk -- whole bunch of thank you...it's already 3 hours.

no encore?

they will also broadcast for the next 2 shows. just want to mention that between the 2 tvants channels, we have close to 10,000 online listening to SSII live. I just hope that the 12 of them can finally have a nice sleep tonight.

I think it's amazing that we can actually make out all these songs, cuz I am basically hearing more static than real music!

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Guest pri3an

^ Ahhh! I thought I was falsely hearing things XD

I overslept a bit but I managed to listen to the first song =]

EDIT: (Will constantly spazz)

ROFLMAO! The first line I was able to recognize in the song after Neorago was "my mama told me" X)

Ahh Angela!!!

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Guest honeydice

I'm listening to live too. They mentioned about the boys many of them having dyed hair~ I can't wait for fancams :D


#1. Intro.

#2. U.

#3. Neorago. (someone took off his clothes!)

#4. She Wants It? (i heard my mama told me o.o)

-introducing themselves-

#5. Angela (finally this sweet song!)

#6. Disco Drive (pri3an identified it~)

#7. Dancing out!

-VCR playing-

#8. Some song..

#9. Heechul solo.

#10. Insomnia + Leeteuk dancing? (omg t_t)

#11. Kyuhyun 7 years of love from ost.

#12. What If

#13. Heartquake!! (best if yoochun&yunho was there to do the rap t_t)

#14. Start of nobody mv music, ? JYP- Honey.

#15. Idk what song it is..

#16. Run to you. (teuk, hyuk, yesung onced perform on mnet before)

#17. Kangin composed Carnival song

#18. Don't Don (i miss this song~)

#19. Twins (Knockout)

#20. ?? Elfs chanting geng's name.

#21. Not sure what song |:

#22. VCR?

#23. Can't figure it out...

#24. At least i still have you.

#25. Me

#26. Elfs + SJ - Shining Star. (So sweeeet~ The 2nd time after marry u!)

-missed lots of songs because of connection problem |:-

#27. Sorry Sorry! (remix&special version)

-SJ talking to elfs-

#28. Marry U now~

-Leeteuk talks /ending soon-

Ended! 3 full hours~~

The concert was counted as successful i guess, the boys worked so hard for today.. I hope they have good rest tonight.

And give another good show tomorrow :)

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Guest kimmie_kibum


i'm listening live!!



i'm getting more and more excited!


-- U

-- Neorago

-- She Wants It

talking (introducing?)

-- Angela (then it went off, the MJs are talking)

-- Disco Drive (they've identified it)

-- Dancing Out

VTR? (i don't what song is it)

-- ???song

-- Heechul solo? (then there was no signal again)

-- INSOMNIA (Leeteuk really did!?)

-- 7 Years of Love (Kyuhyun)

-- What If

-- Heartquake

-- Honey (?!?!?!)

-- ??? (i really don't know?)

-- Run To You (honeydice said it)

-- Carnival (it was that?! how nice!!)

-- Don't Don (kibum :[)

-- Twins (Knock Out) *there was no signal after that*

-- Elfs chanting

-- i don't know this songs

VTR (i don't know?)

-- it;s really hard to hear them now

-- At least i still have you

-- Me (SJ-M)

-- Shining Star (finally, my favorite song *with ELF?! WOW.)

VTR again...



talking to ELFs

-- Marry U

-- Leader-sshii talks, **ENDING VERY SOON**


i really wish that there are MANY FANCAMS AND PICTURES TO SEE! aahh. i envy ELFs who are there!

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Guest SuE ChAnGMiN

OMG! i wonder who took off their clothes just now!!! kyaaa~ *nosebleeds*

i hope it's HANGENG!!! *pervert*

it's Angela now.. aww. the signal's gone now T___T

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Guest tomashasuju

the real show is airing right now..but hardly hear anything except for elfs screaming..sound like so much fun..really wish im one of the screaming elf..teehee

performing dancing out right now..

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Guest duffje

#6 is Disco Drive!! :D (or Midnight Fantasy, but I think it's Disco Drive)

I also heard a solo of Sungmin? But i'm not sure it sounded like his voice :P. (It was before Heechul's solo)

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Guest bibotatu

^ It's Disco Drive for track 6 according to bestiz from someone who is inside the concert

After Dancing Out is this song 카니발 - Carnival but I cant work what song it is :T

V Thanks I know Carnival but I dont know how the Koran would look like LOL

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Guest duffje

I definitely heard INSOMNIAAAAA :o!! And now 7 years of Love - Cho Kyuhyun

I thought I heard Ryeowook sing Insomnia, but it turns out it's Leeteuk??

Now What if!! <33333

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Guest mochihearts:)

i'm hearing heartquake right now and THE FANS ARE GOING WILD. <3

before that was what if and before that was kyuhyun's 7 years of love. :)

edit! 7:49 korean time!



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