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[official] Super Junior's 2nd Asia Tour ' Super Show 2 '

Guest aneng

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Guest aneng



Lists of the countries they'll possibly visit here


☆ ELF ignored the moonsoon rain and still supported Super Junior in Seoul concert. Whole news here

☆ Super Junior transformed into Girls' Generation. Whole news here

☆ Highlights from news articles: Donghae composed the music and lyrics of 'Beautiful.' Heechul's solo is called 혼 or Soul, Jungmo composed the music and Heechul composed the lyrics. Leeteuk said they might comeback next year. Whole news here

☆ Super Junior will turn into an animal during 'Carnival'. Whole news here

☆ Kibum won't be participating in the concert opening due to leg injury. Whole news here

☆ The group will perform Kangin's first ever lyrics composition entitled 'Carnival'.

☆ The group will perform in Seoul as their start off. Tickets for the concert will be available on June 16-18. For more information on

how to purchase and updates, here

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Guest myeapple

I hope they'll come to malaysia,or singapore,or both! XD

Excited for SS2,hoping for lots of links of fancams to be shared here,hehe

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Guest nini_teeh

absolutely can't wait for the tour to start! NOT THAT LONG TO GO NOW~ :lol:

anyone have tickets yet?

i'm hoping to go and line up and get tickets *fingers crossed* :)

so exciting! :D

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Guest riehae

Fans who would be able to go to the concert are going to be lucky to witness first hand the performance of the song that Kangin composed. And also they get to have a lot of Kibum goodness.

Suju really attracts a lot of attention just by these two announcements. So many are excited and looking forward to it.

I believe there would be more news and stuff about the concert. Such as the stage and all.

I can't wait for the surprises that both Suju and ELF will give to each other on the concerts.

Hope we could hear the concert again from tvants.

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Guest jessygirl

I'll patiently wait for the SS II in Bangkok to come, coz that's the only place I can go >.<

Looking forward to SS II in Seoul too~ Good luck to all of you who can go to Seoul! Do share your experience and feeling here! XD

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Guest grenae07

you created this thread for spamming right? LOL.

no, to SPAZZ for the SS2. now, here i go! :D

I WANNA GO SO BADLY!!!!!! dang~ i just hope a miracle can happen now,

a ticket would be falling down from the sky, not just one, but two! :D

one for a plain ride to korea, and the other for the super show..

i'd do anything to be in that situation! :D

KOREAN ELFS are sooo lucky! they always get to see suju perform..

aish~ why wasn't i born KOREAN?? but i was born an ELF so that's okay.

i'll still be an elf even if i dont go to the concert. *SOBS* but i really wanna go!

LOL. see. im spazzing too much now, arent i?

kangin's song! OH, SOOO LUCKY! :D i'm excited for the super show 2 though,

even if i dont get to witness it first hand, there's always fancams to rely on. :D

and seeing all 13 together again. awwww. :D


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oh it's in July XD I freaked for a second when I thought it was June 17-19. of course Kibum's gonna participate!

I don't think there's been a SS without him. I wonder what other new solo performances/stages there'll be this year :)

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Guest Nucleii

anyone is going to go? i tried for all 3 days to get tickets, but i couldn't get it. so i'll be waiting in line. anyone else going to wait in line?

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Hopefully all the Korean ELF's manage to get all the tickets. :)

& Hopefully they will include Malaysia as 1 of the SS stop... n if not, i'll fly to Thailand.

Im too desperate here. lol

oh i'm sooo agree with you...

praying hard so that msia will be included in their list lol...

anything msian ELF can do to make sure they are here?

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Guest miss scarlett

Super Show! 2_________SCHEDULE


Please check the schedule before asking questions (:

This post will be updating periodocally as more information is announced.

001 STOP:


July 17, 2009

Venue: Olympic Park, Fencing Stadium

Time: 6:00 PM

July 18, 2009

Venue: Olympic Park, Fencing Stadium

Time: 6:00 PM

July 19, 2009

Venue: Olympic Park, Fencing Stadium

Time: 4:00 PM

002 STOP:


September 18, 2009

Venue: AsiaWorld-Arena (Hall 1 of AsiaWorld-Expo)

Time: 8:00 PM

003 STOP:


October 18, 2009

Venue: Yuanshen Sports Centre Stadium

Time: TBA

004 STOP:


December 12, 2009

Venue: TBA

Time: TBA

005 STOP:


January 23, 2010

Venue: Beijing Wukesong Culture & Sports Center

Time: TBA

Confirmed Cities.

The following are the cities that were officially announced by the organizers where Super Show will stop by.

  • Beijing, China (01/23)
  • Nanjing, China (12/12)
  • Shanghai, China (10/18)
  • Hong Kong (09/18)
  • Tokyo, Japan (TBA)
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (TBA)
  • Seoul, South Korea (07/17-19)
  • Taipei, Taiwan (TBA)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (TBA)


  • So are they coming to my country?
    To know if they are coming to your country, check Confirmed Cities. If your country is not listed, that means Super Show might not cover that country. As of now, there are still more cities to be announced. The list will be updated when there is more information.
    Why are they not coming to America?
    Ask SM. As for what we know, this is an ASIA TOUR. Super Show will not cover countries outside of Asia, such as USA, Canada, Australia, etc.
    Are they coming to Singapore and the Philippines?
    We don't know. Singapore and the Philippines were not mentioned at all as the possible stops.

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