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[ Movie 2009] Actresses 액트리스 : Release 10 Dec 2009

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YoonYeoJung LeeMiSook GoHyunJung ChoiJiWoo KimMinHee KimOkBin
Film: Actresses 액트리스

Director: Lee Jae-Yong [이재용] (An Affair, Untold Scandal)

Cast: Yoon Yeo-Jung [윤여정], Lee Mi-Sook [이미숙], Go Hyun-Jung [고현정], Choi Ji-Woo [최지우], Kim Min-Hee [김민희], Kim Ok-Bin [김옥빈]

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Source: SCREEN

E J-yong starts shooting ensemble drama Actresses

18 June, 2009 | By Jean Noh

Untold Scandal director E J-yong has started production on his upcoming film Actresses (working title) with an ensemble cast of six of Koreas top female thespians.

Gathering six actresses for a fashion magazine shoot, the film will portray their candid and intrepid stories with all of them using their own real-life names and their own images.

Leading the cast is veteran Yoon Yeo-jung, whose prolific credits include master director Kim Ki-youngs Chungnyeo and the role of a carefree mother-in-law in Im Sang-soos A Good Lawyers Wife.

She is joined by Go Hyun-jung, most recently seen in Hong Sang-soos Cannes entry Like You Know It All; Kim Ok-vin, who starred in Park Chan-wooks Cannes competition title Thirst; Lee Mi-sook, who previously starred in Es An Affair and Untold Scandal; Choi Ji-woo, who starred in Now And Forever and Shadowless Sword, and Kim Min-hee, who most recently played Lees younger sister in Hellcats.

The low-budget film is produced by Moongcle Pictures, presented by Sponge Entertainment and distributed by Showbox Mediaplex. The latter is also handling international sales.

The film is due to shoot through the summer for a local release at the end of the year.

more clear information about new movie from Cose Starjiwoo


splendid casting "actress", Ko HyunJung, Choi JiWoo, Kim MinHee etc

7 actresses participates in it by no performance fee.

The movie which is amazing casting will be produced by no performance fee.

The movie "actress" is produced by 7 actresses typified the times,

Ko HyunJung, Choi JiWoo,Kim Okbin, Kim MinHee, Lee MeeSook, Lee Hyeyoung,

Yun YeoJeong etc.

Thw movie is shot by Director Lee JaeYong after 3 years of separation..

He shot sexy movies as'An Affair''The Scandal''Dasepo Girl'.

The movie shows their daily life by documentary form of low cost.

These actresses appears their real name.

The background of movie is a film studio of fashion pictorial.

They talk frank about a life as the actress. The 7 actresses appears separately

about 8~10 times, the movie is made one story.

For example, a postscript of Korea Comedy Talkshow which Ko HyunJung broadcasted,

a inside story of 'Boys Over Flowers' which Lee Hyeyoung appeared.

Director Lee JaeYong will shoot the actress's covert talks which never show until now.

The most actresses worked with Director Lee JaeYong until now.

So, they decided to perform by no performance fee.

The movie started shooting on 14th.

and will release on Nov or Dec.

* Released December 10

* Press Conference: November 17

* Premiere: November 30 or December 1-2

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June 26, 2009

E J-yong uses friendship to cast film

'Actress' gets Korean thespians for cheap


Korean helmer E J-yonghas a knack for getting talent to work for free.

The helmer has cast six of South Korea's top actresses in his next pic, with the working title of simply "Actress." It's a semi-improvised feature following the women -- who will all be playing themselves -- during a daylong photo shoot.

Three have worked with him before: "Thirst" star Kim Ok-vin starred in "Dasepo Naughty Girls," Lee Mi-sook in "Untold Scandal" and Kim Min-hee in "Asako in Ruby Shoes." E's good friends, "Like You Know It All" star Ko Hyun-jung and Yoon Yeo-jeong, have also signed on, even though there's no script yet. TV star Choi Ji-woo rounds out the gratis cast.

And how did he get these Korean stars for nothing but the promise of some backend payments?

"Friendship and trust," says E.

Indeed, say the pic's producers and the actresses, those aspects are a key part of the small Korean film industry, which has no large corporate agency and management system, so sometimes moviemaking depends on mutual affection and trust rather than the cold calculation of business.

Plus, the local film industry is still struggling financially, and it's not uncommon to have stars defer their salary on low-budget films.

Helmer Hong Sang-soo, whose films are a staple on the international festival circuit, also capitalizes on the fact that actors want to work with him and will defer their payments so he can keep his budgets down. On his latest, "Like You Know It All," not only the main actors but also the supporting actors (including "The Chaser's" Ha Jung-woo) worked without upfront payment.

Sometimes trust and friendship can get a film greenlit. And that's an art in itself.

Source: Variety.com

The E J-yong Page

last updated December 23, 2004


E J-yong (this is his preferred spelling -- a more conventional spelling would be "Yi Jae-yong") was born in 1966 in Seoul. He studied Turkish at Hankook University of Foreign Studies. After graduating from university, he started studying filmmaking at the Korean Academy of Film Arts.

He first became known for his short film, Homo Videocus (1990) which he co-directed with Daniel H. Byun (Byun Hyeok), and which won the Prix Recherche and Prix de la Jeunesse at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, and the Best Short Narrative award at the 1992 San Francisco Film Festival. In 1994 his documentary project, The Story of a City, was stopped in mid-production due to problems with the production company.

Finally breaking his long silence in 1998, he presented his feature film debut An Affair, which won great acclaim both from audiences and critics for his fine, sophisticated sense of directing. The film, which resurrected the career of actress Lee Mi-sook, was presented at the third Pusan International Film Festival, and went on to become the seventh highest-grossing Korean film of the year.

E's next project in 2000, Asako in Ruby Shoes, is one of the first instances of a Korean-Japanese co-production that utilized cast and crew members in both countries on more or less equal terms. Using a Korean crew for the scenes set in Seoul, and a Japanese crew for the shooting in Japan, the film ultimately proved a failure at the box-office, and received widely divergent critical assessments.

Then in the fall of 2003, E presented his costume drama Untold Scandal, based on the French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses but set in 18th-century Korea. An unexpected smash hit, it set a new record for the biggest opening weekend for a Korean film and went on to sell over three million tickets. The film also marked the acting debut of TV actor Bae Yong-joon, who would go on to become a popular sensation in Japan in 2004.

E's most recent film, a short titled Joy of Love, was released on-line in late 2004.


Dasepo Naughty Girls (2006)

Joy of Love (short) (2004)

Untold Scandal (2003)

Asako in Ruby Shoes (2001)

An Affair (1998)

Homo Videocus (short) (1990)

Essays and Thoughts

E J-yong Info Sheet by Lee Eunhye l Interview with E J-yong by Darcy Paquet

Awards and Honors

2004 Shanghai International Film Festival:

Best Director, Best Music (Lee Byung-woo) and Best Visual and Sound Effects to Untold Scandal

2004 Verona Film Festival (Schermi D'Amore):

"Stefano Reggiani" prize from the Veneto's Order of Journalists, plus the festival's award for "Best Artistic, Technical, or Creative Contribution" to Untold Scandal

4th Newport Beach International Film Festival:

Asian Cinema Kaleidoscope Prize to An Affair

1999 Verona Film Festival (Schermi D'Amore):

Best Artistic, Technical, or Creative Contribution, plus the Critics Prize to An Affair

1999 Fukuoka Asian Film Festival:

Grand Prize to An Affair

1992 San Francisco Film Festival:

Best Short Narrative to Homo Videocus

1991 Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival:

Prix Recherche (Research Prize) and Prix de la Jeunesse (Youth Jury Prize) to Homo Videocus

Source: koreanfilm.org

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July 6, 2009

E J-yong Cranks in on Actresses

Director E J-yong, best known for his elegant and erotic period drama Untold Scandal (2003), is in production on his latest film, a semi-improvisational ensemble piece with the working-title Actresses.

The low-budget feature boasts six of Korea’s top female stars, all of whom have agreed to work on a deferred payment basis. The film centers on a day-long fashion shoot in which all of the actresses will be playing themselves and sharing candid stories with the camera.

The cast includes KIM Ok-vin, star of PARK Chan-wook’s Thirst and director E’s previous feature Dasepo Naughty Girls; LEE Mi-sook, who starred in E’s Untold Scandal and An Affair, KIM Min-hee who starred in E’s Asako in Ruby Shoes, GO Hyun-jung, who recently starred in HONG Sang-soo’s Like You Know It All, CHOI Ji-woo (Shadowless Sword) and veteran actress YOON Yeo-jung (IM Sang-soo’s A Good Lawyer’s Wife.)

Produced by Moongcle Pictures, presented by Sponge Entertainment and distributed by Showbox Mediaplex, the film is expected to be ready for a local release by the end of the year. International sales is being handled by Showbox.

Credits: Nigel D'Sa (KOFIC)

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note1.gif This movie thread has just been added to the Thread Directory. Please help highlight new threads for easier reference and to avoid any duplication later.

ah mianeh :sweatingbullets: :blush: .Thanks for reminding this ignorant gal,ruby.I will keep this in my head. :) and thanks for sharing 'Actresses' news.

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Posters <clickable thumbnails>

m0010002actressposter.th.jpg m0010011yyjposter.th.jpg m0010025lmsposter.th.jpg m0010003ghjposter.th.jpg m0010007cjwposter.th.jpg m0010001kmhposter.th.jpg m0010020okbposter.th.jpg

Teaser Trailer



Main Trailer








Looks catty and fun!

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