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Full Mini Album & Comeback Performances Are Up!

Guest Lishathestain

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Guest yellow_mellow

Gosh their HOT

look more mature in that dress

OMG yoona..she's so pretty.just like a mannequin *love it*

new hair..esp.soo young

does she cut her hair??? or it's just a wig she wear???

can't hardly wait n see their 2nd mini album

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Guest loveme.

They all look so perfect it's unbelievable. Hahhaa.

Sooyoung looks really good with the short hair. I wouldn't have expected it, but she looks older and more mature. :)

And Jessica...drool...and I'm a girl, hahaha. ;)

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Guest KsDreams

When I thought I couldnt spazz more about these girls...this picture is CRAZY HOT!

I just LOVE SM for gradually changing their image and not make drastic changes. I was scare for SooYoung short hair but she pulled it off!

and my Taengoo!!!! and Princess Sica is BACK!

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Guest hankyung

taeyon is HOT

jessica's hair is HOT

sooyoung rocks short hair

... show that sexy legs sooyoung!!!!lol

SM really love to change hair colors of their artist... hehe

looking forward to their album!XD kyaaaaaaaa...jessica's hair is killing me muahahaha

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I was worried at first about sooyoung getting a hair cut, but now I have to say her smoking hotness totally stands out.

0_0 taengoo is rockin' the style as well. <3 can't wait for their comeback!

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Guest Haneul~



this is just to perfect for me ! Look at them!!!!!!!!

SO SEXY !!!!!! and the dance is difficult like itnw? AWESOME!

CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT !! the girls are back! yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest dbskatiehero

say goodbye to the cute snsd and hello to the hot snsd :)

they look way better like this. but someway; some of them do look odd. sooyoung is the only one smiling.

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Guest simply_diem

Looks like I might have a chance to see 9 performing live with their new song ^^

The new concept looks very promising.

Although they are becoming much more prettier and grown-up, the cute and natural so nyuh element in them still exists no matter what...I think that's what separate them from other girl groups. Seems like Sunny, Yuri, and maknae once again stick with their usual hairstyles.

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Guest mi-yu-mi

WOOW Sooyoung's hair!! I never thought she would pull off short hair but WOW she looks H-O-T~!!Same with Jessica except with her hair color, I didn't like it at first but it looks really good with her hair down :)

I don't know about this 'sailor' concept but, I'm just glad SNSD has a more mature look now

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