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Song Joong Ki 송중기 - [Drama 2022] Reborn Rich / 재벌집 막내아들


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Guest sugiiichan

'MuBank' Match Made in Heaven MC's Seo Hyo Rim-Song Joong Ki, 'Our Chic Couple!'


KBS 뮤직뱅크 MC이자 선남선녀 서효림-송중기 커플이 패션 화보 ‘나일론’을 통해 그들만의 매력을 발산했다.

상큼하게 웃는 모습이 매력적인 서효림과 부드러운 미소의 송중기가 최근 패션 화보 ‘나일론’을 통해 시크한 커플로 다정다감한(?) 모습을 공개한 것.

현 재 서효림은 오는 2월 1일 방송 예정인 KBS 새 일일극 ‘바람 불어 좋은 날’에 주인공 ‘장만세’역으로 출연해 '꽃보다 남자'의 김소은과 연기 대결을 펼칠 예정이며, 송중기는 2월 3일 방송 예정인 SBS 새 수목극 ‘산부인과 여의사’에 캐스팅되어 2010년 안방극장을 뜨겁게 장식할 예정이다.

Basic summary of article:

the two have appeared in Nylon magazine, as a chic couple, with refreshing soft smiles and charming looks.

And then stuff about their appearances; Song Joong Ki's new drama will be on Feb 3, on SBS - it's the OB/GYN drama mentioned earlier in this topic.

Sorry, I'm really not any good at translating, but there's nothing really important in the article other than the pictures..


article: the star chosun

photo source: tvdaily

photos: nylon

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Guest kurooha

He was really cute in Triple, in Dream Team he is still showing that cute side of him and in the scans of Nylon he just looks awesome (and much more in the second one). Thanks for the pics!

I can't wait to know more about his new drama!

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Guest Rxgoodleaf


'산부인과'에서 산부인과 레지던트 2년차 안경우 역을 맡은 송중기는 "좀 덜렁대는 면이 있어서 선배의사인 서혜영(장서희 분)에게 항상 혼난다. 그래도 혜영 덕분에 인격적으로나 의사로서나 조금씩 성숙해간다"며 "내 실제 성격과 비슷한 것 같다"고 말했다.

다음 달 3일 첫방송되는 '산부인과'는 장서희, 고주원, 서지석, 이영은, 송중기 등이 출연해 산부인과의 의료진과 환자들의 다양한 이야기를 담는다.

Joong Ki is second year resident, An Kyung Woo in his new drama "OB/GYN"...

The first episode of the drama will air 2/3/10...

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Guest zahieyjunki

isn't he have his thread at korean drama sec?

but definitely cute MC! i just love him when he raps with Outsider! and when he's at dream team, he's quite good!

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i started paying attention to him cos of his striking similar looks with onew!! lol joongki is sucha cutie too esp for a 24 yr old!

whenever i watch dream team, i feel like it's onew participating in it!! XD

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Guest Forever_WithYou

I love Song Joongki~!

I;m so obsessed right now.

Loved him since watching Will It Snow For Christmas?

I have so many pictures of him~

All thanks to this soompi thread :D

Needing to watch him in Dream Team but they;re all off youtube because of copyright issues. :(

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InStyle Photos of Song Joong-ki








he is sooo cute and adorable.. loved him in Will It Snow For Christmas, too bad he had such small part in the drama <_< . He is doing a good job MCing with Seo Hyorim for Music Bank. He was great in the MV of Tei 'Love Sting'.... Wish he the best of luck in 2010 and years ahead. Fighting ;)

credits : www.newsen.com

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Guest onewRAIN

love joong ki /onew's hyung ;p

cos of him, im watching OB/GYN at this moment :)

what a cute, handsome, cool obstetrician :)

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  • Guest changed the title to Song Joong Ki 송중기 - upcoming drama : Reborn Rich (18 November 2022)

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