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☆ Song Joong Ki ☆ 송중기 [Current Drama: Arthdal Chronicles + Upcoming Movie: The Victory

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He is the cutest thing ever! LOL <3

His kissing scene was so intense '_'*

Sigh wouldn't we all like to be that girl ~ keke.

Thank you for the shares! :D

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Looks like Joong Ki will be on "Will It Snow In December?" drama...

At least first 1 or 2 episodes playing main female character's older brother who dies young saving his sister from drowning...


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hi! this is my first post in this thread!

just wanna say that i love song joong ki!!! he's so cute! i just rewatched Triple (particularly his scenes :P)

he's so adorable i just want to put him in my pocket!! :P too adorable!!

nice to know you all! :)

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'크리스마스에 눈이 올까요?’에 특별 출연하는 송중기는 12월 3일 2회에 첫 등장할 예정이다.

극중 송중기는 주인공인 한지완(한예슬 아역 남지현 분)의 다정다감하고 따뜻한 오빠 한지용 역을 맡았다.

Joong Ki will be on episode 2 of "Will It Snow On Christmas?" scheduled to air on 12/3/2009...

Joong Ki is Han Ji Yong, female lead Han Ji Wan's older brother...

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^ oppa is missing cause he's in vancouver right now for Dream Team filming :)

anyone lives in Vancouver too?! I need a stalker friend LOL :P I just saw shinee's minho arrival fancam.. you can see oppa there a bit :)

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thX for joongki video

i get Jealous.

very much

happy for oppa return to dream team

will see cute face

yeyeye ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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I know I am super late but I'll give a quick fan account of Joongki XD

I was at the airport and most people were there for Minho. My friend and I called for Joongki. They were at the "tunnel" place... I can't describe it but yeah I was right in front of Minho most of the time and Joongki and Minho seem really close. I had so many pictures of them together XD.

I kept calling Minho and Joongki so they would look at me, I'm 100% Joongki knows my existence as he kept looking at me and did this hand thing... Maybe cuz he thought I wanted an autograph, okay I did but like yeah... I wanted a picture more... I had a pen and paper and camera so I guess it was hard to tell XD.

So they finally got everyone together and they started to proceed to the exit... and Joongki came up to me and TOUCHED me... I have it one camera... but I can't put it up cuz I totally spazzed and died... the camera is SUPER bad... XD. But yeah, he was so cute. He smiled and came up to pat my hand. (It's the same as touching to me.) Yeah, we sang Happy Bday to Minho for the cameras. (This is near the time where my friend got his autograph. I did not yet.) So far at this point, Joongki has given out 3 autographs. (Yes, I looked at him the whole time.My friend has an account, It's her account so I won't say anything.) So they were leaving and people were chasing after Minho... I was fixing my bag and saw that Joongki was alone... so I stood there for like 30 seconds, he was with a manager and a cordi (I think). Joongki stood there waiting, his face is so nice. I'm jealous XD.

Me: Joongki-ssi (I was too scared to say oppa)

Him: *looks at me*

Me: *holds out paper & pen* Sign... please?

Him: *takes it starts signing*

As he was signing some random girl was talking in Chinese and English saying he is cute and wants a pic. So I asked for one.

Me: Picture?

Him: *looks up* Sorry.

Me: Please? (I must have pouted and looked sad)

Him *thinks*: Okay (So I took a picture with him. My hand was shaking.)

Me: Kasamhanida *bows & leaves*

I went to look for my friend and told her so we went back and passed by Joongki and someone walking by and we turned around and followed him. (I didn't notice until I looked at the video, I could've touched him, I was pretty close but I guess it never came to mind). We called him and asked for a picture for my friend, he agreed. I know for sure, that he took at least 2 pictures, but I duno if he took it with anyone between my friend and I. But I think he signed around 5 autographs. Anyways, I find him super nice and sweet.

The 2nd day, I was watching him from the bleachers so I duno if he noticed but we did have a sign. They went out this exit and I was right there, he smiled at me... so I think he remembers me XD...

The 3rd day, I wasn't in a good mood so I didn't spazz out or notice too many things plus security was tight.

I say over all Joongki is the nicest guy and so sweet. He is actually that good looking, Pictures do not do any justice! Even his tired look, he looks nice <3.

Here is my fan account =P. (I will not post pictures up cuz, I don't have time to load time onto a site yet.)

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