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[variety] Ulzzang Generation 얼짱시대 1 & 2

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Available on ..uhh.. Pandora TV

No download needed.

But no subs. :(


Full Episode 1 Ulzzang Generation

Enjoy! :D

And for those people that just can't seem to get the video loaded, I found this on Youtube:

Ulzzang Generation Part 1/5

I think only the first part was uploaded. And the Youtube one is not subbed, either.

**not uploaded by me. all credits go to..whoever uploaded the vids. :)

OO oOO~ THANK YOU SOOO MUCH 'lazyhaenim<3' !!!

I watched it WOOT!!! I watched it on Youtube. hanakimilove I think was reliable ;)

She has episode 1. I wonder if other episodes are up

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Lol, thanks for explaining but that's not what I meant. In the Korean celeb photos, there is this thread on this show too and had a picture of the ulzzangs on the show.. but nevermind, I look back at that thread again, and there was only 10, so I was wrong in the first place.

I swear I saw like 16 ulzzangs o_o lol

ohhh haha i see!

btw about the show being subbed. i HIGHLY DOUBT this show would get subbed since it doesnt feature famous singers.

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Guest Aiven

Saw the first episode. Too bad it wasn't subbed. I'm pretty surprised Kwon Su Jung looks as good as she does on the pictures!

Thank you for uploading and linking!

And... can I request the ulzzang cyworlds links? Please :)

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for some reason these "ulzzangs" do not look all that great to me..

do they really represent the new generations of ulzzangs ? =\

i will give the show a chance

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Guest SE7ENsyuhja

When I first heard about this show, I thought I wouldn't like it.

However, I ended up giving it a chance since I've been a Sangil fan from even before this show.

Surprisingly, I actually quite enjoyed it :] And I even find myself excited to watch the second episode.

My favorite girls would have to be Youngki and Soojung.

I think Soojung is so pretty~ Youngki is cute :] Goodness, she's a cm shorter than me O_O

My favorite guys would have to be Sangil (of course :D) and Junyeon. I found that little "argument" with Youngki and Junyeon quite cute and funny. It all started with photoshop xD

RACCOON WIN! Haha. Just kidding.

Although, I think Hyunho is growing on me. Not only do I love his accent, but he's got a nice sense of humor, in my opinion.

Oh~ I also enjoyed Jaehyun's singing *o*

Whoo~ typed too much.

Off to watch the second episode now~


Oh yeah, for those who KIND OF want to watch the second episode on youtube as well, here are the links:

Episode 2

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnXSB3VCL_Q...re=channel_page

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvdGDm7EGAo...feature=channel

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vezAOwotbu0...feature=channel

Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYjY2Jiwzqc...feature=channel

Credits: so040602@youtube

ugh. If only clubbox worked for me I could watch the whole thing :[

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i watched the 2nd episode...it was ok...i feel that it's very scripted giving certain people certain personalities (or at least emphasize them -_-) i thought the new boy was really cute along with the hongki lookalike (the one with the ripped jeans)

the lil grl (hong) grew on me..she's hyper but isn't afraid to tell the truth...i didn't like how the show measured her and the libiya girls' features..i mean..really?? O_O

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Guest Storytime

From the first episode, I really liked Hong Young Gi. She stood out and she's adorable even though she looks like she's 12. I actually liked the first episode more than I thought I would. I'll definitely keep watching.

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Guest soominie

This show made me realize that nobody's perfect as they appear in pictures. It's annoying how the MC can get so rude, but then again the kids give attitutde to him too. LOL I'm going to keep watching this show! :)

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