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[variety] Ulzzang Generation 얼짱시대 1 & 2

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[Comedy TV] Kim Tae Hyun - New profiles up!


Ulzzang Generation Season 2

Comedy TV


Official Website: Season 1 Season 2

Every Saturday, 10:30 PM

Season 1 - 06/06/09 - 08/22/09 (Winner: Hong Young Ki)

Season 2 - 12/06/09 - 02/20/10 (Winner: Park Tae Jun)

Almost everyone in Korea knows what an "ulzzang" is.

얼짱 (Ulzzang/Ul-jjang): Ulzzang means "best face" in Korean and the word is used both online and in real life.

Basically, an ulzzang is someone who has a very attractive face, but most people use the term to describe people

who have become popular for their looks.

Korea is looking for one of the best ulzzangs of 2009, and they gathered some of the most famous ones on this show.

In the first episode of season 1, they introduce 10 ulzzangs that were chosen carefully from many entries.

They have already created much commotion among netizens on the internet by posting pictures of themselves.

They would get a huge number of views on their sites every day, and some already have fanbases.

In this show, the real sides of these ulzzangs will be revealed through mission games and more.

As season 1 comes to an end, new ulzzangs have been gathered once again for season 2.

More ulzzang "legends" and secrets are to be revealed!



Kim Tae Hyun

Current Ulzzangs / Remaining + Eliminated + New


First Row (L to R): Park Tae Jun, Lee Chi Hoon, Park Ji Ho, Lee Ki Sub

Second Row (L to R): Kim Ara, Kim Seul Mi, Hong Young Ki, Yoo Hyun Jin

You'll find download links if you look through the pages.

I'll gather and list all the links when I have time.

Don't forget to join the individual parts with HJSplit.

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Guest ★ rain-a-sky ★

wow they're all gorgeous & look like dolls. looks like an interesting and fun show to watch (:

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wasn't there more ulzzangs before? I remember seeing more than this at the korean celeb photos. If so, what happened to the rest?

Wondering, but is there going to be a subbing team for this?

This show looks super interesting.

well of course there are a lot more ulljjangs in korea (since ulljjangs are basically anybody who looks good usually better looking in pictures due to photoshop/lighting/makeup/etc). in the first episode it says that they held auditions for ulljjangs who wanted to be on the show and the people who are now on the show are the ones who were chosen from the auditions. so the other ulljjangs didnt audition or they didnt make it to the show.

i doubt there will be a subbing team for this show since it's not one of those celebrity-oriented shows.

the show itself is okay. the youngest girl ulljjang is quite funny as well as the youngest guy ulljjang (aka doll boy) because of their personalities and whatnot. facewise i dont think the guys are particularly outstanding (and their pictures look better haha) but we'll see. the girls are quite pretty (but of course their pictures are better too lmao)

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Guest zawaa

Lol im DLing this now xD

OMGGG PARK JAE HYUN *nosebleeeeed*

I love him x.x

Been trying to persuade my boyfraan to get a haircut like his LOL xD

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ywhjin: Do you need someone to post the high quality version of episode 1 or are you sticking with low-to-medium quality releases for links?

No, anything's alright for me. If someone is willing to upload HQ, that'll be great! (:

I'll post the links when someone does, and someone already did for episode 1.

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Wow Kwon Soo Jung is really pretty.

One of her pics remind me of effy stonem x:

I like lee ye ji too, definitely going to try and watch it because kim tae hyun is so cute (Star Golden Bell Challenge)

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Thank you for sharing~

Is it on Youtube? If not, is it okay

if you can put it up there? PLEASE-

Sorry if it's too

much work.

I can't watch stuff off of Clubbox or Mega upload. It

just doesn't work for me.

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Guest lazyhaenim<3

Available on ..uhh.. Pandora TV

No download needed.

But no subs. :(


Full Episode 1 Ulzzang Generation

Enjoy! :D

And for those people that just can't seem to get the video loaded, I found this on Youtube:

Ulzzang Generation Part 1/5

I think only the first part was uploaded. And the Youtube one is not subbed, either.

**not uploaded by me. all credits go to..whoever uploaded the vids. :)

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Guest はんなり豆腐

i think jung hyun joo actually looks better in real life. :) i loved her couple selca with the doll boy. the only person i was really surprised by was kwon su jeong. shes pretty, but she looks diff from her pics :o

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