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[TAIWAN DRAMA 2010] 愛似百匯 Love Buffet

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173



Title: 愛似百匯 / Ai Si Bai Hui
English title: Love Buffet
Genre: Romance
Broadcast network: GTV
Broadcast period: 2009


Joanne Zeng
Aaron Yan
Calvin Chen
Zhou Cai Shi
Lin Xiao Rong (黎兒/粼筱蓉)
He Wei Jian (何维健)


Fuuko (or Fuu-chan for friends) is a lively girl starting her first year of highschool. Her life is turned upside down by the arrival of her new neighbors: the bishōnen Shinpo cousins, Daiya and Ichi.

Fuuko initially falls for the playboy Daiya. Unfortunately, her first love is an unrequited love. Daiya claims he does not know what 'being in love' feels like. Suffering from her first heartbreak, she receives unexpected support from Ichi. Although he seems cold, Ichi actually is in love with Fuuko. The two spend more and more time together, and Fuuko discovers she has feelings for Ichi too. Only 'official' confessions away from being a couple, a woman from Ichi's past shows up. Iori-san used to work for the Shinpo family company. Back then, Ichi had fallen in love with her (even though she had a boyfriend, and was some years older than him). His infatuation was big enough to worry his parents, who had her fired. Now that she's back in his life, Ichi's feelings turn to her again. Not even his budding relationship with Fuuko can lessen his need to be with Iori. Fuuko can't deal with this and they part ways. Fuuko is heartbroken again, but this time the pain runs much deeper. Her love for Ichi was more serious than her former crush on Daiya. Ironically, it's Daiya who supports her through these hard times. Ichi spends his free time with Iori, and Daiya tries his hardest to distract Fuuko. Slowly, Daiya is beginning to understand 'what it is to be in love', as he is falling in love with Fuuko. But she can't return his feelings, she is not over Ichi yet. At New Year, Daiya asks Fuuko if she wants to go out with him. Taking a fresh start, Fuuko accepts. Meanwhile, Ichi says goodbye to Iori, as he finally understands she only sees him as a little brother, while the one she really loves is her boyfriend. Fuuko and Daiya are getting along fairly well as a couple although sometimes Fuuko thinks of Ichi, remembering her lost love for him. Then at the end of Volume 14, Fuuko is speaking with Ichi in the classroom when she falls and they accidentally kiss. Although the only person who saw was Fuuko's friend, Fuuko is extremely worried about Daiya finding out as she can't work up the courage to tell him honestly. She goes to see Ichi and begs him not to tell Daiya that it happened. Ichi agrees, but the cousins have a misunderstanding which leads Daiya to realize that something happened between Ichi and Fuuko. He finally confronts Fuuko about it and asks her why she didn't tell him from the beginning. Afterwards, they have a fight and don't talk to each other. The next night Fuuko comes out of her window and sees Ichi. They start a conversation, but as they were talking, Daiya sees the two of them. He hides behind a car and thinks that Fuuko still has feelings for Ichi. Daiya, the next day, asks Ichi about any romantic feelings between Ichi and Fuuko, which causes a fight between the two cousins. Later, while Daiya is at work he is hit by a truck and is rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile Fuuko is making a knitted cap for Daiya. Although at the point Fuuko doesn't find out about the accident, she soon does and makes her way to the hospital with the knitted cap. Daiya is confirmed to be fine, but gets angry at Fuuko accusing her that she still has feelings for Ichi. Fuuko throws the knitted cap at him and claims that she doesn't know what her feelings are at this point but when she was knitting that cap all she thought about was Daiya. The manga continues with the three friends continuing to be friends and getting along once again. At this point of the manga it leaves of with the secretary of student council seen to be copying Fuuko previous day's hairstyle. Guessed to be because of jealousy of Fuuko's friendliness of the two boys. The manga has recently begun to continue the plot from this point onwards.


Joanne Zheng Zhi Qiao

Fuuko Kameyama

Is the upbeat main character. She likes playing with little children and hairstyling. Wears her own hair in unusual and complicated styles. She does feel insecure about her looks, especially when being compared to Daiya and Ichi. Had to take swimming lessons from Ichi in order to pass P.E.

Calvin Chen Yi Ru

Daiya Shinpo

A happy-go-lucky playboy. Not very academic, but wins everyone's heart with his open character. Used to date many girls at the same time, but stopped doing that after he had to reject Fuuko. Sometimes gives surprise performances as a singer in a two-man band, "The F brothers" with Issochi.

Arron Yan Ya Lun

Ichi Shinpo

The cold and quiet love interest. Class President and ranks first on school tests, but rather shy and comes across as a haughty guy. Actually very caring once you get to know him. Works part-time in a restaurant. Not good at household chores. Really bad at drawing. Scared of dogs and haunted houses. He is very quiet but seems to be different when near or around Fuuko.

information credits to wikipedia

News and Updates

Margaret will announce the confirmation of this drama on May 20, 2009.
Costumes and fittings are already done. Leads look almost the same as the manga characters.

Hidden Text:
Here's the blog entry:

Hidden Text:
呼~~ 鬆了一口氣
然後呀~~ 請為新偶劇"愛似百匯" 加油!!

Really rough translation (please correct me if it's wrong, ok?):

May 13, 2009
A smooth start

Wah! Loosening up in one breath
My male and female leads at last resemble manga characters
Today's costume fitting went very smoothly... very smoothly
Looked at the script to get a feel of the characters, and at the same night, went online to look at their counterparts in the manga, there is some resemblance, but a bit more beautiful!!!
But... I honestly say that the leads' prerequisites are very good, so they can already bring out the characters in the drama even more, and the costume fitting is even not a problem
This year's summer, an idol drama is born, with anticipation and excitement!
Then~~ please wish the new idol drama "Parfait Tic" jia you!

credits to Flamengo for the article and nastyhobbit for the translation

Joanne Zheng, Arron Yan and Calvin Chen are the leads for this drama.

Arron yan and Calvin Chen breakthrough, idol drama with both as male lead
source : Liberty Times; 17 May 2009
translation bu elvenstar87 @ http://asianfanatics.net

Wu Chun has switched to the big screen to develop, Jiro Wang's ratings are out of control, Fahrenheit's eldest brother and second brother have temporaily stopped filming idol dramas. Arron Yan, Calvin Chen breakthrough in the big upcoming drama [parfait tic] both as male leads. While the female lead in the drama has been changed from Selina to [Qiao Qiao] Joanne Tseng as a replacement

Adapted from a Japanese Manga [parfait tic], originally Selina, Mike He and Jiro Wang were selected, but once the male and female lead list came out, the Mike, Jiro and Selina grouping changed to Joanne, Calvin and Arron. Forming the new combination of the 2 males fighting for the girl. The producer ah Ken said :[ because the previous people selected had busy schedules, there was no way to cooperate, so we had to find other suitable people.], He is also unwilling to start the official shoot on the 20th until they have discussed it further

Although the production team are unwilling to clarify, the present 3 leads have already been confirmed. As the Manga is based on senior high school students, and dramas about the innocent love of high school students are not well received, and in addition the 3 lead, apart from the 20 yr old Joanne Tseng who is the closest in age of a senior high school student. Calvin Chen and Arron Yan playing university students would be more fitting, therefore the age of the main characters in the story has been raised therefore the criteria increased, especially within the drama, the role of the playboy who cannot love [DiaYa]. In his 1st role as a male lead, Calvin Chen has revealed on the official website his anticipation, hoping this time he can give a different performance.

News of Parfait Tic press con
Source: LibertyTimes
Translated by nastyhobbit@Calvin thread

"Parfait Tic" lively opening press conference; Arron Yan and Calvin Chen 2 male leads confident 100%"
GTV's new drama "Parfait Tic" held a lively press conference today, with drama actors Arron Yan, Calvin Chen, Joanne Zeng, Tracy Zhou, Derrick He and Li Er specially rode tandem bikes to enter the stage, and also had a great time eating homemade parfait ice, hoping for popular reception by the audience. They faced enthusiastic fans who were there to support. The 2 male leads Arron Yan and Calvin Chen face this drama with 100% confidence.

「愛似百匯」熱鬧開鏡 炎亞綸、辰亦儒雙掛男主角信心十足

Credit to nastyhobbit@Calvin thread

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Guest summers83

I read this manga before. A typical kind of romance comic story. But one difference is, there are two male leads and the female likes both and ends up with the first love. I will definitely watch this one. It's been a long time sicne I watched Joanne Zeng in dramas.

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Guest kandi

oh cool an adaption of parfait tic. i used to love this manga but then gawd it dragged on and on and on. im not even sure if its finished yet. Also i hated how the girl would cry all the time.

Hopefully the live action won't be too sappy. . .

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Guest Snowbunni3z

OMG......................OMG!!! i can't believe it i sooo soo soo can't wait OMG, even though i didn't finish the manga yet but THIS IS AWESOME! thank you for the news *text all my friends*

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Guest citylights.

This sounds interesting. Arron Yan<3 He's playing the cold but really sweet at the same time character again though. But whatevs, sounds interesting and I can't wait to watch it. Does anyone know where I can read the manga ?

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Guest oh tangerine x

sounds interesting. i can't wait to watch it !

hm, i wonder who the girl would end up with.

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Guest pillowbox

has that manga even ended yet? ive been following it but stopped for awhile now. its too much work. i can totally see calvin as daiya.. he's that sunny boy.

i loved that manga but i had to wait too long, and the main character kept going back and forth...

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Guest kandi

^to the topic starter: you should note in your title that this is a parfait tic live action. i was so suprised when i came in here!



more images and characters:



Tracy Zhou = Qiu Ying 秋樱 (Akio in the manga)

She pretends to be beautiful, elegant and refined but actually is a lot like Fuuko. She is a tennis club member. At first she was only using Fuuko in order to get close to Daiya. She was rejected by him, and a real friendship has started between her and Fuuko. Starts "dating" Isocchi.


Derrick He = Ah Ji 阿基 (in the manga it's 磯邊智) (Isobe, Daiya’s friend)

Daiya's classmate. Daiya mistakenly thinks Fuuko is in love with him, and tries to set them up. After being rejected by Fuuko, his eye falls on Akio-senpai. Their relationship progresses slowly. Plays the guitar in "The F brothers".


Li Er = Xiao Sen 小森 (same as in the manga) (Chiso, one of Fuuko’s friends)

credits : http://fahrenheit-globa1.actifforum.com/lo...-info-t4777.htm

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Guest limelight

I'm sooo excited <3


:D heheeh.

I haven't read the manga, but maybe I should start now.

Ah, it doesn't seem like Arron's going to get the girl, but I'm still excited to watch it :)

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Guest yiTian

I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THIS DRAMA. I loveddd the manga! Aaron Yan is my favorite too. I'm definitely going to love this drama.

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Aaron Yan disappointed over deleted intimate scenes with Patty Hou

Soon-to-be-married Patty Hou made a guest appearance recently on Love Buffet starring Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen. She plays Aaron Yan's first love in the drama, and interestingly, he was actually the one who recommended Patty Hou for the role, because he has been a fan of her since his university days.

The original script called for some intimate scenes between Patty Hou and Aaron. Much to his dismay, they were all removed from the script prior to filming, which led to some rumors that it was done out of concern over her fiance's feelings. She denied such claim and said if it is something she can accept, then her family will be able to accept the same.

Patty Hou said kissing is the furthest she can go in terms of filming an intimidate scene, “The fun in acting is to able to experience a completely different life. (My) boyfriend doesn’t have any restrictions over filming kissing scenes, it’s fine as long as it’s for work. Moreover, he’s not very clear on what I do anyways.”

She also received some advice from Vic Chou whom she worked with in Sweet Relationship. The first-time actress was nervous about their kissing scene back then, but he re-assured her that tongue action is not necessary no matter what. Love Buffet’s producer explained the scenes were deleted in order to comply with the original manga. Aaron Yan and Patty Hou's relationship will remain “more than friends, not yet lovers” in the drama.

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Guest Khikarugal

I bet Aaron is disappointed because that little pretty boy wants to show that he can do adult scenes too! LOL

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