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[variety] Mnet Scandal 엠넷 스캔들

Guest thua

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Guest Qi Luo

I can't wait to watch the second episode of Danny's Scandal. The scene of the them in the car was the sweetest ever. They were watching a movie inside the car and each one was taking a look at eachother, but when the other looked back, they turned around pretending to not have looked. hehehehe And then Danny after a while took the courage to hold her hand... it was funny and cute.

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whew! :sweatingbullets:

i was finally able to catch up with this madness! :P

and boy was i impressed with JoKwon!

even though he said that he just wanted to have a noona-dongseng relationship...just the fact the he was the one who initiated it was one bold move! :D

go kwonnie! :D

i kinda feel bad for Sae Wa...i kinda feel that she really did like him..i actually thought she was gonna tear up...:(

but i kinda got the impression that SeulOng liked her too but he was just not ready for it!

and of course DANNY!!!! gosh this guy is so sweet the way he held her hand when they were watching that movie! :wub: and i love her reaction too how she was caught off-guard in the beginning but she later on smiled and looked at him so sweetly! :D...and the girl is pretty! she reminds me of that actress Wang Bit Na! :D

im looking forward to tomorrow's epi!!!

thanks again guys for links and direct dl links! :D much appreciated!

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Guest sakuraouran


Today I watched the second episode de Danny Ah and it's really beautiful... and the most interesting was at the end of the episode...I 'm not completely sure but and the end they announced the next Scandal: Kim Joon from Boys before flowers a F4!!!

Well, as I said you I am not sure...but hope that yes!!


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Guest c i e l`

I just finished watching Danny's scandal,

and I didn't see anything about Kim Joon being on Scandal?...o_O

It would be great though, I liked him on BOF.

Anyway, they were both really cute. The girl was really pretty,

I like her. She reminds me of an ulzzang.

The end was super duper duper cute, haha, Danny seemed

sooooo nervous!

I didn't watch the part 2 of Jokwon and Seulong's episode though,

I just don't want to see it haha, it would break my heart 2 times more

if they didn't date or if they didn't like each other.

But I'll watch them soon haha.

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Guest Qi Luo

I also didn't see anything related to Kim Joon being on Scandal, but it would be great... he seems like a great gentlemen.

And Danny... ehehehe he was nervous and sometimes clumsy, but so sweet. I loved how he cleaned the bench for her to sit.

Awww I wish someone would sub Danny's episode! T_T

Ahhhh for those that liked NichKhun's episode, in a recent interview with 2PM members (I think it was Ceci magazine), NichKhun said the greatest love story was his MNET scandal... Just go to 2PM thread and you'll find the translation for the article. I didn't liked Khun's girl... I thought she was a bit self-centered and shallow, besides that, her friends made NichKhun feel so uncomfortable. But... anyway... he was really sweet and caring to her and he seemed to be attracted to her.

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is second ep of danny out..any dlod link..torrent, clubbox..anything wuld be fine for me

i need to watch it too...i want to know what happened..

dying to know what will be the end with them

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Guest bluejaymiesky

Erm..first time posting here..& the only person that I know was the person above me..*eija...long time no see*

Just wondering..the 2nd episode of Danny's Scandal (watching it while writing this)..why did Danny's girl cried during friends meeting? I missed the earlier part of the 2nd episode..hoping that anyone can tell me...tq

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Guest x_JiEun_x

the danny ahn couple seems the most real out of all so far.

i wonder how kim joon is going to treat the girl since he is so passive.

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Guest prettyyplease

Im currently watching NichKhun's one. and AHHHH hes so handsome and hes such a gentleman :wub:

it was funny when he full wrote the plate number of the cab the girl got on . HAHAH

im so jealous of the girl!! i must say they make a cute couple though! that girl is SO lucky!

NichKhun is sucha sweetie :)

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