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[variety] Mnet Scandal 엠넷 스캔들

Guest thua

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Guest Chepi22

khyu80 thank you for the trans !

Danny has been my fav Scandal so far ...srsly!

I didn't watch Kim Jun's ...cuz the first 20 secs I saw that there was no chemistry between them D:

but...was it that bad? lol

does anyone know who is next?

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Guest enrique3mex

Excellent episode!

Don't surprise me the great quantity of fans that they surround them! :o

She asks him many things about his participation in WGM.

By the way... Does she introduce to him, her mom by phone? I think than Alex felt a little uncomfortable.

I hope somebody may comment us more about this episode! :)

Thanks in advance.


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Guest cheepy100

do any of them actually say yes and date..

cuz the ones i watched so far are so sad..

theres no good ending~

I think that the celebrities won't say yes on TV even if they want to date the girls for real.

Can you imagine how their fans will react, especially the idols. Those girls will

be hunted for life. Why is it only male celebrities? MNet should include female

celebrities too.

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Guest enrique3mex

Sorry for the late upload.... good episode....personally don't really like the girl though. alex deserves much better than who he got!!!!

Thanks bluerose79!

Ups.. I agree with you! :P

This girl is nice, but some of the previous participants, really they are beautiful.

I think than Alex deserve a most attractive girl too. Sincerely I don't think that they continue the relation afterward..

We'll see ..

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Guest enrique3mex

Honestly I think that one of her lady friends is prettier.

At the cinema, the one that uses white blouse without sleeves, and a pink skirt with ribbons in front.

Definitively she's prettier than the new "girlfriend"!

Just my opinion... B)

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Guest jAe_eMeE

thanksss bluerose79!!!

yes, i liked danny's the best...

i am watching alex's scandal right now.

and im already annoyed of the girl.

and its only like 7 minutes in....

OMG.... she is soooooooo annoying!!

but alex is cuteeee and sweet! :D

dont want to watch it because of the girl

but i need to see alex!! lol

thanks again!

i love this show!!!

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Guest dori dori

i just watched kim joon's n i was cringing through out the whole thing..he wasn't trying at all. they didnt hold hands ONCE. like i kno that's your 선격 but still it's that type of SHOW so you should still try to make an effort out of ur comfrt zone... no hug no holding hands nothing. and it made me sad czu i actually rly liked the girl out of all the girls that came out so far. everyone seems to like danny n his girl but she annoyed me. im excited to watch alex's...but she looks annoying lol.

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Guest khyu80

Yeah, that girl with Alex is annoying to me. I really wasn't digging her at all. Her voice was really hard to listen to and she kinda seems to have this kinda snotty attitude. I was kind of enjoying it at the end when they were eating dinner and the waitress asked what happened to Shinae from WGM.

W: I'm really curious about something. Who is this lady? I'm really curious. Be honest.

Alex: Truthfully? She's my girlfriend. She's not a friend that I'm filming a program with.

W: Then, I'm really curious about something else. Please don't misunderstand. What about Shinae?

Jisoo: She got married.

A: She went into marriage.

W: But I don't believe you.

A: Don't believe what?

W: She doesn't seem like your girlfriend. You matched up with Shinae so well. Please don't (be disappointed?)

A: After what you've said, how could you say don't (be disappointed). You can't be like that to a customer.

J: You words hurt me.

W However, you're prettier than Shinae. (HAHAHA nice try to save yourself lady)

J: You can't fix it, you've already hurt me.

Yum, good stuff. :)

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Guest adikkeluangman

Me and my friend just talk about Danny epi and I don't realize it at first plus my lack of Korean understanding. There was a scene when they went dinner with Danny or the girl friends when they talk about if Danny had scandal/relationship with a celebrity. Danny said yes and the name start with B. OMG! Then he reluctant to elaborate more.

Danny never mentioned that thing ever since that scandal. It like 2,3 years ago I think. I guess the scandal is really true. I hope that Kim Tae Woo will be in this show too since Son Ho Young already had a girlfriend. I want to see how he treat a girl.

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Guest NoRefund

wow this sounds hmm interesting haha... before I watch any lets predict the results: celebrity response=No, it's ok, we're not meant to be, fan response=OF COURSE I STILL WANT TO BE WITH HIM/HER! :P

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Ga-In and Narsha are SCANDALOUS!

Ga-in and Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls are definitely in the midst of creating a scandal, but it's not with each other as you're probably thinking from the pictures. It was announced that Ga-in and Narsha are the next guests on Mnet Scandal to claim two guys as their boyfriends for a week as the cameras roll and document their 'relationship'.

Ga-in and Narsha are the first females on the show, so it'll be interesting to see the viewer's response. 2PM's Taecyeon and Nichkhun, F.T Island's Hongki, 2AM's Seulong and Jokwon, Clazziquai's Alex, Wheesung are some of the guests that have caused netizens to burn with jealousy and complain to Mnet. To those of you who are confused as to why this show got so many fans worked up, besides the fact that their beloved celebrities are going on 'dates' and holding hands with the opposite sex, at the end of the week if the couple decides to further their relationship, they exchange phone numbers. Talk about being scandalous.

cr: allkpop

is this gonna be interesting or what?!!! :P

finally not one but 2 FEMALE idols on MNET Scandal..

now the fan girls can rest..while the fanboys wreak havoc!!!!

i can't wait to see the lucky guys! ;)

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