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[variety] Mnet Scandal 엠넷 스캔들

Guest thua

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Guest khyu80

Decided to translate their last date at the little river beginning at when Danny picks her up in the van.

D, It's hot. Hi

S, Hi

D, Why did you bring so much?

S, Huh? To give to oppa

D, To give to me?

S, Yeah

D, Since we've met, today's weather is the best it's been.

S, Yeah, completely

D, Completely (something)

D, I'm completely liking going out. It's been a really long time, really been a long time since I've gone out.

S, I also really wanted to go out somewhere.

D, One week is really going by fast

S, But it's kinda like that. Going home after a day on a date, I can't remember anything.

D, Why

S, Things are passing by so quickly

D, You have to remember. You have to put it in your memories.

S, But I don't remember. It seems like we should keep staying together.

D, Are you tempting me right now.

S, Yeah. Don't like it? Don't like it?

D, Did I say I didn't like it? When we get there, I'm going to cook for you.

S, What kind of cooking?

D, I told you yesterday that I was going to cook. The best dish I can make.

S, What dish?

D, It's just unbelievable. I don't cook too well but this, I really cook it well.

S, What is it? I'm curious.

D, Don't fall over once you've ate it.

D, When you go out like this, you have to go out by bus or train.

S, You're right

D, After hanging out, say like, "Oh, (I'm sleepy), what should we do?" So now you have to find a room and can only find 1 room. "I'll only hold your hands and sleep. You trust me right?" This is the way it should've happened.

S, You've asked, "You trust me?" to me a lot.

D, Me?

S, Yeah.

D, You trust me?

*Note, you've really gotta follow with the video to understand this section. It's all over the place.

(danny making hand motions)

S, Sweating?

D, To give me your hand.

D, Sweating?

D, We've arrived

S, I'll hold this.

D, Why?

S, You're holding too much.

D, Should we go to sleep now?

S, Should we?

D, (something about) sleep. The water isn't cold.

S, It's not cold? Is it refreshing?

D, It's completely refreshing....AH

S, You didn't do anything?

D, I'm sorry. Let's go in.

S, It's cold.

D, It feels good.

D, Really, I, really...

S, You did it first

S, Why?

D, Fish

S, Fish? There's fish here?

D, Look, it's right here.

D, I didn't do anything. I didn't do anything.


D, What?

D, Since you're all wet, come farther in.

D, Don't do it, don't do it...AH

S, Don't do it

D, Why? (I have to do it)

D, Isn't it refreshing? Isn't it refreshing?

S, AH, what is this?

D, Your hair is all wet

D, I'll do it for you.

S, It hurts!

D, Let me see your feet.

S, Why

D, There's something I wanted to do for you. Foot massage

S, Really, why?

D, For your hardworking feet.

S, I should be doing it for you.

D, Do it.

D, Let's eat, I'll cook for you

D, For this dish, water is very important

S, What are you making? I'm really anticipating

D, You can anticipate a lot.

S, Really?

D, Of course.

S, Has a boyfriend ever cooked for you? This is the first time right?

D, Ah, sit down

D, It's hot!

D, Once you've boiled the water, you're halfway done.

D, What?

D, Ah, WHAT? Stay sitting.

S, What is that?

D, What?

S, That thing you're shaking

D, I said to sit down.

S, sigh...

S, Are you cooking noodles?

D, Just wait a bit.

D, I'm cooking

S thoughts, I really anticipated a lot. He ending up cooking noodles. Unbelievable.

D, Ah, should've brought eggs.

D, Ah, should've brought kimchi

D, Ah, should've brought rice

S, You brought exactly just only noodles. Exactly two servings of noodles.

D, Ate well,

S, I ate well, it was delicious, I'm full now.

D, Watch the sky as you're laying down, it's really nice.

D, I'll give you my arms, come here.

D, (not sure, but said in joking manner)

S, Seems like we're going to sleep/get sleepy

D, Sleep

D, I haven't been on a TV show in 3 years.

D, After taking acting classes, I was in "kidarida, micheol"(something trust/believe) You didn't see it, right?

S, I told you I did

D, You saw?

D, There was this huge kissing scene.

S, Really?

S, So you liked it?

S, It seems like you liked it. You liked it just thinking about it now.

D, It's not like that

S, Your face is red

D, No, it's not that. When we were practicing, we were also practicing the kissing. At first, (something about leading), during the practicing, we were really kissing.

S, Really?

(Danny pulls here close and pretends to kiss)

S, Why are you doing that?

D, What?

S, Don't play around with me.

D, I'm not playing around.

S, (you like it/you liked it?)

D, Going to sleep

S, Are you going to sleep?

S thoughts, Looking at him close up, he was really handsome. He eyes were really pretty. I can't, but we were so close, I wanted to kiss him. My mood was very weird.

S, Gonna sleep? Don't sleep.

D, Why

S, Don't sleep

D, My eyes are really getting sleepy.

S, No, open your eyes.

D, Why?

S, Open your eyes, open your eyes.

D, Is it cold?

S, It's different from last time

D, Where are you going?

S, (not too sure. seems like you're going to do something to me)

D, You trust me, right?

S, My back is cold.

D, Why

S, There's water splashed there.

(Danny tries to pick her up)

S, Uh, Oppa, AH

S, Oppa, I'm scared. I'm really scared.

D, What? What are you afraid of?

D thought, Picking her up, she was very afraid. She was holding onto my neck tightly. She was like a baby.

D, I've got to do this since we've come to the river.

S, Oppa, let me down.

D, I will if you say you love me.

S, Huh?

D, If you say you love me, I'll let you down.

(pretends to dip her into the water)

S, Wait wait wait wait

D, You're not going to say it?

S, It's cold!

D, If you say you love me, I'd let you down.

S, Oppa, let me down, let me down.

D, Hurry and say it

S, Ok, I love you.

D, I don't hear you

S, I love you, I love you

D, I don't hear you

S, Ah I love you

D, Say those words

D, Just once.

S, Ah I love you.

D, That

S, I love you.

(Throw her into water)


D, It's done!

D, You're wet

D, Isn't it refreshing?

S, It's not!

Laundry's done and it's getting late. :P

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Guest GirlFromMars

i just finished watching the episode with FT Island's Hongki and I loved it. It was so cute and funny and endearing. That girl was mighty pretty too.

Aww, supercute!

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Guest Qi Luo

Decided to translate their last date at the little river beginning at when Danny picks her up in the van.


Danny's episode was the best!

I watched on youtube, but I'll even download it to re-watch sometimes.

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Guest khyu80

I was disappointed with Kim Joon in his second episode.

He was still resistant to her actions. While he was talking more, he still hasn't opened up fully to her. It felt like he spent a lot of time explaining why he couldn't be like this, or why he couldn't be more couple-ish with her. I'm almost beginning to wonder if he's just an old fashioned type of guy. Like Korean old fashioned where there seems to be so much distance between the two of them. They haven't held hands once and he still wasn't letting her take care of him. What's so hard about letting her wipe your face down with a tissue? OUCH, I really felt bad for her. Even if he didn't have any feelings for her, it was only for a week and he should've at least made her feel like they were a couple for just 1 week. :angry:

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^^omg...was it that bad?!...i haven't seen it but it doesn't seem to be very promising!...if that was the case, he should've spent that time getting to know her rather than explaining why can't you be that person to her..or atleast why can't he act like it..

oh wow...he should have at least tried harder...

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Guest enrique3mex

I've followed all these episodes, and they are excellent!

Thank you very much, to all of you that provide us links to see them!

Unfortunately this boy it seems like he never had a girlfriend!

He looked silly, arrogant! :angry:

Still if he has girlfriend in his private life, this girl deserved more courtesy!

I think that all merit belongs to this so attractive girl!

Sincerely I hope that they pay her, what Kim Joon will collect as salary, for this episode!

Poor guy ... if he didn't want bad publicity, now he has it! :blink:

By the way, somebody can tell me if the girl that announces a program at the channel 20, is Kim Ok Bin?

Thank you very much!


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Guest bommi261

I agree that danny ann ep is the most favourite scandal so far!!!!

Please dont be so strict some one on screen !!! maybe Kim Jun dont find comfortaable on screen or that's a part of his personality....Should more time and more chance to achieve his heart and his feeling !!!

woaiiiii... he admit he seem tense , different when he with F4 ..awkk

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Guest SuperCesca

I watched Hongki's and Nickkhun's in youtube The show is Great but i didnt like the endings T^T i think they are all the same !!!


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