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[Drama 2009] Soul / Hon (혼)

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「Possessed (Soul)」 Reveals official posters before August 5th broadcast


The summer of 2009, the horror within me rears its head!

MBC's summer special miniseries 「Possessed(Soul)」 (script by In Eun-ah & Go Eun-nim, directed by Kim Sang-ho and Kang Dae-seon) revealed its official posters before its August 5th broadcast, raising expectations.

The posters were revealed on the 30th (Thurs) and there are a total of four. One horizontal poster has Shin Ryu (Lee Seo-jin) standing in front of a cracked mirror with Ha-na (Im Ju-eun) reflected in the mirror. The remaining three all have to do with Ha-na reclined in a chair with what seems to be an entranced expression, all with a red background. Two of these posters include Shin Ryu standing behind her with a very blank expression.

The poster shoot took place for five hours on July 13th at the Il-san MBC Dream Center picture studio. The atmosphere was rather somber with the bloody backdrop and the title track "Lyeong-hon" playing in the background, but in between shoots Lee Seo-jin lightened the mood with his jokes and quips. While Im Ju-eun reclined on the chair, she became so immersed in her emotions that for a while she couldn't stop crying and surprised everyone on set. But in the following shoot she switched to a murderous glare with an ease befitting that of an up-and-coming "queen of horror."

MBC's return to a summer horror drama after 14 years is the 10-part miniseries 「Possessed (Soul)」. It's about an unfair death binding the dead girl's soul to her sister, and about a criminal profiler who uses the now supernatural girl to fight evil - only to become the demon he once despised. A second teaser was released on the 29th (Wed).

「Possessed (Soul)」 is gaining a lot of attention for starring Lee Seo-jin as the profiler who eventually goes evil, Im Ju-eun, Lee Jin, Park Geon-il and Ji-yeon of the singing group T-ara. It will begin its official run on August 5th (Wed).

*「Possessed (Soul)」 official website (www.mbchon.co.kr)

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Guest bomii1004

looking forward to this!

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from Lee Seo Jin thread

Source: The Korea Herald 2009.08.05

New horror special to chill summer nights


After a 14-year hiatus, MBC is bringing back its summer night special with a vengeance. Drawing from classic Asian horror motifs -- vindictive ghosts, spiritual possession and some major grudges -- the upcoming 10-episode series deals with such strong content, that, according to news reports, it received the Korean television equivalent of an R-rating.

In other words, it reportedly received a 19-rating, meaning the program may contain material inappropriate for viewers under 19 -- in accordance with the Korean age system (meaning 17 or 18 in the States).

According to an MBC representative, the rating came about, not so much because the show exhibits excessive violence or cruelty, but because of the subject matter itself.

So, now that they've been rated "R" -- per se -- will the drama get toned-down or will it stick to its guns?

Viewers can rest assured that they won't be served up watered-down horror. According to the representative, changes are not being made to the series.

The MBC series "Hon" (which means "spirit" or "ghost" in Korean), explores the human capacity for evil, primarily by charting the fall of its lead character, played by the dimpled-and-handsome Lee Seo-jin, into darkness.

The premise of "Hon" could easily be considered stale, as it is one we've seen before. A high school girl, with a deceased twin sister to boot, is tortured by spirits.

Paying homage to classic Asian horror themes, as exemplified by hit flicks like "The Eye" and "Ju-on," "Hon" steers clear of more upbeat "The Sixth Sense"-like ghost whisperers and spirit guides.

There is no kind spirit to help this heroine come to terms with her supernatural abilities. Instead, Shin Ryu, a criminal profiler, exploits her powers in his quest for justice. His initial plans for good slowly turn sour as he gives into the temptations of the other side.

According to an MBC press release, Lee, whom many will recognize from the SBS romance "Lovers" (2006), revealed that he was fascinated by the moral ambiguity of Shin Ryu.

"I decided to star in the drama because I was attracted to the double-sided nature of the character," the 36-year old actor said.

Lee, who showcased his talent for taking on bad guy roles in the SBS drama "Shooting Stars" (2002), may very well overshadow co-star Lim Ju-eun.

Relative newcomer Lim nabbed the hair-raising role of a spiritually possessed heroine through open auditions; which, according to news reports, "Hon" director Kim Sang-ho said he held because of tight production funds.

News reports also stated that director Kim revealed he was inspired by the Swedish vampire movie "Let the Right One In" (2008). A morbid yet lyrical tale of a boy and a vampire girl, the film charts the boy's poignant friendship with his bloodthirsty girl chum.

How the film will influence the series remains a mystery. Judging from the teaser -- which reportedly racked up 1,000 hits when it was posted on the official website in July -- the series does not look like it will move too far away from the realm of traditional Asian horror.

"Hon" starts tonight on MBC at 10 p.m.


By Jean Oh


Source: The Korea Times 08-04-2009 17:00

Let Horror Take Control of Summer Heat


“Possessed” will air on MBC 10 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays.

By Han Sang-hee, Lee Hyo-won

Staff Reporters

Local broadcasters and the movie industry are preparing to help viewers kill the summer heat with horror programs and movies this month. Here is some of what's being offered.

Small Screen

MBC, which has had a successful history of horror dramas, including "M,'' starring popular actress Shim Eun-ha in 1994, hopes to reprise that success with the drama " Possessed.''

"'Possessed' is not based on 'Korean Ghost Stories' nor is it a part of the movie series 'Whispering Corridors.' We used the film 'Let the Right One In,' which is about a relationship between a vampire girl and young boy, as a model, and started working from there,'' Kim Sang-ho, the producer, said at a press conference held at MBC, Ilsan, Monday.

"Possessed'' revolves around a high school student, Ha-na (newcomer Lim Ju-eun), who can see dead people, and a profiler named Shin Ryu, played by Lee Seo-jin ("Lee San, Wind of the Palace,'' 2008). When Shin meets Ha-na and discovers her ability, he uses her to pay back his enemy, only to find himself becoming the devil.

"If the story is too distant, viewers will feel lost, but if it's too much of a cliche, viewers will easily get bored. We wanted to show viewers that in the end, it's people who are scary, not the special effects, the makeup or sounds. In our drama, the ghosts mostly appear during the daytime,'' he said. Nevertheless, the drama is for viewers 19 years or older.

Lee, who will be appearing in his first drama in a year, plays the charismatic profiler with a dark past and evil plans.

"I've always wanted to portray a character who has both good and evil sides, which made it natural for me to participate in this series. For me, it's more of a thriller with ghosts, and I believe it will be a perfect getaway from the heat,'' he said.

"Possessed'' premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on MBC.


Last year, when KBS introduced a polished version of "Korean Ghost Stories,'' a horror program that first aired in 1977, many fans of the genre tuned in with anticipation. And the broadcaster is gearing up for more this month with the drama airing on Mondays and Tuesdays. As KBS sticks to tradition, viewers will get to watch eight different episodes, all related to Korean traditional myths and folk tales.

The makers explained that their goal was not to scare viewers with something new, but to discover horror with a traditional twist.

"Korean Ghosts Stories is already a famous brand among Koreans, and so we will try to bring stronger storylines, heighten the horror factor with both computer graphics and analogue techniques, and bring the brand to a whole new level overall,'' the production crew said.

The episode titled "The Maid'' will present the bloody revenge of a maid who was murdered for loving a high-ranking official. "The Wooden Doll'' will tell the chilly story of a small wooden doll that starts to kill villagers.

One episode that never fails to be included in the lineup is the traditional tale of "Gumiho,'' the legendary fox with nine tails. Gumiho is known to change itself into a pretty lady to seduce men, eventually leading to deadly revenge or murder.

"We believe that many viewers felt nostalgia and enjoyed the new content that was fit into the familiar structure, and we are expecting similar reactions this year as well,'' the crew said.

Big Screen

A lineup of skin-crawling tales awaits moviegoers at theaters, including both homegrown horror flicks and bloody imports.


"Possessed,'' slated for release Aug. 13, brings traditional shamanist beliefs to modern-day Korea. Screen beauty Nam Sang-mi stars as Heui-jin, an average college student who returns home after hearing that her 14-year-old sister So-jin has gone missing. Her mother, a fanatic churchgoer, resorts to prayer and refuses to work with the lazy police department to find So-jin. Meanwhile, a neighbor commits suicide and leaves a will for So-jin, and Heui-jin hears rumors that her sister had been "possessed.'' The whereabouts of So-jin becomes increasingly elusive and the dead neighbor begins appearing in Heui-jin's dreams. 15 and over. Distributed by Showbox/Mediaplex.

"Yoga,'' coming to theaters Aug. 20, brings together popular actresses Eugene, Cha Su-yeon and Park Han-byul as women seeking eternal beauty. Hyo-jeong (played by Eugene) is the star host of a home shopping channel, but fears losing her spot to a charming and much younger colleague. Hyo-jeong runs into an old classmate who supposedly transformed from ugly duckling to gorgeous swan through a special yoga program. She takes part in the class with four other women, but the cost of beauty becomes frighteningly high. Not yet rated. Distributed by Sidus FNH.

In "The Pot,'' everything seems picture perfect for a family of three ― Hyeong-guk, Yeong-ae and their little daughter Mi-ae. They are about to welcome a second child into their newly purchased home, and their business is also running smoothly. They befriend the neighbors, an elderly Presbyterian couple, and attend church with them. However, the couple starts to feel uncomfortable with the elderly woman's excessive fondness of their daughter. When the woman dies one day and Mi-ae starts behaving in a bizarre manner, the domestic bliss comes to an end. To be released Aug. 20. 15 and over. Distributed by Indiestory.


In the French-Canadian horror story "Martyrs,'' two young women must deal with the demons of their past. As a child, Lucie was kidnapped and tortured by a group of anonymous abusers, but she slowly overcomes the trauma through her friendship with Anna, who is also a victim of child abuse. Fifteen years after their incidents, the two women seek revenge against those that wronged them, only to relive the unspeakable horror. In theaters Friday. 18 and over. Distributed by Pan Cinema.

Evil may lurk beneath an angelic facade in the "Orphan'' (U.S.A., Canada, France, Germany), coming to screens Aug. 20. Kate (Vera Farmiga) and her husband John are devastated by the loss of their unborn child and decide to adopt. They are strangely drawn to a young girl named Esther, but as soon as she becomes part of the family, a frightening series of events begins to take place around them. Kate becomes convinced that her adoptive daughter is not as sweet as she appears. Distributed by Warner Brothers Korea.



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Summer special miniseries 「Possessed」 airs August 5th



Title Summer special miniseries 「Possessed」

Producer Oh Kyeong-hun

Scriptwriters Go Eun-nim, movie 「Bungee Jumping of Their Own」(2001),

dramas「Rebirth-NEXT」(2005), SBS「First Love」(2003) etc.

In Eung-ah movie 「Tell Me Something」(1999), drama 「Princess Hours」(2006) etc.

Directors Kim Sang-ho 「Couple or Trouble」(2006),「Secret Lovers」(2005) etc.

Kang Dae-seon 「Auction House」(2007),「Let's Get Married」(2006) etc.

Cast Lee Seo-jin, Im Ju-eun, Lee Jin, Park Geon-il, Ji-yeon

Kim Gab-su, Kim Seong-ryeong, Choi Bum-ho, Yu Yeon-seok, Choi Su-eun

Kwon Hyeon-sang, Park Jae-woong, etc. (special appearance by Lee Gyu-han)

Format 10 episodes total, 70 minutes each

Genre Horror fantasy / Thriller

First broadcast August 5th (Wed)


A criminal profiler attempts to fight evil using the supernatural powers of a young girl possessed by a vengeful ghost, only to slowly cross over to the evil side himself.


The time is ripe for a little "horror."

Amidst the greatest economic depression since the IMF crisis, the viewers are in need of an outlet for their emotions. "Horror" is a great genre that brings out the most one-dimensional emotions. Furthermore, the conflicts and taboos of today's society are reflected in part in the genre, adding dramatic realism to the formula.

「Possessed」 was produced upon the foundation of this genre that coincides with the needs of the viewers. Dramas of petty stimulations and bland stories are no longer loved. Through horror, 「Possessed」 will bring forward 'intense excitement without lowering its standards.' This drama will not only reflect the anxiety of today's society, but will wash it away with 'horror entirely Korean.'

The rebirth of horror, Korean style

[Possessed] is an innovative attempt at modern horror. It has a multi-layered plot and complex characters that lend a hand to the flow of the drama, distinguishing it from horror movies. Innovative as it is, the story itself will have classic motifs. In other words, this drama isn't about experimenting with new things but with showing the 'true nature of horror.' Therefore, the storyline and emotions, the portrayal of the 'vengeful spirit,' 'grudge,' and 'possession' will all be relative to the Korean viewer while giving the viewers a fresh take on horror.


♡ Shin Ryu (34) l Lee Seo-jin

♡ Yun Ha-na (18) l Im Ju-eun

♡ Lee Hye-won (33) l Lee Jin

♡ Jeong Si-woo (19) l Park Geon-il

♡ Yun Du-na (18) l Ji-yeon











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Omg! Lee Seo Jin in a new drama ^^~!

It's horror so I won't be watching it, but I love Lee Seo Jin, since he played in "Lovers" ^^~! <3

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im so excited to watch the drama.horror films are not my forte but since LSJ is in this drama,i will try my best to watch the drama with a lot of courage.im worried that i might dream of the drama when sleeping,but its ok if its about LSJ.its ok for me to have nightmares.... :D :D :D

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