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[Drama 2009] Soul / Hon (혼)

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thats great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cant wait to watch that horror drama....

the countdown begins...

28 days to go........ :D

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OMG!!! I'm to excited with horror drama with mr. lee seo jin :w00t::w00t:

thanks for the pic..... marie and all other fan of lsj

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^ translation of the article with the above photos

There is no fear. Summer Feature cool <Soul> series set visit : Date of issue: July 10, 2009

"Your appearance, lighting, wire. I do not think this stuff!! Yeon Gi Man you think! "

Director of the actor's eyes drop turns comforting. August 5, this place is the first broadcast drama Summer Special Feature <Soul> set. <Spirit> 1994 "M", 1995 year "spiders" it has been 14 years since the broadcast of that MBC drama Summer Featured starring lim ju eun, who rolls through a public audition, competition tough with many joining but only 1 has been selected with a ratio of 1058:1 .

The usual "mysterious TV Surprise" to be difficult to watch, as the owner of the peanuts to Go on set your mind . However, there did not look much fear. 'Horror' is an action to reach the goal, look for a careful rehearsal, and again and again. Oh, and I fear that there really was one. 30 degrees above the roof of the building blowing up in a thin wire hanging from the Newcomer Lim ju eun a few hours, her! Really scary!!

AM. 7:30

Chungmuro a breath of air in a bunch of fallen roof of a commercial building. This is the intro to the wire action and taking a day is the problem. How is the picture drawn Meetings repeatedly for a long time. After working with the script Lim ju eun to worry about holding it, was precious. "Today, tick disability for the first time, I need to do well so I'm worried, "the Lee seojin and other stars members of hit girl group arrived on set the completion of the cast of the drama."

PM. 1:00

Installed on the roof and move more to the top of the ladder. Just a narrow ladder bridges but the problem flared up at the time. Avoid shady places and not a place to sit. If would like to go to the toilet, have to climb down the ladder again, and then climb again. Oh, my God Lim ju eun was even tied on a wire. Rehearsal ..The rehearsal ... Lee Seo Jin's part is also hard . He had fallen to about 5kg from <Yi San> costume drama he used to, seo jin looks very young. He is very suitable as criminal psychologist.

PM. 3:40

Finally, new wire OK! Our cold water, but under against the heat is on. Limjueun girl, she's so great. She is natural as an actress, during the course of the day, with the sun glowing on the roof and survived a few hours, tied to the wire. The girl is really amazing. Although this is of course as an actress, but in the hot noon sun roof wire insisted she was tied for several hours. Cold and sad eyes. Sure enough, as rumors said Lane, Kim Sang-ho, director from 1058 individuals were concerned that on a pair of her brown eye.

PM. 5:00

The weather is too hot. Is the roof in the middle of the city's not a piece of the wind in the air . The reflection of heat from the building is fierce. No more visits to complete the set, as they got. 'First, I'm going in.' I to try to 'do suffer' it.

I ate a bowl of red bean ice after I come down from the building. Now the scene is only one set? how about set number 2? Actors will do so while I sweat while sitting in front of the cool air-conditioning costs sinking guilty. Right next to the building and on the roof so hard, I mean ... but in any case I can not go back. That place, that kind of hard

English Translation by Marie

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I pity Lim Joo Eun hanging on a rope in a rooftop on a very warm weather :lol::lol:

LSJ looks so happy doing a drama again :lol:

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"Soul" New Lee Seo Jin drama plays the devil to kill

Time: at 10:18 on July 15, 2009 Source: MY DAILY

Lee Seo Jin new drama, "soul," the latest stills exposure

The new line of inquiry Sohu South Korea Beijing the morning of July 15 message, according to South Korean media reports, will be launched on August 5 new plays of the MBC TV "soul," the latest film stills in public the other day, to further enhance the audience's expectations of drama and attention.

It is" soul "of the crew stills June 28 in Seoul, making the first day of filming, stills showing Lee Seo Jin, Lim Joo Eun , Park Geon Il suggest that their expression in the drama of their relationship.

"Soul" tells the story of a criminal psychologist souls possessed the use of the punishment of perpetrators of female high school students, finally lost in their own strength in killing the devil.

Lee Seo Jin in the drama plays a sense of justice but in the end has become a criminal psychologist devil, and through the 1058: 1 rate in audition Lim Joo Eun to become the lead female role will be playing a female high school student Yon Ha na which soul is possessed. The combination of the Korean idols Park Geon Il and members of hit girl groups will play in to protect the high school students .

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New and updated. Cool special "soul" posters photoshoot games

"People are too honest, and not able to look threatening." Photographer has just asked the LSJ sinister expression to mean, next to the manager immediately said jokingly. Remove the tension of the day filming, the actors look like having games. 5 characters, in addition to the LSJ, the other three, whether the name is unfamiliar and new faces . However, newcomers will not only stimulate the curiosity of the audience. To be easy-going charm Lim Joo Eun favorite to through the image of feminine beauty to attract people's attention, and the dignified image and gentle walk of LSJ play the role of between good and evil, so he was asked to show a cowardly insidious expression. Despite the request of photographer embarrassment, he still completed the film appropriately, it is worthy to be called a sigh Lee Seo JIn ..., Lee Jin, Lim Joo Eun, Yan-chi, Park Geo Il. Five actors shooting a poster image can be seen through the images.

translated from Chinese by Marie

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「Soul」Revealing shots of the three leads


I've got to immerse myself in the evil in order to fight for the good... Shin Ryu

Please kill me, and the demon inside me... Yun Ha-na

I'll protect you, no matter what... Jeong Si-woo

MBC's summer special miniseries 「Soul」 (script by In Eun-ah, Go Eun-nim & Park Young-suk, directed by Kim Sang-ho & Kang Dae-seon) is set to air on August 5th. Powerful shots of its three leads Lee Seo-jin, Im Ju-eun and Park Geon-il were recently revealed.

The pictures revealed were taken from the filming of the first episode, shot on June 28th in Yeoido. It's part of a short montage that will play the part of the prologue to the drama. Her white dress contrasting with her bloody red hands, Ha-na (Im Ju-eun) runs into the street barefoot, stricken with fear, and spots Ryu (Lee Seo-jin) across the street. Watching from a different side of the street is Si-woo (Park Geon-il) with a determined look on his face.

Having donned a brown, wavy hairstyle, Lee Seo-jin plays the role of Shin Ryu, a criminal profiler with a deadly attraction. A leading expert in criminal profiling, he is a character with an extreme duality. Even the most frightening criminals become tame in the presence of his charisma.

Having faced off against 1058 competitors and come out victorious, Im Ju-eun takes on the role of Yun Ha-na, an innately bright and energetic high school girl. But upon the death of her younger twin sister Du-na, Ha-na discovers that she now possesses an unnatural power. When their two souls combine, they exert superhuman strength.

Fellow high-schooler Jeong Si-woo protects Ha-na, and this role is taken on by Park Geon-il, a singer-turned-actor originally from the group Supernova (Choshinsung). This is his drama debut. In the pictures, he sports an unconventional hairstyle for a high-schooler, sparking more interest about his character.

MBC's return to a summer horror drama after 14 years is the 10-part miniseries 「Soul」. It's about an unfair death binding the dead girl's soul to her sister, and about a criminal profiler who uses the now supernatural girl to fight evil - only to become the demon he once despised.

Also part of the cast is Lee Jin as Shin Ryu's ex-girlfriend and a criminal psychologist Lee Hye-won, Park Ji-yeon as Ha-na's twin sister Du-na, Kim Gab-su as the lawyer who has never lost a case, Kim Seong-ryeong as Ha-na and Du-na's mother, Yu Yeon-seok, Choi Su-eun, etc. 「Soul」 will first air on August 5th (Wed).

The official 「Soul」 homepage is http://www.mbchon.co.kr.

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Lee Seo Jin- Lee Jin combination often makes the shooting set of the Summer Drama SOUL filled with laughter.

With the story of the ghost possessing the main character to punish the evil, in this drama, Lee Seo Jin (36 years old) to play a master in criminal psychology, "Shin Ryu"and Lee Jin (29 years old) is playing the ex lover of LSJ, Attorney Official "Lee Yuan."

A television crew on the 16th said: "Lee Seo Jin creating the atmosphere in the set. The other early 20-year-old actors appear to be very afraid of him. He will from time to time joked with Lee Jin to ease the atmosphere."

Scheduled to premier on the 5th of next month , while shooting in a certain place in Seoul, Lee Seo Jin said to Lee Jin: "The jump of a Fin.KL's dance bar," "I have a ~ 30." Both filed the set with their jokes and laughter . Lee Seo Jin has created cordial atmosphere for everyone making each one comfortable and making the shooting smooth without delay.

translation by Marie

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translated from Chinese

if you copy please give proper credits



Reporter: So cool this summer, enjoy the cool air and the television series horror drama "Soul" is coming! Lee Seo Jin returns with the drama SOUL. This is the MBC shooting set for the poster making of the drama. When he saw the cameras, Lee Seo Jin wanted to avoid it.

Reporter: Why should you want to avoid us?

LSJ: Section TV long time no see, I am so very nervous.

Reporter: your face has become really different.

Lee Seo Jin: (Laughter).

In the television series "Soul" I play psychologist, "Shin Ryu."

Reporter: It seems you have become slim build and have the flexibility.

Lee Seo Jin: The principal objective is to participate in outdoor sports, and strengthen the small muscle groups

Reporter: Although not a long time, but why are you so cheerful?

Lee Seo Jin: do I have to look gloomy?

Reporter: You agree with this horror drama, what are the reasons?

Lee Seo Jin: very interesting, there is a new attempt to do.

Reporter: What kind of role?

Lee Seo Jin : less good, and the role of villain

Reporter: ah, for you?

Lee Seo Jin: good, now.

Lee Seo Jin: The actress who is also of good age. They now look at this right?

Lee Jin: Your age is not smaller either.

Lee Seo Jin: think about your age now

Lee Seo Jin : its only a joke but 2 more year and we are on the same boat in the 30s

Reporter: In addition two young how to?

Lee Seo Jin: soon it would be like 30-year-old Lee Jin as a.

Reporter: MBC's toilets are intimidating ?

Lee Seo Jin: There are.

Reporter: Well, we take a look.

Screen appears, "he considered as a" poster. (Yi San)

Reporter: Please MBC spokesman for the male toilet Lee Seo Jin to say a few words.

Lee Seo Jin : thank you for always concerned about the toilet.

reporter:" soul "is a drama about what?

Lee Seo jin : description of it had that the ghost of high school girl is attached to the power and evil to fight crime instead of psychologist and into the final story be the wicked.

Reporter: difficulties shooting what?

Lee Jin: two people very comfortable shooting.

Lee Seo Jin(that interrupt): She is always having difficult time with that high heeled shoes of her

Reporter: Why are you looking at Lee Jin's legs?

Lee Seo Jin: Would like to take this opportunity to remove her "elephant foot" alias.

Reporter: Seo jin ssi did you think you have two sides?

Lee Seo jin: As far as I am thinking, I think everyone has a bad side. Lee Jin here also has bad side. Morning prayer to her is a way of lifting her own evil.

Lee Jin: he would remove the pin from other's skirts

Lee Seo Jin: Lee Jin, for the first time not long ago drink beer.

Reporter: You have found a new self!

with the 1994 "M" Galaxy hero compared Lim Joo Eun

Reporter: How old are you 1994?

Lim Joo Eun: 7-year-old. ( birth 1988)

Lee Seo Jin: At that time I was in a primary school. (Born in 1973 LSJ is lying)

Lim Joo Eun: As a terrorist bent on the show, there will be nightmares.

Lee Seo Jin: at that time could be Li sister together and rely on the power of religion to overcome.

Reporter: You would recommended what horror film?

Lim Joo Eun" Jack Nicholson's "The Shining". There are films "Let the Right One in" which are also impressive.

-Reporter: Lee Seo Jin through the "Damo," "The Firebird", "Lee considered as a" proof of the guarantee is the ratings.

Lee Seo Jin: I hope that this is a can be positive, giving an impression of the drama.

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