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What's Fun In San Diego?


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hey there my friend and i are flying over to San Diego for 5 days in June

her mum has conferences every day and we def don't want to be stuck in the hotel the whole time

what are some fun and interesting things to do in San Diego?

besides shopping...

much appreciated!

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Guest daulism

VISITING ME! haha just kidding~

Um lets see, yes there's shopping, if I were to recommened a mall it would be North County Fair(up in the north county; "westfield") or Parkway(near a place called "Escondido"). Or fashion valley mall ("mission valley"). i would say those are the shops that have the most stuff and nicest atmosphere and not to mention lots of stairs and escalators :3

- if you go much up north, farther than san diego, you can go to disneyland or knott's berry farm or six flags or universal studios!

- there's also museums near the san diego zoo. lots of amusing exhibitions! like the science museum and the old whaley house -- known to be haunted!

- and if you need to go to a korean/japanese/chinese supermarket, there's a place called Clairemont where they have Zion marketplace(KR), mitsuwa(JP), and book-off(JP) -- it has a lot of foods and books and even cds :D

hope i helped~ i love sd

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Guest SUMM3RxBABii

does anyone know this harbor place in San Diego? ok, doesn't make much sense but there were like lots of battleships around at the harbor and there was park with the war's end kiss statue. does anyone know what i'm talking about? lol

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Guest claire.rawr


LOL jk.

there's sea world... and the zoo (which i havent gone to yet >:[)

there's a bunch of other stuff too that you can do other places..

there's this cool gokart place in carlsbad.. the gokarts are electric and can go up to 40 or 60 mph.

BEACHES.. there's like.. 439573049285 beaches there... make sure to hit up PB for shopping as well.. (pacific beach)

it's a drive away (just like carlsbad) but there's this water park somewhere south....

iono whatelse. lol i've only gone there a few times myself

oof. i just saw your reply to another persons post..

like i said.. there are 3495820582 beaches in sd... all up and down the coast.. any beach you hit up should be fine.. but yea, pb has shopping that resembles haight street..

also.. clubs? if you COULD.. i would say just hit up tijuana but nows not a very good time to so.... yea..

there's only ONE 18+ club that i know of and it SUCKED. they have different themed nights for different people but when i went there.. it blowed... i wish i went to TJ instead but we couldnt cuz of the danger going on atm.

if you do want to hit up that club in sd, it's in downtown... you'll probably be lucky to find street parking but you're probably just gonna get stuck with garage parking... i dont know about any other clubs in sd but this one was like.. so not my style.. /shudders.. anywho...

i dont remember the name, sadly but it's like.. the only 18+ club in downtown.. hahhaha

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Guest shibalnom

thanks for all the suggestions guys!......i will definitely check everything out!!

shibalnom......OMG that looks soooo awesome....i have to go.....hahaha

that place is awesome :)

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Kearny Mesa aka Clairmont area (practically in the middle of San Diego) is somewhat known as the China Town of San Diego, since there's so many Asian restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

Where is Muzen located? BTW does anyone know how much karaoke costs there, as well as at Soju Town? I haven't been able to get any pricing, and I'm tired of J Music and Jin Music, haha.

The San Diego Zoo is internationally known, as it has the panda exhibit. I wouldn't recommend going there if it's a hot day though, as it can get realllllly hot there during the summer. I'm not a big fan of hot weather. I's definitely worth going to! You can always hang around Mission Valley as there's Fashion Valley Mall, but it has your standard set of high end and low end shops.

Hillcrest has a range of boutiques and cool places to go to, i've heard, but I've never gone. PB is fun if you're with a group of people, since bar-hopping and cute boutiques are always fun to check out.

Check out La Jolla Beach, as it's really nice and a little closer up north. Clubbing is okay. I'm probably one of the few 21+ people who enjoy going to the college events because my under 21 friends go and there's a lot less creepers, since sometimes the club sells out and you're not bothered by 30+ people. 18+ clubs are small and tend to suck unless they are a college event. It's because you have the 30+ people trying to mack on fresh bait and security/bodyguards are a hassle those nights.

Good luck and have fun! Haha I've lived in San Diego all my life and I would say that there's really not much to do except hang out.

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Guest hannieoon

Seaworld for sure!!!

Definitely check out Downtown. But there are homeless people there and some areas are a bit shady. Haven't heard of attacks or anything but you def want to be on your guard.

Horton Plaza is a mall located in downtown as well. It's pretty interesting because it takes you forever to find a store and to get the other side of the mall. It can either richard simmons you off and you can can have fun for a couple of hours. LoL.

As people have mentioned, San Diego Zoo is pretty fun as well.

Gaslamp is pretty well known. Alot of young, hip people go there to hang out. Convoy is a mecca for all asian people. Try going to Crabhut (search Yelp.com for reviews) if you can make it. They have crawfish (if you're into that kind of stuff) and it's supppperrrr good.

When in doubt, you can go onto Yelp.com to see what's up in San Diego. Hope you have fun!

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