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[live Perf] Everybody's Fool - Evanesance

Guest nkp0504

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Guest nkp0504

And Two More other vods

Ok... So it's my first time posting an actual video of myself singing... yay!

well on facebook there are of me dancing lol anyways..

this song is called Everybody's Fool by Evanescence

its a rock song.. the band is a rock band.. lol

i'm not really a rock person though.

and because i was nervous that i would screw up my words and i can't really

hear myself so i go flat pretty much the whole song~

but bare with me and try to enjoy!! <3


Stockholm Syndrome


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Guest Rei_Asuka

omggg you sounded rele awesome!!

Your voice is so mature sounding o.o

compared to my baby voice D:

I rele liked it :D

Yeah i hate when i can't hear myself my sing... especially during live performances when they play the music

RELE loud and you can't hear urself.

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Guest nkp0504

Rei_Asuka: Thankssss!! yes my voice is pretty mature~~ but i loooove your cute voice!!!!!!!! lol

dkang219: I love you too....

oreoo: Thank You!! hahah i know!! very different heh?? lol

Two more Videos Uploaded!!

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Guest mikeXc

nice strong voice - you'd be great to have in a live situation (with me hehehe)! Did you have a vocal monitor? That would help I'm sure.

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Guest minnilu

damn awesome =D

and I wanted to ask the same xD~ did you have a vocal monitor?

I know it sucks not to be able to hear yourself on stage *experience* ...

but yeah... *___* you are awesome xD

post more live performances! xD

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Guest nkp0504

mikeXc: thanksss haha i'm sure there was one a vocal monitor i just probs didn't pay attention to it cuz i was so focused on my words -_- and still forgot the words lol haha yay! live together!

minnilu: i would post more live performances if i had any lol well i do have more but its pretty old. but i wll in the future if i perform more lol~ thanks for watching!

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Guest bambishanny


this was wth 0.o

it sounded totally different from your usual covers! maybe it's because it was live? you sound great! better at live, and that's good!

i love you for it <333 you are awesome! do more lives! =]

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