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[drama 2005] Our Stance On How To Treat A Break-up A.k.a Rules Of Love 이별에

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Guest J Spain
[MBC] Kim Min Jong, Choi Kang Hee
Our Stance On How To Treat A Break-up A.K.A. Rules of Love 이별에 대처하는 우리의 자세 5142wr.jpgSTORY From the MBC globle site There are many unsaid rules and wise sayings about love as well as about breakup. It's true that most breakup scenes in dramas are a bit trite and cliché-ridden. For instance, it always rains when the story's main characters break up. Oddly enough, even the one who gets dumped usually wishes for his or her ex-lover's happiness even though he or she is completely heartbroken. How come every hero in the melodrama is as nice and sweet as an angel? What about something like this for a change - 'I'm not going to let him get away with this.' 'I'll chase her to the end of the world.' Or 'I'll make him pay for my broken heart and pain.' Even though a couple breaks up, there are still things left to be taken care of. They need some time to heal so they can later carry on. A Contract Breakup Many romantic dramas have used 'the contract marriage' (where the people aren't really married, but pose as if they were) as its subject. However, this drama will introduce viewers to love and contract from the point of view of a couple that breaks up. She isn't ready for letting him go when he wants to break up with her. He, on the other hand, has met all the requirements and is ready to put an end to this relationship. The Dreams and Happiness of the Young Generation The 40,000 young people are reported to be unemployed. Most of young people are looking for a job. They don't have time to talk about their dreams or hope. This is the story of the young people who search for their dream, strive to achieve their goals and learn something about love and happiness. CAST Choi Kang Hui as Kim Geun-young ___________Shim Ji Ho as Han Jae-min photo034no.jpgphoto040df.jpgphoto051pt.jpgphoto064tx.jpgKim Min Jong as Lee Seo-jun ________________Kim Ah Joong as Seo Hee-won INFO EP:: 16 AIR DATE:: 2005-07-27 to 2005-09-08 Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM WRITER:: Min Hyo Jung (also wrote Full House (2004) and Attic Cat (2003)) PD:: Lee Jae Dong Previews photo178oq.jpgLINKS Official Korean website wiki.d-addicts.com MBC Globle english site 1st 20 min of ep 1 english sub for download The Official KDA'S Info & Projects Thread This group plans to sub this drama 99lu.jpgCLUBBOX HQ:: touya *lollol101* MQ:: *bom000* LQ:: sylver photo135is.jpgTRANSLATIONS GY - Geunyoung JM - Jaemin SJ - Suhjoon HW - Heewon MS - Minsu (GY younger brother) Episode 8 GY goes home and find SJ standing in the front of her door steps.. GY: ::stares:: ::bow:: GY and SJ are sitting at a park bench drinking some cold refreshments. GY: But really. Why are you here at this time of the night? You really came to see me? SJ: ::hesitates:: It's that... I had something to check. GY: What? Something to check? What is it? SJ: No.... Honestly, today I heard something outrageous... I thought I would have to see you to confirm it. GY looks lost and unconvinced. GY: So? What's after that? What is it that you heard? SJ is being very hesitant. GY: Don't be like this and just tell the truth. In truth, you came because you missed me right? SJ is obviously surprised by her question. GY: Honestly, after not seeing me for a day, you miss me a little..a lot huh? SJ: ::scoffs:: Look here Kim Geunyoung. GY is just smiling as if thinking, "Yes?? Is it not true??" SJ: Why would I miss you? I feel so refreshed not seeing you. GY took some offense to this. GY: Is that so? That's kind of disappointing... I missed you a lot. SJ likes to hear this. SJ: Me? GY: Yes. Opening your eyes wide and saying, "Kim Geunyoung. Nevermind. Get out." that. After not seeing that, I miss that a lot. Oh! That expression. That! That right there! SJ changes his expression and just drinks his drink as GY laughs at him. SJ: If you miss me that much then you can start working at the studio again tomorrow. GY: What? SJ: You are suppose to work at the studio until you pay back the money. GY: ::sigh:: That's true, but I told you. I can't go back to work at the studio. SJ: There's no such thing! You made that promise with your own mouth, so you have to keep it! Come out tomorrow no matter what! Or else I'm going to call the cops on you. SJ: What?! SJ runs off as GY is confused. SJ gets in his car, sees GY walking home, and watches her from the back. GY: Ahh what am I going to do? I don't even have money >< SJ just chuckles from behind. The next day GY shows up at the studio while SJ is photoshooting. GY: Do I really have to work here? Later, couldn't I repay you with money? To be honest, I promised someone that I would quit working at the studio. SJ: What do you mean you promised? GY: Well, there's no need for you to know details, so anyhow, couldn't you cut me some slack? I'll really pay the money back by the next pay day. SJ: Kim Geunyoung. You made a promise with me as well, that you would work here right? GY: Yea... SJ: You made that promise with me first, so keep that one first. GY: Huh? What? SJ ignores GY's persistence and walks off to his next schedule slyly. GY: Oh nooo~ MS: Sis, I thought about it, but why don't you rethink about quitting here? GY: Huh? What? MS: If you quit as well, who is suppose to clean this big studio? I can't do everything. GY: I told you JM is coming soon! MS: Jaemin? ::scoffs:: I don't see that happening. As SJ is walking towards his car, he sees JM hiding behind a brick wall. HW calls to meet with JM at a cafe. JM: What's up? HW: I heard you quit working at the studio. JM: Yeah. HW: That's too bad. It was very fun working with you. JM is flattered to hear this. HW: Then what are you going to do from now on? JM: Well either help my grandfather (with his company)... I'm still thinking. HW: You like photography though. JM is surprised by what HW just said. HW: It's visible when you see your face when you take pictures.... that you like photography. JM is surprised that HW even noticed. HW: Well it's like one word from me will change whether you quit or work at the studio, but rethink about it... why it is that you're doing photography. JM soaks this in. SJ returns from his schedule and sees GY on the floor cleaning... how down she is. SJ calls for MS and tells him to prepare the setting (that JM was suppose to do) for repainting. MS: Sorry. I was suppose to immediately repaint that... I'll do it now! SJ: No it's okay. Just prepare it. MS: What?? SJ: Just prepare it. GY is also lost at what SJ is talking about. JM begins to soak in some of the things GY said to him previously, things like how JM likes photography, how he use to take pictures of his mom... JM gets a call from MS, MS is telling him that SJ wants to see him, and to not lose this chance... MS: My sis says she misses you too! GY gives him a look of confusion JM is happy to hear this. But he keeps his cool and plays hard to get about coming, when in truth he ran to the studio immediately. Meanwhile, GY is waiting in front of the door like a puppy dog for JM. GY is really happy to see JM when he arrives and she can't hide it. MS: Dang you really came fast! How did you manage to get here in 10 minutes? JM: ::stammering:: Oh.. I had was meeting someone nearby. I got your phonecall while I was passing by. GY just smiles (she probably doesn't buy it). MS: Just say that you're sorry, that you'll work harder from now on. JM looks at GY (he probably missed her). JM goes in to see SJ in his office. SJ hands JM an envelope with his paycheck. JM is obviously disappointed. SJ sends him out after giving him the envelope. JM can't hide his disappointment, but leaves without saying anything. GY and MS are curious about what happened but SJ steps out immediately and tells MS to get ready to leave for their next schedule, telling GY to leave whenever since they'll probably run late. MS: Hey! What are you going to do? I told you to apologize. JM: Apologize about what? I have no regrets towards this place. I'll just quit. MS: Do whatever you want then. JM: Goodbye. I'm leaving. As JM is walking out, he sees the setting of the unfinished painting job. JM begins to repaint the setting quietly. GY hesitantly steps in to help. JM: It's okay. I was suppose to finish this anyways. GY: It's okay. Let's just leave it and leave. It's not really urgent, and MS can come tomorrow to finish the rest. But JM continues to repaint it. GY gives up and starts to repaint as well. JM: You just stand there. But GY just looks at him and continues on. JM: I said I'll do it. GY doesn't budge. JM: That stubbornness of yours... >< They begin to paint together As they have a ball doing it! SJ and MS return to the studio. SJ sees that the setting is finished and finds JM and GY sleeping. GY wakes up and sees that SJ has returned. SJ goes in his office with GY following him. GY: You saw it right? If you let him by this once, he's going to really work hard from now on. SJ: That's just something we'll have to see.... GY just got what he said (that JM got his job back) SJ: But who told you to do it with him? (Jealousy?? ) GY: What? SJ: Nothing. You can leave now. GY leaves and she sits at the table, watching JM sleep. MS comes and wakes JM up, while GY tries to stop him. MS: Hey! If you're done sleeping, SJ said he wants to see you. JM: Hey what time is it? GY: It's past ten. JM hurrily gets up and goes to see SJ. JM: I'm sorry. If you forgive me this once, I'll work really hard from now on. SJ: Go in tonight, get some rest, and come to work by 9 tomorrow. JM: ::happily:: Okay. JM is on his way out the door... SJ: Han Jaemin. This is the last time. JM: Okay. Thank you GY walks JM out... GY: Since you haven't worked in a while, you're probably going to be aching here and there so massage yourself and put on some cooling patches. JM: Yea. Okay. Go in. GY: Oh yea. But Jaemin... what are you doing tomorrow? JM: ::thinks::... Come to work. GY: Oh... okay. Then I'll see you tomorrow JM: Okay. Bye. ::waves:: GY is extremely happy and she can't hide it. GY goes in with a glass of juice to see SJ. GY can't hide her smile. SJ: What is it? GY: You did well. Later, you WILL be blessed. GY turns to leave. SJ: Hey Kim GY, I need to shoot something, will you be my model? GY: Model? Me? SJ: Well, it's nothing hard, you just sit there. How about tomorrow evening? GY: Tomorrow evening? SJ: Do you have plans? GY: Not yet... but... seeing that I haven't gotten a call yet... There's probably a higher probability that I won't have plans huh? SJ: So you're saying you don't have plans. GY: Yeah. Well... Yeah. SJ: You may leave. GY: Okay. ::hesitates:: But, it's not a nude model you need right? After GY sees SJ's reaction () she doesn't need an answer. GY: ::chuckling:: Just in case... SJ: We're shooting with clothes on. SJ and GY are going through the wardrobe but can't seem to find anything that seems to match the concept. SJ decides to take GY shopping for the photoshoot. After looking hard, they finally find one. While checking out... Worker: Your boyfriend has good taste! GY: Huh?! This guy isn't my boyfriend. Worker: What? GY: My real boyfriend is taller and very much younger. Worker: Oh.. GY continues to complain as they walk out... GY: Last time they said something about me being your wife... What the hell is this?! How could they see you and me as a couple?! Do I look that old?? SJ: That's why you should have took care of your skin. What is that for a girl's skin?? SJ and GY return to the studio. GY: I mean. If my skin looks so old why are you asking me to be your model? You can ask someone else. HW drives in and scoffs when she sees GY. SJ HW and another worker are in a meeting together. When the meeting is over and HW leaves, GY runs after her and they go to a cafe to talk. GY: Um.. JM is coming back in. Thank you for putting in that word. HW: Then why are you still there? GY: Uh that's because... Sorry it happened this way but couldn't you just wait until this pay day? HW: Must you make a person this immature?! GY: What?! I see that you're uncomfortable because of me, but I do have something called reasons. While you're waiting, couldn't you just wait a few days more? HW: Why does a person (you) have so much greed? Are you saying that you're going to have both people with an innocent face as if you knew nothing?! GY is confused. HW: While you (Kim GY) are there, I think it's going to be hard for me, so will you just stop? GY: Uh hey. I don't know what you're talking about... But anyways, right now I'm in a situation where I can't do as I want. That's why I'm here apologizing now. HW: Okay. Do what you want. I have my own plans. GY: What? Your own plans? HW: Since it's immature like this, let's keep playing immature. GY has no idea what she's referring to. JM and his grandfather are having breakfast and JM complains about the seaweed soup. His grandfather reminds him that today is his birthday (stupid) . His grandfather tells him to come in early to celebrate with him, but JM refuses, questioning how it would possibly be fun with just them two. His grandfather begins to bring up how JM should be married by now, and JM says he's always depressed around his birthday because of his grandfather. His grandfather gives him some money to do whatever on his birthday. JM is in his room counting the bills, then he picks up the phone.. JM: Heewon..Uhhh... If Geunyoung finds out, she'll go crazy. Yeah... Okay. Geunyoung...Uhhh... But it's my birthday. Heewon...... No wait. If GY finds out that I met HW for my birthday.... Then he gets a call from HW. JM: Today? Meanwhile, GY is neatly and carefully wrapping up JM's birthday present. MS complains how GY could take all his money, but buy JM something she never buys for him, but GY tells MS that it's for JM's birthday so MS leaves angry (haha that's cute). GY's family tells GY to invite JM over for dinner for his birthday but they change their mind when they wonder why the girlfriend's family has to prepare the feast for his birthday, and it would probably be more fun with just GY and JM by themselves. But GY seems a little down when her family rambles on about not being too late tonight, assuming that JM is spending his birthday with GY. JM is early for work, and he's in dilemma on what to tell GY. He drops SJ's planner and coincidentally sees the picture of GY but puts it back when he hears someone coming. MS: Hey Han Jaemin! You are early today! GY: You came early. MS: Oh! Han Jaemin, are you working hard because you're scared of getting fired? Doing the cleaning yourself? MS is obviously teasing JM. As MS is about to walk out.. MS: Oh! Han Jaemin. Happy birthday! JM bought lunch for everyone. MS: Thanks, I'll eat a lot! GY: Hey! Why did you order so much when you can't even eat all of it? MS: I CAN eat all of it! JM: It's okay. Eat a lot. Eat up guys. MS: It's a birthday fest! This is the least he can do! Isn't that right SJ?? SJ: Minsu.... When is your birthday? MS: Why? SJ: Strangely... I'm looking forward to it. MS: ::stammering:: My birthday is long gone. Let's eat up. SJ: It's soon isn't it?? (haha I thought this was funny.. a nice light side of SJ) GY and SJ are having some tea in SJ's office. SJ: Then I guess we can't shoot today.. GY: I don't know yet... SJ: It's Jaemin's birthday though. GY: I think Jaemin has plans with another person. Afterall, I should let him by on his birthday right? GY JM and MS are sitting. (JM is probably hesitating to tell JM about his plans today while GY is hopefully waiting for JM to say something) As MS gets up to leave... MS: Birthday is good and all, but my sister can't be late so send her home early. JM approaches GY... JM: Today, I had plans with Sukjin and my high school friends.... Friends have loyalty so it's not like I can tell them that I can't go because of my girlfriend... Today, I don't think you have to play the role of my girlfriend... So what should I do? Can't we have my party tomorrow? GY: It's okay. I had plans today anyways. JM: Oh really? What plans? GY: Well.. it's none of your business. JM: Well, okay. That's good then. We'll have the party tomorrow. See you tomorrow then. JM walks away... GY: Hey! Once again.. Happy Birthday. JM: Okay. JM leaves and GY takes out the present she bought for JM. GY: Chet. You could've just said you were going to go meet HW.. You little!!! SJ comes out while GY is look at the present. GY: Oh SJ. I think I can help you with the shoot today. SJ: Really? GY: Good huh? SJ: Yeah. What is this? GY: Oh this is a shirt... Oh SJ, do you want to wear it?? SJ: What? GY: I was thankful about the movie and... I'll just give this to you as a present. SJ: You're giving this to me? GY nodds and SJ takes the shirt and looks at it. GY's conscience gets to her. GY: To be honest, I bought it to give to JM, but you just wear it. SJ: Why would I wear something you bought for JM? GY: Oh what do you mean? Anyone that looks good in it should wear it! I think it'll look better on you! Ohh look! It looks so good on you! GY holds the shirt up against SJ and compliments how nice it looks on SJ and tells him to try it on. JM and HW meet at a restaurant. HW: Sorry, I'm late aren't I? JM: It's okay, I just came too. Do you want to drink something cold? HW: No I have to go back in. JM: Oh really? I wanted to eat dinner or something together... To be honest... Today is my bi- HW: Hey you know your girlfriend... Kim Geunyoung. She's a really funny person. JM: What? Geunyoung? Why you say that? HW: To be honest, Kim Geunyoung came to me, asking me to meet you and stop you from leaving the studio, then she'll leave the studio. JM: What? HW: But now she's saying she doesn't want to leave the studio. I heard she even had an accident so she's in debt there. JM: Oh that... That's not Geunyoung's fault. It's my mistake that she's repaying for. HW: What? Then that's not even her job so she has more of a reason to not be there. I don't understand. Do you know how much Kim Geunyoung plays with people with an innocent face? JM: HW, I know, but Geunyoung isn't like that. She's more like too naive and innocent. She's not like that. HW: That's why I said you were stupid. Do you know why Kim Geunyoung is trying not to leave the studio? JM: Huh? HW: It's because of SJ. JM: What? HW: Do you even know that the two are seeing each other? JM is walking, thinking about what HW just told him. Meanwhile, SJ and HW are preparing for the photoshoot. SJ: Is it going to take longer? GY: I'm coming out. Hehe... Normally, the make up is suppose to be done by the make up artist huh? SJ: You don't need make up. Your face doesn't come out. GY gets a phone call from JM before she can say anything to SJ. GY: Hello? JM: It's me. Where you at? GY: Why? What? Now? I told you I had plans. JM: What kind of great plans is it? If your boyfriend tells you to come out, come out. Why all the fuss? Whatever. Come out or not, do whatever you want! GY: Chet. ...... Um SJ... Sorry but.... SJ: It's okay... Go on ahead. GY: Uh! Sorry. Instead I'll work harder tomorrow. SJ: Okay. GY: Okay. Then... GY turns around to go back and change. SJ: Geunyoung.. Just wear that and go. GY: Huh? What? SJ: You said it was his birthday. GY shows up all dressed up and JM is more confused about this. GY: Why did you call me out? JM is obvserving GY's outfit. GY: What?? What is it? JM: You really must be playing (I couldn't find a better word to translate) huh? GY: What??? JM and GY are eating dinner at a fancy restaurant. JM: This is our first time eating at a place like this together huh? GY: But isn't this too expensive. JM: Don't worry. Grandpa gave me money to eat something good. GY: Oh~ But what about Heewon? JM: What? GY: You went to go meet Heewon. JM: What a psychic. GY: Chet. Then did you think I was stupid. JM: Then why didn't you say anything? GY: Just because. Since it's your birthday, I was just letting you meet Heewon. JM: But still.. I came back to spend it with my girlfriend. GY is confused and surprised by this and see that JM is staring at her. GY: What? JM: Oh nothing. Oh yeah. Do you have any present for me? GY: No I don't. I didn't buy one because I figured you'll probably just get mad since we're going to break up anyways. JM: Man that was harsh, afterall it is my birthday. GY: Oh.. SJ is buy himself at the studio just taking pictures... (Then the screen doesn't move so I don't know what happens) JM and GY are having some beer at a park bench. GY: I really must have a hard head. There's a lot of times when I forget that we're trying to break up. That's why sometimes I'll get mad, sad... but when you really look at it, it's not even your fault. I'm sorry towards you. Sorry to bother and annoy you. JM: Hey! If you're talking about being sorry, what about me? I.. lied a lot, always create accidents... but still you're the only one in the world that's always understanding and by my side. I just don't say it, but I'm really thankful towards you. GY: Chet. ::laughs:: JM: It's just that I'm so comfortable, that I can even say embarassing things to you. GY: What embarassing things?? JM: Hey! I only told you about my mother and photography! GY is touched by this. JM: To tell you the truth, I like you. I say that you're annoying but that's just something I say because I'm mad. GY: Yeah. I know. Now, I get less mad at you, less sad then before.... This is really breaking up. JM is a bit heartbroken to hear this. GY: Don't worry... Now I am little by little breaking up with you. (OUCH .... I love how the music just comes in here.... it's so heartfelt.) You can see the fear in Jaemin's eyes as GY can't. GY and JM are both in their own thoughts... sad. JM's eyes tear up, but GY just smiles, not knowing, as her eyes tear up. SJ is still at the studio looking at the picture of GY he has in his planner. JM drops GY off at home. GY: Alright. Go now. JM: Go ahead and go in. GY: Oh yeah! What did you mean I must be playing earlier? JM: Huh? Oh that! When I called you, if you came right away that meant you are still the same, but if you said you couldn't come or didn't show up, that meant you must be playing. GY: What?? JM just laughs. JM: I was really angry earlier, but as soon as I saw you I forgot. GY is surprised to hear this. JM: I'm going now. JM turns to leave but stops and turns around. JM: You're really pretty today. GY is flattered and plays with her dress, when she remembers about SJ. JM is walking back and is thinking about earlier.. JM: Heh.. Sorry. (He probably thinks that he had the wrong idea, which he does, and he's just sorry that he assumed it was true) JM goes into a convenient store and coincidentally sees GY running off somewhere again, and he follows her to the studio. SJ tries on the shirt and is looking at himself in the mirror when GY walks in. GY: SJ! I thought you would still be.. here.... Oh! (looking at him) SJ tries to hide the graphic on the shirt but GY just laughs at him. GY and SJ continue the photoshoot while JM is hesistant outside, thinking about what HW said earlier. GY: The pictures came out? Show me. JM walks in the studio and sees GY and SJ looking over the pictures, being all casual and joking and laughing with each other. (KJM looks really really cute here!!! First time thinking that during the entire drama since he doesn't smile much in this role!) JM remembers what GY had said to him earlier about little by little breaking up with him and he's sad again. JM is heartbroken and turns to leave. GY gets up to leave... SJ: Kim Geunyoung. You can wear that. GY: ?? Oh oh oh no. It's okay. This is expensive... SJ: I just bought it for setting so you can keep it. GY: But still. I don't want to. It's okay. SJ: I say just take it. GY: No it's okay. JM grabs GY's arm and pulls her to leave but GY protests and he's surprised at this. JM pulls her again but SJ stops him. SJ: Han Jaemin. Episode ends!!
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Guest iluvgum

i'm so glad this page is back! i just started watching it. i don't understand what they are saying, but it's still looks fun!!

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Guest k3n4uri

I was hoping that I could read the episode summary here in soompi since this show airing on our local tv station doesn't have a subtitle but it is gone! :( Ohh well tom is episode 8 and hopefully by next week someone will post the other episodes! :D

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Hi Judi,

Thanks for starting this thread again.....was lamenting to Queenie that we lost everything here and hope someone would start it again....^ ^

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Guest J Spain

Hi Judi,

Thanks for starting this thread again.....was lamenting to Queenie that we lost everything here and hope someone would start it again....^ ^

i know i can't belive we lost everything. luckly i had the trans for ep 8 on my hard drive but not 7 :( . i also have all the pics i posted b4 :) . at some point i'll get around to posting them again mybe fri. then againg i'm lazy and it might take longer. so what do you think of the 1st post?

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judi- the first post looks beautiful.. you did such a great job!!! I will try to re-post some of the pix too.. maybe in the weekend when i have more time.. great to see everyone back again.. miss u & jojo so much :)

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I don't know who to credit this to, I simply made a copy prior to the rebuild.


GY - Geunyoung

JM - Jaemin

SJ - Suhjoon

HW - Heewon

MS - Minsu (GY younger brother)

Episode 9

JM walks in the studio and sees GY and SJ looking over the pictures, being all casual and joking and laughing with each other. (KJM looks really really cute here!!! First time thinking that during the entire drama since he doesn't smile much in this role!)

JM remembers what GY had said to him earlier about little by little breaking up with him and he's sad again.

JM is heartbroken and turns to leave.

GY gets up to leave...

SJ: Kim Geunyoung. You can wear that.

GY: ?? Oh oh oh no. It's okay. This is expensive...

SJ: I just bought it for setting so you can keep it.

GY: But still. I don't want to. It's okay.

SJ: I say just take it.

GY: No it's okay.

SJ: Just take it.

JM grabs GY's arm and pulls her to leave but GY protests and he's surprised at this.

JM pulls her again but SJ stops him.

SJ: Han Jaemin.

Both GY and SJ's eyes are on JM, but then GY turns her eyes on SJ.

SJ: Let go of her hand.

JM pulls but SJ keeps a firm grip.

GY: Ouch! Ouch! Don't be like this. It hurts! It hurts! Ah!

SJ lets go first then JM lets go.

JM: Let's hurry up and go.

GY protests once again when JM pulls her.

GY: Hey! Really! What is wrong with you?! Are you crazy?!?

JM is shocked and pissed.

JM: What?!?!

SJ: It's late so go ahead and go in.

JM: Hurry up and come out.

JM pulls GY's arm once again but GY pulls her hand out quickly, says bye to SJ and leaves herself, first, leaving the dress behind.

JM is surprised at GY's actions but JM follows her out.

Outside the studio

JM: You looked like you were going to die of happiness. I bet if I didn't come, you would have stayed up flirting (?).

GY: What?! Flirting???

JM: Yeah. You were flirting! You were dying of happiness.

GY: Today, I was suppose to help SJ with a photoshoot, but I couldn't keep the promise because I left to meet you. So I wanted to at least help him this late, so I went.

JM: So. What are you?! Why are you proposing (first offering) to help??

GY: I don't know if I may just be funny (like an easy joke) and mean nothing to you, but I guess it's not like that for SJ!

JM: Hey, don't be like this and just tell the truth. Do you like our teacher (SJ)??

GY: What???

JM: It's okay if you just tell the truth. Do you guys meet behind my back??

GY: ::sigh:: Both meeting behind my back is something you're good at.

JM: What???

GY: Why do I have to say things like this to you?? I'm leaving. Good bye. ::sigh::

JM: Hey Kim GY!! Hey!

SJ is still at the studio looking at the dress.

JM comes back and they both go for a drink.

SJ: Drink.

Both take shots.

SJ: I asked her to be a model for the photoshoot.. to Kim GY. She made a promise with me first but since she said it was your birthday, I gave it up. Don't foolishly misunderstand.

JM: I saw that picture.

SJ: What picture?

JM: The polariod that captured GY. The one inside your diary (planner)... I saw it. I wish you'd return it.

SJ takes another shot.

JM: Return it (please).

SJ: I don't want to.

JM is surprised.

SJ: A while back, back when I was young as you... I had liked this one girl. I liked her a lot... I didn't know that then. You're suppose to keep precious/important things when you have them, it's no use regretting after you lose it.

JM begins to realize what SJ is getting to.

SJ: If an opportunity like that comes again.. I'm not going to lose it this time.(CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT HE SAID HERE?? I couldn't make out what he said ><)

JM ponders about what SJ said and what GY had said before (about how she's slowly slowly breaking up with him).

JM was going to call GY but he hesitates.

JM looks hurrily for the break up contract.

(Back voice: GY: Our contract period is until GY finds someone (else) she loves.)

Nexty day at the studio, GY is sweeping.

JM comes in and the two don't know what to do.

SJ comes in..

SJ: GY... can you come see me?

GY: Sure.

GY and SJ step into SJ's office and JM is uncomfortable with this.

SJ hands GY a bag with the dress in it.

SJ: Here.

GY: What is this?

SJ: The dress you wore yesterday.

GY: Ah it's okay!

SJ: I bought it for the setting anyways. There's no one to wear it, and just think of it as a gift for being a model.

GY: My face didn't even come out..Ah! Couldn't I just refund this for money??

SJ: What??

GY: Long as you have the receipt, the mall will give you a refund!

SJ: You wore this yesterday for the photoshoot, and you even wore it for the birthday party.

GY: Ummm... they still refund it.

SJ lets out a deep sigh as if he's about to say something.

GY: Okay... Oh! Thank you! Oh yeah! Sorry about yesterday... because of JM.

SJ: Why are you apologizing for it?

GY: Huh?

SJ: Jaemin is Jaemin. You are you. Don't forget that (hehehe)

JM is dying of curiosity waiting outside but he tries to play it cool.

JM sees the bag...

JM: What's that? What is that?

GY: A gift (from him).

And GY just walks away.

Everyone (JM, GY, SJ, MS) are in a meeting discussing about concepts for the next year (flowers).

JM continuously stares at GY, and when they make eye contact, GY has no idea why JM is staring so hard.

Then SJ calls on her...

SJ: Kim GY...Do you like flowers??

JM is taken back at SJ's question, and GY is as well.

GY: What?

JM follows GY around, trying to get her not to go with SJ to the flower market.

JM: Hey don't go to the flower market or whatever it is.

GY: What? (busily gathering her stuff)

JM: Say you're sick or busy. You can make up an excuse.

GY: Why do I have to do that? (still ignoring JM)

JM: I don't know, but if you go with SJ, I'm really not going to forgive you!

GY: What?? (looking up at him now)

SJ walks in...

SJ: Wanna leave?

And without even looking away or hesitating...

GY: Yes. Let's leave.

SJ and GY go off to the flower market as JM is left behind at the studio.

In the car...

GY: How long does it take from here? Is it really far?

SJ: No.

GY: Ohh.

JM is unknowingly frustrated.

MS: Oh hey! Do well on the shoot, and yeah, watch the studio.

JM: Hey MS, lend me some money... about ($)3ooo.

MS: Hey, I don't have that kind of money. Do I looked like a bank?!? Everyone that looks at me asks me for money.

JM: Hey don't be like that and lend me the money. I'll even pay you back with interest.

MS: Hey, you can just ask your grandfather for money!


MS just walks off

MS: Just watch the studio.

Meanwhile, GY and SJ are having fun at the flower market, then they are at a cafe, and SJ notices how much GY likes the flowers they bought.

GY: It's great.... So, next year's concept is flowers?

SJ: Well... just trying to come up with this and that.

GY: Ohh... It's my first time seeing so many flowers together. Although before, JM use to buy me single roses....... ><''

SJ: Is that so?

GY: Yea. ><

SJ: What are you doing this weekend. I'm going to ----- (????), don't you want to come?? If you're busy it's okay.

GY: I actually study for my tests on weekends!

SJ: Ohh.... study.

GY: I haven't given up on my studies!! I do it at home! I do it while working once in a while too!

SJ: Okay..

GY: And plus, it's not like I'm going to be working at the studio that long.

SJ: You're right.. @_@??

JM is working on the shoot at the studio while (probably) thinking of GY.

JM gets a phone call.

JM: Wassup HW?

HW and JM meet up at a cafe.

HW hands JM an envelope and JM is confused at this.

HW: Money for the lens. I thought you'd need it.

JM: It's okay, why are you? I don't want it.

HW: What's wrong with that? Friends can't even do this for each other?

JM: But still, I don't want to take this from you.

HW: It's okay for your girlfriend to be working at the studio because of you, but it's not okay for a friend to help you? Just take this, and just tell Kim GY to come out of the studio.

JM is lost and hesitant.

HW: Why? Is it because you think Kim GY will say something? Then.. just don't tell her that I gave it to you. But.. if she says she won't come out this time, that'll be really strange won't it???

JM realizes what she's trying to get to.

JM is thinking about the money until GY and SJ show back up to the studio.

GY sets the heavy load of flowers down as JM walks towards her.

JM: What is this?

GY: Can't you see? It's flowers.

JM tosses the envelope on top of the flowers.

GY: What is this?

JM: Money for the lens. Give this to him and don't come out to the studio from now on. Don't come out from tomorrow on.

GY: Hey! Where did you get this???

JM: It doesn't matter where I got it.

JM walks off as GY follows after him.

GY: If you don't tell me, I can't take this. Where did you really get this?

JM: Just take, what does it matter?

JM is ignoring GY's persistance but GY pulls JM to make eye contact with her, to show that she's serious.

JM: My grandpa gave me money.

GY: Your grandpa?

JM: Yeah. I told him I made an accident, he beated me a few times, and told me to take it and repay him. So, take this and repay him and don't come out from tomorrow, okay?

GY: Do you really hate me working here?

JM: Of course I do, are you kidding?!

GY is a little hurt by this.

JM: ....Do you think I'm comfortable and like how you're working here? You don't even have enough time to study but you're always cleaning and doing favors, what is that?! You're working because of me... so how should I like that..?

GY: But still... what hard-work?

SJ: (under his breathe) I dont' like you meeting with SJ too.

GY: Huh?

SJ: Oh nothing. Just give that to him.

SJ happens to call JM so he takes this change to get out of that situation.

SJ: Go give this to Teacher (just a broad title used in Korea) Han.

JM: Okay.

As JM is about to leave...

SJ: Han JM.

JM: Yes?

SJ: Perhaps, is it uncomfortable to work here?

JM: No. No such thing.

SJ: Oh.

JM: I'm going to continue to learn about photography here... as long as you don't find me uncomfortable.

SJ: Well if you don't, that's good.

JM leaves to run the errand.

GY is still staring at the envelope.

JM: I'll be back, I'm going to ---- (???).

JM notices how lost in thought GY is about the situation.

JM: I'll be back.

GY gives no response to him so JM just leaves.

GY is continuously hesitating but decides to go give the money to SJ.

GY walks into SJ's office and hands him the envelope...

GY: Here.

SJ: What is it?

GY: Money for the lens. Not what I gave you last time, but the rest of it.

SJ is put down by this (heartbroken)... and GY (?) is as well.

GY: Thank you for all the times.

GY leaves the room before SJ really has a chance to say anything.

HW walks in while GY comes out, but HW just walks past GY and goes to see SJ.

HW: Hello.

SJ: You're here.

HW: What is that?

SJ: Nothing.

HW knows.

MS: See, I knew it. There's no way that grandpa wouldn't give the money. But.. I think I'll miss seeing you.

GY: I always see you at home.

MS: Should we ask SJ for a farewell party?

GY: No. No farewell party!

HW walks in.

HW: What do you mean farewell party? Is someone leaving??

MS: Oh my sister..It's her last day.

HW: Oh! Really?? Then we have to (do the farewell party)!

MS: See! Don't we?!

SJ walks in.

SJ: Haven't left yet?

HW: Oh SJ, I heard it was Kim GY's last day. Then we have to have a farewell party.

MS: We should.

SJ: Should we?

They are all at a kareoke cafe (?) for the farewell party.

SJ and GY are obviously down about the event while the others are rather happy.

HW: How sad... We were just about to get close. I bet you're really sad too, since a precious worker is quitting...

JM: What do you mean sad? She'll just visit often.

HW: It isn't long until the tests are up, she has to study. When would she have time to fool around at her boyfriend's work? (She chose very inappropriate diction!)

GY: What?!

JM is worried about this kind of atmosphere.

MS: The next person! The main person today! Kim GY, now come out and sing! What's wrong? You do it well at home!

JM: Yeah GY. Sing one.

SJ takes this opportunity to sing with GY.

SJ: Kim GY. Come out.

GY doesn't want to.

SJ: Let's do it together.

GY and SJ sing together and HW and JM find this uncomfortable.

HW gets up to leave but JM stops her.

JM: Where you going?

HW: Bathroom.

HW walks out and JM follows her, GY sees this and stops singing as SJ follows.

JM waits outside of the bathroom for HW.

JM: Did you really have to do that??

HW is surprised.

HW: What??

JM: If GY left the studio like you wanted, there's no need to bring people here and make it uncomfortable.

HW: Are you uncomfortable?? Your girlfriend and I are together so you're nervous?

JM: No.. What I mean is-

HW: Like I wanted? Then what about you? Not you??

GY walks in.

HW: Han JM. Try being honest. You didn't like the idea of SJ and GY getting closer, so you immediately took my money and gave it to her!

GY is shocked at what she's hearing.

HW: But you come now and say what?? Uncomfortable???

GY hurries back to where SJ is...

GY: SJ, sorry but you know what I gave you earlier?? Give it back please!

SJ hands GY the envelope.

GY: Thank you!

GY rushes back out but she meets HW and JM.

GY grabs HW's hand...

GY: Let's talk.

HW: What are you doing?!

GY: I said let's talk!

JM: GY..

But HW stops him and walks out first, while GY just gives JM a dirty look and follows out.

GY hands out the envelope.

GY: Take this back.

HW just smirks.

GY: I said take this back.

HW: If you want to give this back, give it back to JM.

HW walks off and GY goes back to talk to JM.

GY: Hey Han JM. Let's talk. Sorry SJ but we'll go in first.

SJ gives her a gesture of approval and GY and JM leave.

GY and JM are at a park...

GY pushes the money back at JM.

GY: Are you in your right mind?! How could you receive this money from her?

JM: Friends can do that.. so what?

GY: You really.... you really don't know?!? Then let me ask you one thing. If you receive this money... what does that make me?

JM: What do you mean what does it make you?

GY is shocked to hear this.... rather hurt.

GY: You really.... you really think I'm cleaning at the studio to pay back your money because I'm stupid?!

JM is confused.

GY: The time I spend with you.... to let you go little by little.... Me trying so hard.... To you, it looked like nothing?!?

JM doesn't know what to say.

GY: You... about me... about my heart.... HAVE YOU EVER TRUELY CONSIDERED THAT YOU BASTARD?!?!

JM just realizes what this means to GY.

GY: You bastard.

GY walks off but GY runs after her and stops her.

JM: Then... Then what am I suppose to do?! (Choking on his tears) What am I suppose to do?!

GY just walks off and both of them are really hurt...

As GY is walking, JM remembers what GY had said to JM about how she's slowing beginning to let him go... and this really hurts him.

GY can't sleep and JM is consistently calling her but she turns off her phone.

GY cries herself to sleep.

GY is coming back to her room from the bathroom..

MS: Sis, what was wrong yesterday?? You fought with JM didn't you? Why did you guys fight again??

GY doesn't say anything and just walks off.

GY is looking over the break up contract but her mom walks in on her so she tries to hurrily put it in the desk. (Her mom notices this)

Mom: Oh, I just went to the mall yesterday and I bought this. It's a wallet. Tell JM it's his birthday present, that I said Happy Birthday.

GY: It's okay. Just give it to MS.

Mom: Just give it to him, I bought it for him anyways.


Mom: Why are you getting so angry?!

GY: When??

Mom: What's wrong? Did you fight with JM?

GY: No.

Mom: Did his grandpa say anything?

GY: What? What would his grandpa say??

Mom: No, just wondering..

GY gets up and leaves...

GY: I'll be back...

GY's mom comes running down the stairs.

Mom: Where is GY?! Did she leave??

Dad: Yeah. She said she's going to the library. Why?

Mom: You, don't lie. What happened with JM and your sis??

MS: Huh?

Mom: I'm asking if you knew about this!

MS takes the contract and the family looks at it.

JM and his grandpa are having breakfast.

GP: Why are you eating like that???

JM: I just don't have an appetite.

GP: A guy so young...Oh yea.. Here. Look at this.

JM's GP hands over a picture of a girl.

JM: What is that??

GP: Your blind date.


GP: After she graduated, she's a professor at a college but they said if you just say yes, she can get married right away. Her dad is a college professor as well. Isn't she pretty? GY has nothing compared to her.

JM: GP what's wrong with you?

GP: You said you wanted to hurry up and get married.

JM gets up.

GP: Why are you getting up??

JM: I'm done eating.

JM walks to his room.

GY is sitting around on campus, thinking.

JM meets HW at a cafe and hands HW back the envelope.

JM: This... I think I have to just give this back. I didn't think about her position, it was my mistake.

HW: Jaemin-

JM: I kept getting the feeling that she was running away from me, so I took it in a hurry, but I made a mistake.

HW is surprised at JM.

JM: I keep hurting her heart.

HW realizes something..

JM: I think she's really mad this time.... And what if she doesn't forgive me?? It's weird, but I don't want to lose her. I think I would really hate it without her.

HW is left at the cafe by herself as she thinks.

GY comes home to find her entire family waiting for her, with the break up contract.

Everyone is telling her how stupid she is for such a thing, and for holding onto a guy that doesn't even like her, and commands her not to meet JM again, but GY just says that it's her business and runs to her room.

JM is outside of GY's front gate when her mom comes out to throw out trash.

JM: Oh.. I came to see GY.

Mom: GY isn't home.

JM: Oh..

Mom: There's no need for you to meet GY from now on. And from now on, don't come in front of the house either. I don't know how great of a person you are, but you shouldn't be like that. You will be punished if such a young person as you make girls cry.

JM: What?

Mom: Then go on home! Go on!

JM leaves and GY's mom walks in angrily.

GY sees JM from her window.

SJ comes to the empty studio and looks at GY's empty desk. (He misses her ... What?!

SJ: I said let's date.

GY: What??

SJ: To be honest, I like you Kim GY.

GY: ???? What did you say?!

SJ: That I like you.

GY: What did you say?!?!

SJ: I.... like you Kim GY.


SJ: I like you. (All the times he said this before this one, he used formal language, but he said this one informally That's my girl!

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Guest Queenie Leo

Hello to all


Here are each episode synopsis of 'Our Stance on How to Treat a Break-Up'.

Kim Geun Young - Choi Kang Kee

Lee Seo Jun - Kim Min Jong

Han Jae Min - Shim Ji Ho

Sau Hee Won - Kim Ah Joong

The Contract of Separation

The Contract of Separation is as follows:

1. Purpose

Since Kim Geun Young and Han Jae Min started dating each other on mutual consent, there must also be such consent with regards to separation.

2. Period

The period refers to such time until when Kim Geun Young finds someone she loves.

3. Conditions

a) Han Jae Min has to perform all duties expected of him as Kim Geun Young's lover

during the entire period of the contract. (He cannot date anyone else during this time.)

B) If this contract is made known to a thired party, Han Jae Min cannot break up with Kim Geun Young.

c) Kim Geun Young and Han Jae Min cannot break up until this contract expires.

4. Terms

1) Both parties are to help each other prepare emotionally for the breakup.

2) All good memories are to be forgotten.

3) Even if there are enjoyable experiences, these are never to be shared with the other party.

4) Even if there are painful incidents, these are never to be shared with the other party.

5) One is not to feel happiness or joy because of the other party.

6) After going separate ways, one cannot turn around to look at the back of the other party.

Episode 1

Jae Min's grandpa plans to send him to China, so Jae Min

packs his bag, preparing to run away from home at dawn,

taking with him golf club(s) and a porcelain vase.

He is caught by his grandpa and has to leave without the

golf club(s) and the vase. Having left home, he goes to

the workplace he sourced out earlier.

Min Su, who works in Seo Jun's studio, is Jae Min's classmate

from high scool and still harbors bad feelings towards Jae Min

from that time, so when Jae Min says he wants to be hired as

an assistant in the studio, Min Su tells him that he can't accept

him because Jae Min did not major in photography.

Rejected by Min Su, Jae Min finds out by chance that

Min Su has an older sister and plans his strategy.

Geun Young, who is preparing for her exam, is very confused

when Jae Min appears out of the blue at the library and hands

her some balloons.

Geun Young goes to her friend's birthday party at a nightclub

and meets Jae Min again there. The two have a great time

and are shocked when they find themselves lying next to

each other at a strange place the next morning.

Jae Min tells Geun Young that he has liked her all along

and insists that he should get her parent's approval so

that they can date each other officially.

Geung Young is shocked out of her wits.

And then Jae Min proposes that they should date each other

for just one week ...

Episode 2

Having succeeded in capturing Geun Young's heart,

Jae Min asks a favor from Geun Young and finally gets to

to work in Seo Jun's studio.

Now that he has achieved his target, he doesn't need

Geun Young anymore. Because she will only be in

his way when he wants to pursue Hee Won aggressively.

Jae Min starts to put into action ways he thinks would

make Geun Young break up with him.

Jae Min becomes cold towards Geun Young just like that,

so she can't help getting confused by his sudden

change in attitude.

Hee Won, who is celebrating her own birthday, asks Seo Jun

to go see the opera together with her. However, Seo Jun,

is engrossed in his work, so he turns down her request for a date.

Jae Min gives a birthday present to the upset and miserable

Hee Won. Meanwhile Geun Young, who has been waiting

for Jae Min in front of the studio, finds Jae Min returning with

Hee Won.

Episode 3

As he returns with Hee Won, Jae Min pretends not to know

Geun Young who is approaching. When Hee Won asks

who she is, Jae Min says that she is a friend's older sister

and that she isn't anyone in particular. Geun Young feels

a huge sense of betrayal at Jae Min's words.

Seo Jun realizes that Jae Min has come to the studio to work

because of Hee Won. Hee Won thinks Jae Min, who pesters

and clings on to her, is nothing but pathetic.

Finally Jae Min confesses to Geung Young that he has never

liked her, not even once, and asks her to please leave her alone.

Geun Young is devastated at Jae Min's hurting words, so she

tries hard not to cry, and turns around to leave. After several

days of refusing to eat and just lying around, Geun Young has

made up her mind. She takes out a piece of paper and starts

writing fervently. She summons Jae Min, telling him that if

he can do exactly what the contract says, then she would

break up with him.

Episode 4

Jae Min cannot believe that he has put his seal on the

"Contract of Separation" handed out by Geun Young, all

because he is confused and wants to end everything.

Meeting with Geun Young again, Jae Min tries saying

everything he can to void the contract, but Geun Young

pretends not to hear him.

While quarrelling with Jae Min at the studio, Geun Young

ends up cracking the camera lens. Geun Young is very worried

since she doesn't have the money to pay for the damage,

so she suggests to Seo Jun that she would work for him

to compensate him for damaging the camera lens.

Geun You starts working at Seo Jun's studio the next day.

When Seo Jun sees the quirky Geun Young in his office,

he starts to get a headche ...

Episode 5

Watching Jae Min and Geun Young have fun taking pictures, Seo Jun gets upset secretly.

While Geun Young is putting away the equipment, Seo Jun grabs it, not wanting to lose to her,

but she snatches it back. Seo Jun ends up hurting his hand as a result of the tussle.

Geun Young is very worried now that Seo Jun's hand is injured as the hand is a very sensitive

part for photographers, so she drags him to the emergency room.

Geun Young tells Jae Min that he needs to perform his duty as her lover and so he has to write her a love

letter. However, when Jae Min says that he just can't write it because he doesn't have the right emotions,

Geun Young asks him to be sincere towards her even for those few minutes that he is writing the letter.

Seeing that Seo Jun has problems clenching his fist and flexing his fingers, Geun Young gets so worried

that she starts to get teary-eyed. When she puts ice on Seo Jun's hand, Seo Jun finds his heart responding

as he watches her.

Episode 6

Seo Jun finds himself getting warm feelings inside when he sends the drunk Geun Young home.

Hee Won gets edgy when she sees Seo Jun behaving that way.

Meanwhile Jae Min's grandpa returns after sneaking a peek at Geun Young without Jae Min's knowledge,

and insists that Jae Min arrange a date for the elders from both families to meet as soon as possible.

Jae Min is very frustrated.

Seeing Geun Young sulking in one corner after her quarrel with Jae Min, Seo Jun asks her to go out with him

to get photographic supplies. The two have a great time taking pictures together and then strolling along the


Jae Min's grandpa feels lonely and empty while he is having his meal alone, so he telephones Geun Young.

Geun Young tells Jae Min that his grandpa has contacted her, but Jae Min just hangs up the phone because

he is with Hee Won.

Episode 7

Hee Won feels disturbed when she sees Seo Jun and

Geun Young arriving at the theater behaving intimately. Hee Won

tells Jae Min that if he doesn't do anything, he would lose his girlfriend,

but Jae Min simply laughs. Jae Min feels as if his heart is being torn

to pieces when he sees the drunk Hee Won talking about how hurt she is.

Harboring negative feelings about Seo Jun, Jae Min just doesn't seem to

have the right attitude at work. Meanwhile, Geun Young is especially sweet

to Seo Jun because she wants to take revenge on Jae Min for going out of

his way to take care of Hee Won. Geun Young even tells Seo Jun that

she would take care of him just like his guardian angel, and mixes his

chachangmyon (noodles with black sauce) for him, but Seo Jun ends

up feeling embarrassed.

Geun Young quits working at the studio because Hee Won has asked her to.

Seo Jun thought he would be relieved to get rid of Geun Young, but

finds that Geun Young keeps appearing in his thoughts ...

Episode 8

Seo Jun goes to Geun Young and asks her to work at the studio again.

Geun Young is taken aback by Seo Jun who tells her that she has to

fulfil the promise she made herself and then leaves immediately.

Meanwhile Hee Won meets Jae Min and asks him what he thinks

about going to the studio again. Jae Min, who has been struggling

with these very same thoughts anyway, runs to the studio excitedly

after Min Soo happens to telephone him at the same time to ask him

to come to the studio.

At the studio, Jae Min continues putting up the wallpaper that he

had been doing halfway earlier on, while Geun Young helps

him with painting. The next day, Seo Jun arrives at work to

see Geun Young messy with paint and asleep at the studio.

On Jae Min's birthday, Geun Young prepares a cartoon character T-shirt

for Jae Min. However, when Jae Min lies to her and goes to meet Hee Won,

she gives the cartoon character T-shirt to Seo Jun. Seo Jun asks

Geun Young to help him on his photography assignment ...

Episode 9

Jae Min and Geun Young quarrel secretly due to Seo Jun's

photography assignment.

When Jae Min and Seo Jun are talking while having drinks together,

Jae Min asks Seo Jun to return Geun Young's photographs,

but Seo Jun refuses.

Then Seo Jun beats around the bush when he tells Jae Min

about his feelings for Geun Young.

Jae Min tries to stop Geun Young and Seo Jun from getting closer,

but he doesn't get his way. In order to prevent Geun Young from

coming to Seo Jun's studio, Hee Won gives Jae Min money to

pay for the camera lens on behalf of Geun Young.

Jae Min lies about Hee Won's money when he hands it to Geun Young,

but when Geun Young finds out the truth, she is disappointed in Jae Min ...

Episode 10

Geun Young feels lost and hesitant upon hearing Seo Jun’s confession.

But Seo Jun just goes on as he pleases, without any regard for her feelings.

Meanwhile Geun Young’s family gives Min Soo the task of stopping

Jae Min from approaching Geun Young.

Jae Min tries to stop Seo Jun and Geun Young from dating while

Hee Won prevents Jae Min and Geun Young from meeting up.

Due to Jae Min’s efforts, Seo Jun ends up waiting in vain for Geun Young

at the amusement park, and comes down with a fever and a cold.

Geun Young finds herself in a dilemma, but decides to visit the sick Seo Jun …

Episode 11

Jae Min can’t believe it when he hears Geun Young say that she thinks she is going to like Seo Jun.

As he recalls Geun Young asking him whether they should just break up, Jae Min crushes the Contract of Separation.

Meanwhile, Geun Young feels strange when Jae Min says that men and women can just break up with each other coolly,

and asks her to join him for drinks.

The two go home separately, but when they get home, they both feel empy and miserable.

The next day, Jae Min finds that he can’t go to work with a light heart.

Jae Min’s grandpa feels hurt as he thinks that Jae Min is sick because he is stressed over Geun Young.

After much thought, Grandpa contacts Geun Young at home.

Hee Won stops by the studio and gets angry when she sees Geun Young looking calm even though

she knows Geun Young has broken up with Jae Min.

Moreover, Geun Young and Seo Jun seem to having an enjoyable conversation, so Hee Won gets even more upset.

On the way to look for photography sites, Geun Young reveals to Seo Jun that she has broken up with Jae Min,

and that as for dating Seo Jun, she will now say 'yes' ...

Episode 12

Jae Min, who has been waiting for Geun Young to return, sees Geun Young

getting out of Seo Jun’s car. He hands her the Contract of Separation

that has been patched up with lots of tape. Geun Young is shocked

when she hears Jae Min say that the Contract is not over.

After telling Seo Jun that he thinks he won’t be able to give Geun Young

up, Jae Min disappears.

The next day, Jae Min styles his hair and takes extra care with choosing

the clothes to wear before he goes to work at the studio. Jae Min suggests

to Geun Young that they have dinner together, and Geun Young agrees,

telling him that she too has something to tell him …

Alone in the office after everyone has left for the day, Seo Jun just can’t

focus. Anxious and edgy, he tries calling Geun Young, but gives up in the end.

Although Geun Young tells Jae Min that she has decided to date Seo Jun,

Jae Min goes straight to the point to tell her that the Contract is still valid.

When Jae Min tells Geun Young that he has come to like her and needs

more time to break up with her, Geun Young is taken aback …

Episode 13

Jae Min, who has accompanied Geun Young to the library to study, sees that she doesn't

have her ring on her hand, so he feels upset.

Hiding his hurt feelings, he tells her that he is leaving first, and goes to the studio.

Sensing Seo Jun's confidence about Geun Young, Jae Min is in a bad mood.

He asks Geun Young why she hides that fact that she is dating Seo Jun,

but Geun Young asks him in return, "Anyway, we are in the process of breaking up, aren't we?"

Jae Min is heartbroken when Geun Young tells him that it is too late now.

Seo Jun tells Geun Young that Jae Min has challenged him to win her heart

fair and square, and that he wants to see the Contract of Separation.

Upon hearing that, Geun Young hesitates and then shows him the Contract of Separation.

Seo Jun tells Geun Young that she has to love him if she wants to end the Contract.

Episode 14

Geun Young tells Jae Min that they should stop seeing each other now

and that they should let go of each other.

After hearing Geun Young's words, Jae Min drinks alone,

and then goes to Seo Jun's office.

Jae Min reveals his hurt feelings to Seo Jun, and

Seo Jun comforts him.

After sleeping over at Seo Jun's apartment, Jae Min suddenly

decides to go travelling alone. Jae Min travels alone and focuses

only on taking photographs.

Hee Won gets to interview Seo Jun's ex-girlfriend

at the magazine company she works.

When Seo Jun finds out about this, he ...

Episode 15

Seo Jun and Geun Young both want to telephone each other,

but can't find the courage to do so.

Meanwhile Seo Jun and Geun Young meet at the bookstore

coincidentally just like the first time they met.

Geun Young says to Seo Jun that she is thankful and

sorry that he has been there all along by her side

silently to help her break up with Jae Min.

Seo Jun tells Geun Young that since he has waited for

her, she has to keep her promise to date him.

And Geun Young agrees without saying anything.

Seo Jun dates Geun Young once again in his own

careless and awkward way.

Jae Min gives Seo Jun tips on what Geun Young likes

and how to have enjoyable dates, so Seo Jun and

Jae Min grow closer gradually.

Jae Min focuses his energies on a public photography

exhibition Seo Jun has told him about.

When Hee Won sees Seo Jun and Geun Young dating,

she tells Geun Young the truth that Seo Jun's ex-girlfriend

is in Korea ...

Episode 16-Final episode

Geun Young is so happy upon hearing Seo Jun's love confession

that she doesn't know what to do.

Seo Jun remembers about the ring he was thinking of

giving to Geun Young but didn't get to do so earlier.

He sings for Geun Young in an empty theater

and hands her the ring.

Seo Jun and Geun Young enjoy being lovers

gradually acknowledged by everyone.

Jae Min takes Seo Jun's advice to film things that

he himself likes, so after agonizing on his own,

he thinks of Geun Young, and asks Seo Jun for


When a proposal for filming a documentary in Africa

comes to Seo Jun, Geun Young gets troubled ...

*credit and thanks to Splash for the English translation synopsis

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Passing rain sub team is subbing this but we need another editor and another translator. Ep 1 is almost completed but there are some missin dialoges. if anyone is interested please pm me =)

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may I ask for a spoiler to the ending of this drama? :D

is minjong sshi ended up with the girl, or not? :unsure:


I've PMed you the answer. I didn't want to put the spoiler here since there are many who are watching the drama now and those who have not.

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Guest k3n4uri

Anybody have the translation of the succeeding episodes. It is really hard to watch this without subtitles. The story is really interesting.

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