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Snow Drop

Guest dendrobium.

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Guest dendrobium.

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After a traumatic event, young Yoo So-na focuses on growing flowers in her Snow Drop plant nursery.[1] However, she is forced by her widowed father to return to a new high school.[1] She is miserable until she meets Oh Hae-gi, a teen model. They easily understand each other because they both have tragic pasts. Against their families' wishes, they fall in love.[1] However, their families have dark secrets. In fact, Hae-gi's brother had kidnapped So-na, who was 12 at the time and caused her mother's death. So-Na's friend Ha-da falls in love with Ko-mo, who happened to be Hae-gi's brother whom he believes is a girl. So-na is forced to marry Kwon Hwi-rin, who was grandson of Mr Yoo's friend.

Volumes: 12 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1485Published by: Tokyopop



Has anyone here heard/read about this manga yet?
Althought, I just read the first volume, and so far...it's very good and funny. The sad thing is..here in Sweden...they don't have the rest of this story. Anyone here know a good site where I can download this manga? I tried all the sites in the pinned topic, and I didn't find it.

Help PLease? image image

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Guest .:daRkwinGs:.

i never even finish it...let seee i was on the first two volumes only..and i wanted to read more i couldn't find where to download the manga...do anyone know where to go get more?

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I think not a lot of sites would actually offer that... since it's like liscensed.

But all in all, it's a very good story, and I love the characters.

Good luck in finding it! >____<

OHHH... OR you could try to buy it online XD

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Well, I've read up to Vol. 2 or 3 of the manga and stopped b/c I lost interest. It wasnt that great. :/ My roommate had bought it and she stopped at like Vol. 4 I think.

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Guest MiZzKaEunieee

ahh, i love the manga! i finished reading it...

you should go to Borders. that's where i finished reading them all..

i'm not sure if there is a borders in swedan...@.@

lol. it's good. i think it was usually krn that was translated into english..

was it?


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Guest Dazzle and Destroy

i got vol 1-8, i still need to buy the rest.. but yes, at first it's boring.. but it's really good, got extremely dramatic.. and sad. =_= i think that's why i want to keep reading to the end.

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