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[upcoming] [japan Drama 2009] 派遣のオスカル~『&#235

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


Title: 派遣のオスカル

Title (romaji): Haken no Oscar

Tagline: 『少女漫画』に愛を込めて

Tagline (romaji): "Shojo Manga" ni Ai wo Komete

Format: Renzoku

Episodes: 6

Broadcast network: NHK

Broadcast period: 2009-Aug-28 start

Air time: Friday 22:00


Katsuko is a single temp worker who loves shojo manga. In particular, every day she imagines herself within the world of Rose of Versailles. When the Kansai-ben-speaking junior president at her company begins looking to take some unreasonable cost-cutting measures, she hears the voice of Lady Oscar, inspiring her to fight on behalf of the company's employees.


Tanaka Rena as Katsuko

Tokui Yoshimi

Suzuki Anne

Asami Hikaru (朝海ひかる)

Sato Tomohito

Hiraizumi Sei

Kamijo Tsunehiko

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