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[REQ] shinhwa knight

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i can please have the lyric for shinhwa knight in english version?... please and thank you...*smile*

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Guest ichigo_no_powder

do you mean you want the translation?


I kiss your heart as you are sleeping

You believed that someone would come to wake up your love

I always wished that I was the person who

Kissed your cheek and woke you

* At the end of the alleyway where I always took you

I saw you with another guy

Later that night you phoned me

And said that you had met a new love

Even though my heart ached, I congratulated you

Because now you are happy

Just like a fairytale knight, I simply protect you

So my heart is filled with memories of our time together

Do you remember how the first time we met I couldn't even look at you?

I had no idea what to say to you

Anytime I tried to be confident and go up to you

You would just look at your watch

And take out a letter to read as if you had just remembered it

I thought that all these feelings had passed

But still my heart aches

I'm OK, Don't bother comforting me

I'll be here with you for the rest of our lives

Even as time goes on

Even if everone else changes

I'll always protect you and wish that you are happy

* (Repeat)

When your hair is blowing in the breeze

Think of me here with you

I think it is time for me to leave, to go far away

Even though I am not with you now, I'll always protect you

Because it is my destiny

The saddest thing is that my dream has ended as just a dream


credit: goro-chan

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