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Please do not redistribute these outside of Soompi.com!

Credits: UN:SPEAKABLE (CSJH International Fanbase)

These are pictures of the SM girl group, Cheon Sang Ji Hee (Also known as TSZX and TJCK.), camwhoring in Japan. A couple of the pictures were taken while they were in the studio recording their upcoming fourth Japanese single, juicy LOVE. The reggae styled fourth single is set to release in July. CSJH is currently promoting their third Japanese single, Sweet Flower, and it recently got onto the best sellers list at the Japanese Tower Records. The acappella quartet has been receiving much attention which is said to be due to their impressive live vocals which many mainstream girl groups lack. CSJH will continue to focus on Japan, but they have confirmed that they will return to Korea to perform at the SMTOWN Summer Concerts.

LINA (JiYeon.) & Sunday.





Stephanie the dancing queen & Sunday.


DANA & LINA (JiYeon.).




Bonus: CSJH being featured in a Japanese magazine.

From left to right: Sunday, LINA (JiYeon.), DANA & Stephanie.


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Guest nofear11877

awww... they're so adorable. :wub: :wub: :wub: but where and what were steph and sunday doing? :unsure: were they in a dressing room or something? :phew: and dana biting her nails? :blink::lol: but what can i do... no matter what they do... i luv these girls... :D

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Guest alicechan

My friend used to go to school with Sunday in Korea, & she was a total richard simmons to people.

Your friend or sunday? I always knew Sunday was a sweet person. :huh:

Anyways, I love CSJH! Especially stephanie. I love all of them too, of course haha. :)

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i think dana is really cute and lina is really pretty...like some of their songs and i dont think stephanie is all that pretty...

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