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Han Hyo Joo.

Guest kangxbyul

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Guest ovaltinejenkins


OMFG SO FREAKING PRETTYY!!! I love this unni!!! omgomg shes so cute!!! thanks for the awesome pictures.

. . . i sound lesbian. :mellow: lol... im not. hahaha

yes jansOri23, it is Ivy unni :D they're roomies

omg the music video she was in with leewan made me cry. my favorite nonsuper junior nonTVXQ music video ever!!

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Guest bubblyhyunghee

She has such a good personality...I love her everytime she comes out in Love Letter. Her pics look lovely as always...SUCH A BEAUTY!!!

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Guest Uknojack216

shes soo pretty!!!!!

i like the pics where she like kinda blows up her cheeks a little and its a little round

if only i could find a girl looking like that

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