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Han Hyo Joo.

Guest kangxbyul

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Guest aznfishyfart

shes so cute ^ ^

the ones where she hsa the really heavy make up looks kinda weird...like the one with the really big eyes

haha the one with the marshmellow jacket with the hood up make me laugh

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Guest bitterbetty

i think she looks super pretty when she doesnt smile with her teeth.. i dont like her smile all that much.. anyways i love the lil pics with lee wan LOL so kutee

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Guest MaryMagdalin

people are going to KILL me for saying this...but i want to spit out my opinion : )

han hyo joo IS cute and sometimes she reminds me of song hye gyo,

but without makeup, she's not too easy on the eyes.

my 2 cents for the day.

i agree to some extent

there is something that bugs me about her....

but a very natural girl

she was very cute on xman

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Guest misssay8)

han hyo joo soooo pretty!!!!

in some of the pics i thought she resembled shg.

aish. she seems like a really fun and friendly person. she's so perfect

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