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New film stars Kazuki Kato, brings back Manabu Oshio

Sat, May 16, 2009 (6:08am EDT)

A new movie from director Eiji Uchida will feature actor Kazuki Kato ("Kamen Rider Kabuto," the "Prince of Tennis" musicals) in his first solo film lead. Titled "Dakara Oretachi wa, Asa wo Matteita," the suspenseful plot involves a group of eight men who converge in an unexpected situation.

The central stage is behind the closed doors of a high-class pawnshop. Kato (24) stars as a member of a group of thieves who has an unexpected past. Also playing a professional thief is Manabu Oshio (31), who is making his comeback to the field of acting after more than three years. Oshio last appeared in the 2006 series "Satomi Hakkenden," before getting married to actress Akiko Yada (30) later that year. In 2008, he transferred to Avex in hopes of reviving his singing and acting careers.

The rest of the cast includes Takashi Nagayama (30) as an apprentice to Oshio, and Shinji Takeda (36) as the pawnshop owner. Theatrical release is scheduled for February 2010.

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