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Removed: Memory Card


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helppppp </3
Okay so this problem first started in August 08.

My phone would get this pop up msg saying "Removed: Memory Card" & "Some settings may be changed" blahblah.

the thing is that .. I have never had a memory card in my phone before, so there's no way that it was removed in any ways ._.

and this DRAINS my battery life cus it pops up even when i'm not using my phone. As long as my phone is on, it will pop up and my battery ends up eventually dying :/

When it happened last summer, I stopped using my phone permanently and just left it hanging around my house on some shelf. and i had to resort to using an older phone. When I changed my number recently in March or April (i forget), I put my new SIM card in the "broken" phone to see if the pop up still comes up. to my surprise, it did not; so I decided to use it and got rid of the phone that i was using at that time. And it worked fine until yesterday, when the pop up msg started recurring again.

Has anyone experienced this ? If so, what did you do to get rid of it ? Is there anyway I can get "turn off" these pop ups? ):

btw, my phone is a motorola KRZR K1. thank you in advance <3

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Guest abusegirl

have you tried putting a memory card in? 0__0

i mean it's probably a hardware issue anyway...but you can try.... or just get a new phone and get rid of this one. One more reason not to go with moto.

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^no, i haven't tried putting a memory card in because i kinda don't have one :X and nobody i know has one either. i'm like super broke right now (plus i'm not old enough to afford my own things) so i can't just go and buy a memory card or get a new phone :/

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